Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Blatant Rope-A-Dope

So Democratic Legislator Roger Corbin wants to be Presiding Officer. To do so he needs a majority of votes in the legislature to beat current PO Judy Jacobs.
In order to do so, Corbin is making a deal with the devil in the guise of Peter Schmitt. In a news conference, Schmitt announced he is forming a "coalition" with Corbin and makerick democratic legislator Lisanne Altman.
Schmitt cries like a little girl that he and the Lazy 8 have been "completely shut out of the legislative process for the past six years under Judy Jacobs." Interestingly Schmitt doesn't understand that being in the minority, like the Democrats were for the first four years of the legislature, means not having the power. It works like that. Were the Democrats from 1996-2000 goven a seat at the table? Heck no.
Schmitt says "The Nassau County Legislature has become dysfunctional. We have been reduced to a rubberstamp for the county executive."
It's like a flashback to 1996-2000 when Schmitt as Deputy Presiding Officer and the rest of the majority republicans approved whatever Gulotta wanted which led to the financial downfall of the county.
Far from being a "rubberstamp," the Democratic legisltors have consistantly challenged County Executive Suozzi.
Keep in mind, Schmitt is a Liar.
Now comes the math. Sorry.
Schmitt pledges his caucus' votes for Corbin giving Corbin 11 votes (9 reps plus Corbin and Altmann) and Judy Jacobs gets 8 votes. Corbin is Presiding Officer.
But wait! Schmitt is an untrustworthy liar.
Schmitt takes his 9 votes for himself as normally would happen, Corbin gets 2 votes (Corbin and Altmann) and Jacobs gets 8 votes.
Guess who is Presiding Officer?
Peter Schmitt.
Corbin can't be stupid enough to fall for such a poorly executed rope-a-dope.
And Altmann? It's a power-play for her. She's the "maverick." She gets the attention for going against her party. Altmann is lying low to let her "moves" sink in.
Schmitt wants power, not a "coalition." Schmitt is such a tone-deaf political tactician (see his managing the losing Sabellico campaign) he thinks in the end he can pull off a blatant rope-a-dope.
Nice try, Schmitt.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Nassau republicans have to decide on how they feel about County Executive Suozzi running for governor. Oh sure, during the campaign Greg Peterson and the GOP took swipes at Suozzi's supposed ambition for the state-house. They said he was more concerned about running for governor and that he wouldn't be around much if he ran yadda, yadda yadda.
Now that the campaign is over, it's time for some serious thought. Do they "help" Suozzi in order to get him out? The County Charter is not completely clear about a CE vacancy but here would undoubtedly be a special election. Getting rid of Suozzi and fielding a candidate in an open election might give the republicans a chance to win the office back. But in order to get Suozzi out, he would have to win a primary and in order to win a primary, he would have to be the best candidiate with the most accomplishments. Do republican legislators make everything easy for Suozzi to do? Up until now, Minority Leader Schmitt and the Lazy 8 have done everything they can to say 'no' to Suozzi. Moving the county forward was not in thier best electoral interests so they oppose Suozzi wherever they can. Do they give that up to get rid of Suozzi? Do they come off as rubber-stamps for Suozzi so he looks good? That won't help their own re-election prospects with the base GOP voters if they do.
After they do get rid of Suozzi, what next? A special election to fill the CE office. Who would run? The Nassau GOP really has no county-wide marquee candidates. State Senators like Balboni has his own ambitions, Fuschillo isn't ready, Skelos is happy being the number 2 in the senate and right now Albany is not very popular with voters anyway. Plus Senate majority leader Joe Bruno isn't too pleased with a Balboni run for AG because an open seat in the New Nassau Paradigm menas the republicans could very well lose that seat.
Does TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto step in? He wants DA and with a Dem in the office, he can challange her in 4 years.
How about TOH Supe. Kate Murray..... okay i said that with a straight face. She has the name but outside TOH she won't do well.
TOH reciever of taxes and failed Nassau Comptroller candidate Don Clavin? This year was his shot to get out of TOH and make his move and he got clobbered.
Leg. Mangano has aspirations - like Minority Leader - and CE would be of interest. Rule Schmitt out right away because he would get clobbered easily. So who would the GOP have run? if they couldn't get anyone real to run this year, how could they hope to get someone next year?
Keeping Suozzi in Nassau is tough on them too. He's there till 2009 then unless something else comes up. By 2009 he and the Dems will have had a decade of control in the county and a record of accomplishments that will be hard to beat. By 2009 there will be enough elected Dems with the stature to run and win a County Executive race leaving the republicans locked out again.

It's not easy being a nassau county republican.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Getting Them Nervous?

I guess this post from Urban Elephants is flattering. Urban Elephants is a republican-centric website out of the five boroughs. I've read through the site a few times in the past but not on a regular basis. The posts that I have read aren't ignorant angry screeds typed out hunt and peck style each key smashed in with ungainly sausage fingers like we've seen from other sites. Urban Elephants is well-written (not that we agree with the writing) and thoughtful.
Seems there is a worry that local websites/blogs from Democrats have the advantage. So far we do. There are some Long Island republican sites we plan on covering the next few days but they fal into the angry screed style. Here is the post:

"The New York Political Blog War
Readers here should be aware of the growing movement of energetic liberal bloggers setting up space online targeting specific Republican elected leaders. These are not the occassional rants/criticisms lumped into larger blogs, but blogs dedicated solely to one person.
Veto Vito
Peter King Watch
Schmitt Watch
Nassua GOP Watch
Now this does not mecessarily mean such easily-set up sites can make an impact, but there is residual impact. The larger media loves fights. They will never write about a general blogger bashing Fossella, but the will not a single blog dedicated to fighting Fossella. A one-person crusade against everything is not news. A one-person crusade against one politician has the potential to become Cindy Sheehan-ized in the wrong hands.
Readers should consider proper defenses. Pro-candidate blogs? Anti-Dem elected officials blogs? Counter posts? Etc.
We cannot lose the blog war in New York.
Scott Sala's blog"

As far as impact, we and our sister site have contributed to news stories in various media on Long Island. Wish it was more though, but it's still early.
I welcome more blogs added to the fray but it would be nice if the sites stuck with facts and avoid making stuff up as I will be pointing out in future posts and did point out about the Coalition for Long Island's Future website.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

KATEMURRAY! Gets a Raise

The photo-op queen of the TOH got herself a raise. Mike Derry her spokesman tells Newsday "It certainly recognizes the scope of responsibility the supervisor of the country's largest township has to deal with,"
Really? According to KATEMURRAY!, she doesn't control much. She doesn't control any of the fire and sanitation "special tax districts" in her Town. She has alot of time to get her picture taken at every possible venue. How much responsibility does she have that deserves a 13% salary increase.
Back in 2004 she got a 5% raise going from $109,000 to $15,000. This year she get 13% and goes from $115,000 to $130,000.
Who gets a 18% raise over 2 years?
Where is this money coming from?
Not only does she get a raise but she brings the Town Board up by $5000 to $60,000, the Town Clerk gets $5000 to make $89,000 and "fiscal watchdog" Don Clavin gets a 7.89% raise of $7500 making his salary $102,500.
Wouldn't it have been nice if they had given themselves the raises before the November 8th elections? Instead the Sneaky Petes did it a month after. not much intergrity in that group of elected officials and it says alot about defeated Nassau County Comptroller candidate Clavin's lack of principles.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Denise Ford

The Democrat running as a republican won re-election. Isn't it about time she switch party registration? She votes party-line with her republican boss Peter Schmitt and has yet to waver on a single issue.
Back in january 2004 when she took office the Long Island Press ran an article on her.
Reporter Lauren Hill wrote "But party affiliation doesn't always predict voting strategy. As a registered Democrat from a predominantly Democrat city (there are 19,923 registered Dems to the 13,031 registered Republicans,) she is indeed a "wild card." Although she owes her job to Republicans, no one knows how she will vote."
Well after two years, we found out. She votes with the republicans who paid for her. As the saying goes "Dance with the one that brung ya."
Funny though because back in early 2004, Ford said in the same article "I'll take each issue as they come along. I don't think I'm any party—I think I'm my own."
She takes each issue and then dutifully votes the way Peter Schmitt wants her to.
Interestingly, the party she belongs to (on paper anyway) has the most "wild cards." The Democratic majority in the legislature can count on members like Lisanne Altman for example, breaking ranks when they have a differnt opinion. That really can't be said of the republicans who Ford has chosen to caucus with. If Ford disagreed with Schmitt and the GOP plan, she certanly hasn't been vocal about it. Her silent assent to every hair-brained scheme concocted by her leader speaks volumes about her being on her own. We covered this over at Schmitt Watch back in January 2004.
After her recent close re-election, Ford told the Oceanside/Island Park Herald "We have a race again in two years, and I know we¹ll bring back the majority,"
That's what the republicans have been saying since 1999. Her side - the Republican side - have lost every election since. And exactly what will she bring back in the majority? The same fiscal malfeasence Schmitt and the other republican legisaltors foisted on the county before they were sent to the back bench.
Ford also offered this little gem "I'm happy that I'm re-elected, and I¹m going to work harder than I ever have before."
So for the past 2 years she wasn't working as hard as she could for her constituents?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


UPDATE: For 2008 election results please go here.

After a re-canvassing of districts in the 14th LD, there are new numbers from the Nassau County Board of Elections. Democrat Dave Mejias has increased his margin of victory by 290 votes.
The numbers could increase.
As of today the numbers are:
Mejias - 8043
Sabellico - 7351

So much for King and Schmitt talking smack about this race. So Mejias' margin of victory was better than the two close races with Republican incumbents.

Ciotti-Mirza - 681
Ford-Solomon - 601
Mejias-Sabellico - 692 (so far)

Schmitt Misreads Election Results

You can always count on Schmitt to misread the facts right in front of his face. Other than being lucky to be in a "safe" republican district, Schmitt has very little political skills. He might have worked his way through the republican party but all that takes is the right amount of butt-kissing and waiting your "turn."
According to the Massapequa Post, Schmitt said of the election results ".....it was clear voters weren’t voting party lines. "That’s evident by the town’s overwhelming support for Republicans,"
What was clear is that for Democrats to win in heavily republican districts and in Nassau County in general, they need a number of republicans to cross party lines. The Town of Oyster Bay elections favored republicans because they voted party lines for those candidates. Republicans have the voter registration edge in the Town and won. In the legisaltive districts, Democrats did well despite voter registration numbers.

Schmitt also says "...that Republicans could also take some consolation in that fact that while they didn’t gain anything, they didn’t lose anything either."
What is he talking about? Republicans LOST the District Attorney race. Democrat Kathleen Rice, a newcomer, beat Dennis Dillon by a healthy margin.

Schmitt was just as delusional two years ago when
he told the Post the same exact thing "We didn’t lose anything and we didn’t gain anything,"
Two years ago Democrat Harvey Levinson beat republican County Assessor Charles O'Shea. How is that not losing anything.

One thing is for sure, Schmitt sticks to his talking points no matter how many times he is proven wrong by the facts.

Schmitt continues about this years race, "Two years from now there will be no county executive race, then we’ll see if Mejias" who he called Suozzi’s stamp, "can stand on his own."
Well let's see..... two years ago in 2003, Dave Mejias beat republican Greg Carman and there was no county executive race. Dave Mejias stood on his own two years ago and won and then he won re-election in the face of a massize and expensive attack campaign by the PBA and the republicans. Mejias ran and won against two very well-known and well-financed republicans in a republican district. Seems Schmitt is a little sore that he ran Sabellico's campaign so poorly.

UPDATE: King on Nassau County Election Results

A reader points out that Rep. Steve Isreal did not beat an incumbent but ran and won in an open election. While not as good as taking out a republican incumbent, Isreal did win in a republican district.
Thanks for the heads up.
Also, King made the 400 vote margin for the Democratic majority in the legislature race an issue. Sure, Mejias won by only 403 votes. That is still good for a Democrat in a republican district.
And in fact, the republicans kept two of thier seats in the legislature by 681 votes in the Ciotti-Mirza race and 601 votes in the Ford-Solomon race. All other incumbent races were won with huge margins. To put it simply, two republican incumbents were in tight races compared to one Democrat.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cue Laugh Track: Peter King Chimes in on Election Results

Our esteemed Congressman Peter King. that was not said with a straight face.... tells The Long Island Press Things are going well for the Democrats. Denis Dillon’s defeat was a blow, but the Republicans came within 400 votes of taking the legislature. There’s no doubt it went to the Democrats, but it wasn’t an earthquake.”
Really? No Earthquake?
The Republican County Executive candidate Greg Peterson lost by 36,031 votes to Democrat Tom Suozzi 178,133 - 142,102. Republican voter registration still out-numbers Democrats in Nassau.
As for the Legislature, King is talking about The Mejias-Sabellico race. Mejias won by 403 votes in a heavy repubilcan district. Mejias was also subject to an expensive hate-campaign by the Nassau PBA. He still won. In 2003 Mejias won by 381 votes. Seems Mejias is not only keeping voters, he is slowly gaining. In a republican district.
King also says "We have a real problem statewide, but I don’t know if there’s been a trend. If the people are satisfied with how their leaders are performing, they will get re-elected no matter what party they’re in."
Again, King is getting it wrong. There certainly is a trend.
Since 2002, the republicans have lost 8 senate seats shrinking thier margin to 53-45. In the Assembly, Democrat Marc Alessi won a seat in a special election in the republican dominated 1st District. The Assembly is dominated by Democrats 106-44.
Not a trend?
In the past 8 years, King has turned out to be the last republican congressional delegate from Long Island. McCarthy, Isreal and Bishop each defeated incumbant republicans and have been re-elected easily.
In Suffolk County, Democrats now control the Town of Brookhaven, the County Executive seat and the legislature.
Not a trend?
State-wide, Pataki is stepping aside because he will not be re-elected. The republican field is weak and presumptive Dem nominee Spitzer looks to sail to the Governors Mansion.

Democratic Senator Schumer cruised to re-election and it looks like Democratic Senator Clinton will do the same next year.
Not a trend?
In 2006, he will join his former colleagues as an ex-congressman.

King is looking through Bush-colored glasses which turn disaster into success.

Friday, November 25, 2005

A Funny Thing Happend at a Polling Place

There are many stories of shenanigans on election day out there and here is one of them:

On Election Day November 8th, 2005 12th LD candidate Craig Heller barnstormed the district to reach more voters.
By the afternoon, Heller was at the Unqua Elemnetary School on Unqua Road in Massapequa Park. Being an attorney and a smart guy, he knew he could campaign 100 feet from a polling place. That's the law. There was even a sign posted by the poll workers to designate the line in the sand so to speak. These signs are ubiquitous at polling places around the county and state.
So Heller handed out literature to voters walking to the polling place and engaging some in conversation.
There didn't seem to be a problem until a man walked out from the polling place and confronted Heller. He pointedly said "You can't be out here." To which Heller responded "Yes I can. I am outside the 100 foot boundry." Actually, Heller was about 20 feet outside the boundry.
Heller pointed to the sign well behind him and said "See, there's the sign. I can be out here as long as I don't cross that line."
The man seemed to be flumoxed and marched over to the sign posted on the tree and tore the sign down. He crumpled up the sign, pointed to the street and said "Now you have to stand over there." Turning on his heels, he marched back into the Unqua school.
Odd. Very odd.
Not being swayed by a petulant man-child and the attempted intimidation, Heller remained where he was standing and continued to greet voters. A couple of people asked if he was supposed to be out there and he explained about the missing sign.
About 15 minutes later, another man came out of the polling place and replaced the sign. He approached Heller and said "It doesn't help you being out here. You may lose votes by standing out here."
Heller was unconcerned about this subtle form of intimidation and again said "I am allowed to be here. I am far away from the sign." He then recounted what happend to the original sign. The poll worker said that the man who did not do that was not a poll worker but most likely a poll watcher.
Since there were no Democratic poll watchers at that location and other would know better, the sign ripper was a republican pol watcher which means he was probably a commiteeman. What's the problem with republicans and ripping down signs anyway? Is this their "thing?"
Anyway, there is the story of a petty little republican trying to intimidate a Democratic candidate at a polling place.
I bet he was proud of what he did.
I bet he told all his buddies.
I bet he doesn't realize how stupid he looked

Monday, November 21, 2005

Still Here

We're still around. It's been a few days since the last post and we have alot of election night stuff to cover and post-election information to add.
Nassau GOP Watch continues....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mejias Defeats Sabellico

Last night, Legislator Dave Mejias came in victorious once again in a district that is overwhelmingly republican.
Defeating republican Tom Sabellico wasn't easy because Sabellico is a fixture in the community and has a well-known name. The first indication that Sabellico was in trouble was the fact that Greg Carman who ran 2 years ago had an even better-known name. The Carman name is on buildings and street signs all around Farmingdale. Carman came from a locally famous family and none of that helped.
Sabellico had at his disposal the invaluable help from his campaign manager Legislator Peter J. Schmitt. Schmitt is an infamous liar and a cheap-stunt campaigner. That all rubbed off on Sabellico and residents were turned off.
PBA mailings assailed Dave Mejias to no end but that didn't help Sabellico at all. Mejias is an effective legislator and great with constituent services. It is a credit to the 14th LD that they voted for the best person and saw past all the lies being thrown out there by the republicans.

By the Numbers
Mejias (D) 6,106 - 52%
Carman (R) 5,725 - 48%

Mejias (D) 7,587 - 51.36%

Sabellico (R) 7,184 - 48.64%

Sabellico did improve the numbers over Carman but that was to be expected with the big push by the republicans and the PBA slime campaign.

Mejias proved himself with re-election and while the district is not "safe," Mejias can expect to be around for as long as he wants.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Democrats Hold Nassau and Take DA Office

So last night was a HUGE night for the Democrats and an incredibly sad one for the Republicans. The status-quo was maintained in the Legislature, Suozzi was re-elected as was Weitzman and the Clerks office remains in GOP hands.
The BIG earthquake is 25 year vet Denis Dillon losing the DA race. After 8 undefeated elections, newcomer Kathleen Rice cleans his clock.
Below are the results for the county races. We're going to be doing some historical breakdowns of a few races and get into the Town races next.

From the Nassau County Board of Elections

GREGORY P PETERSON (R) 114,115 - 37.87%
THOMAS R SUOZZI (D) 178,133 - 59.11%
ROBERT A BRUNO (C) 9,097 - 3.02%

DENIS E DILLON (R) 143,827 - 48.65%
KATHLEEN M RICE (D) 151,819 - 51.35%

DONALD X CLAVIN JR (R) 134,111 - 46.90%
HOWARD S WEITZMAN (D) 151,819 - 53.10%

MAUREEN C O'CONNELL (R) 149,275 - 52.94%
TRICIA M FERRELL (D) 132,669 - 47.06%

KEVAN M ABRAHAMS D 7,899 - 84.57%
TIMOTHY HOIST C 122 - 1.31%

MICHAEL J ALEXANDER (R) 1,818 - 21.46%
ROGER H CORBIN (D) 6,654 - 78.54%

JOHN J CIOTTI (R) 6,503 - 52.76%
ALI A MIRZA (D) 5,822 - 47.24%

DENISE A FORD (R) 9,024 - 51.72%
ROBERT H SOLOMON (D) 8,423 - 48.28%

JOSEPH K SCANNELL (D) 10,303 - 68.14%
JOSEPH J KOCH (R) 4,817 - 31.86%

FRANCIS X BECKER JR (R) 10,635 - 67.73%
DANIEL A ALTER (D) 5,068 - 32.27%

JEFFREY M KATZ (R) 7,049 - 45.40%
JEFFREY W TOBACK (D) 8,479 - 54.60%

VINCENT T MUSCARELLA (R) 13,351 - 75.30%
JOAN HAZLETON (D) 4,380 - 24.70%

RICHARD J NICOLELLO (R) 10,739 - 67.50%
MILTON ESPINOZA (D) 5,171 - 32.50%

HARRY A DEMELL (R) 4,147 - 28.68%
LISANNE ALTMANN (D) 10,311 - 71.32%

MARK H DEMETROPOULOS (R) 4,260 - 28.87%
CRAIG M JOHNSON (D) 10,496 - 71.13%

PETER J SCHMITT (R) 11,316 - 69.81%
CRAIG S HELLER (D) 4,893 - 30.19%

NORMA L GONSALVES (R) 10,886 - 61.84%
PATRICIA M MAHER (D) 6,718 - 38.16%

THOMAS M SABELLICO (R) 7,184 - 48.64%
DAVID L MEJIAS (D) 7,587 - 51.36%

DENNIS DUNNE SR (R) 11,162 - 68.70%
JOHN M CLARK (D) 5,085 - 31.30%

JOSEPH B GIRARDI (R) 6,236 - 35.24%
JUDITH A JACOBS (D) 11,461 - 64.76%

EDWARD P MANGANO (R) 10,270 - 71.38%
JAMES P KEOUGH (D) 4,117 - 28.62%

DIANE V YATAURO (D) 9,595 - 60.02%
MARTHA S OFFERMAN (R) 5,887 - 36.82%
HENRY K NOWICKI (C) 505 - 3.16%

STEVEN D RHOADS (R) 5,499 - 32.92%
DAVID W DENENBERG (D) 11,207 - 67.08%

Monday, November 07, 2005

Fun Times with Town of Oyster Bay Town Clerk Race

We've already hi-lited how Steve Labriola took credit for what his predecessor did, and now Labriola makes some interesting statements in the Massapequa Post profile of the race.
In august, Democratic challenger Bill Funk pointed out that forms on the Town website had "sample" embossed over them and the ability to download the forms and fill the out was impossible. "The online forms have the word ‘sample’ slashed across them and no none can use them" Soon after this was brought up, the "sample" disappeared and now the forms can be used. It saves alot of time to fill out forms before you get to the Clerks office.
Labriola responds to Funk "Nonsense, said Labriola, adding that Funk’s statements show a lack of knowledge about the clerk’s position. "The town runs on a mainframe computer system that speaks another language," said Labriola whose office hired a consulting team, Admit, to link the mainframe with the PCs in the clerk’s office."
Lets see if we can get this straight.... the Town of Oyster Bay is on a "mainframe" system. How old is this system? Why hasn't the Town upgarded to Servers?
And the Town "mainframe" is not hooked up to the PCs in the Clerks office?????
Who bought these systems and set them up without Town-wide access???
Here is the kicker though, to upload document to a website like the
Town of Oyster Bay website does not require the use of the "mainframe." The website is hosted by "govoffice.com."
From the
govoffice.com FAQ page "The idea behind GovOfficeTM is to empower goverments at any level to create "best practices" web sites to communicate and reach-out to citizens without the need for computer programming expertise. GovOffice, an online system, accessible from virtually any computer connected to the Internet, which enables you to quickly and easily input content into a private and secure database, make revisions to the content, and select display and interactive options. Content is entered by following a "point and click" Wizard process, and text is entered using a familiar Microsoft Word-type editing screen. GovOffice dynamically creates a Web site using the content from the database "plugged into" your design choices. "

So what we have here is Labriola just plain lying. Why did he do that? Because he can. And boy is that sad.

Funk pointed out in the Post "It took them a year and half to fix the problem. Someone in-house should have been able to do it much faster than that. This demonstrates their lack of awareness and oversight."

And Funk is absolutely correct. We need real manager and thinker with up-to-date technology abilities to run the Clerks office.

Labriola tries to get out of his corner by backing deeper into one by saying "Labriola said that most of the forms Funk referred to—applications for licenses to do business in the town—are samples because the applicants are required to file them in person. In addition to the forms, applicants have to have their fingerprints taken and the town needs to complete background checks on them."

Funks point was that applicants can have the forms filled out PRIOR to driving to Town Hall in Oyster Bay. How hard is that to understand??

And it doesn't stop for the clueless Labriola:
"Since part of the clerk’s job is to either accept of reject licensing applications, Funk believes that the standards should be clear and readily available for review.
"I would inform residents through mailings and the website, that way they would know how if they meet the town’s requirements before application,"

Labriola responded "We can’t educate people in that sense," counters Labriola. "If people are interested in applying for a license or permit, it is up to them to know what needs to be done. What does he expect us to do, put out an ad for taxi drivers and say ‘pedophiles need not apply?’ That shows his inexperience."

So offering Town residents and businesses how to apply for licenses and permits can't be done?
They have to fend for themselves?
It is up to the Town Clerk, the job Labriola is resting in until Venditto retires, to help people navigate the process. This and the website lie shows Labriola's inexperience.
And what the hell does "pedophiles" have to do with anything? Labriola just threw that in because he had nothing and figures this will confuse the readers enough they don't think about his idiocy.

November 8th, Vote Bill Funk.
We need really need him there.

Contradictions Part 2

How many "less" Police officers are there in Nassau County? Ask any republican candidate or PBA Capo Gary Delaraba and the numbers are all over the place.

Gary Delaraba in the Long Island Press "He's 375 police officers short "

Legislator Peter Schmitt says "There are 593 fewer police officers on the streets of Nassau County today then when Suozzi first took office (in 2001)."
Schmitt also says "Our Police Department has 600 fewer officers on the streets today, than when Tom Suozzi took office..."

County Executive Candidate Greg Peterson says "Under the Suozzi administration, more than 500 experienced law enforcement officers have left police service.

Legislature candidate Tom Sabellico says "we now have 550 less police officers than four years ago"
Sabellico also says "there are also 500 fewer county police officers than five years ago"
At a League of Women Voters candidates night, Sabellico used a number in the 300 range.

Legislature candidate Jeffery Katz says "This has resulted in a total loss of police manpower of about 800 officers."

The FACT of the matter is that since Suozzi and the Democrats took over, Police Academy classes have been graduating at capacity. In fact, Suozzi was there at the first graduating class in FIVE years. In REALITY under republican control, there were no academy classes graduating for 4 years.

Contradictions Part 1

From 14th LD candidate Tom Sabellico's website:
"Police overtime is bloated and response time is down."
"I believe that we can increase the force without any extraordinary expense because of the savings generated by less overtime."

PBA President Gary Delaraba endorses Sabellico "14th District - Thomas Sabellico"

Gary Delaraba goes through arbitration to gain money for "lost overtime." According to the NYTimes "Mr. Suozzi has lashed out at the police union's president, Gary DelaRaba, over an arbitration award raising his salary to $175,000 on the ground that he lost overtime and promotion pay because of union duties. Mr. DelaRaba's salary is $66,000 more than Mr. Suozzi's and $20,000 more than the police commissioner's. "

When asked about how he could take the PBA endorsement from Delaraba while railing against "bloated" overtime, Sabellco could not answer the question. Farmingdale residents call TeamSabellico at 516-370-5512 or e-mail him at teamSabellico@aol.com. Ask Tom what he really believes in and why he took the endorsement.

Who else complained about too much overtime and took Delaraba's endorsement?
Why it's Tom Sabellico's campaign manager, Legislator Peter Schmitt "Overtime pay for this year is budgeted to be $35 million," said Schmitt. "In an attempt to alleviate the overtime problem, the County has decimated the Special Operations Unit of the Police Department."

Funny but even Delaraba opposes overtime "It's a crisis situation"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Sign News

Looks like the Long Island Press got the story about the sign stealing going on in Nassau County.
The story "On the Fence" by Timothy Bolger in this weeks Press has some interesting tid-bits that add some complexity to the story we reported a week ago.
"A phone call or two, according to police, revealed that the owner of the vacant lot had given Steppe permission to take Democratic political signs down. And so, despite the campaign workers' complaints, Steppe was released and the charges dropped.
But perhaps this landlord was hedging his political bets. Denenberg says that this very same property owner had given him permission to put the signs up.
"I guess it was impressed upon [the owner] to change his mind to get this guy out of jail," says Denenberg."

The Press story finishes
"And the vacant lot in Merrick? It is now adorned with signs for both Republican and Democratic candidates."

Election Day is two days away but the Dems are ever-vigilent to the theiving ways of the desperate Nassau GOP.

Here are some more recent pictures from Sunrise Highway in Bellmore.
Notice the Dem sign discarded over the fence and the republican signs taking its place. The republicans were too lazy to even take the sign away.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sunday, October 30, 2005

More Vandalism of Democratic Candidate Signs and Stolen Signs

This is a systemic problem affecting races from the Legislature to Town Council races.
First we have the story of a Town of Oyster Bay Town Council Candidate. Jay Cherlin lives in Massapequa and is not a career politician. he's just a guy who wants to make living better in the Town. What does he get? He gets the following:
"At 8am on my way to work my cell phone rings and it is my daughter. She says, "Dad, you're not going to believe what happened." Some guy rang our doorbell, my daughter goes to the window in time to see him steal our lawn signs from our property and place them in back of a yellow Town of Oyster Bay vehicle.
Was he trying to intimidate us, making sure someone at home knew the Town status quo did not appreciate any competition, or was he just stupid?"

We're going to go with Stupid Intimidation. Venditto's goons have been out in force even going into stores and taking down signs put up with permission.

The following are pictures from the 3rd Legislative District race. Democrat Ali Mirza has had signs destroyed and stolen all over the district.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More pictures from more locations to come.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sign Stealer Caught

Every fall during election season, signs from Democratic candidates are stolen from private property and destroyed. This year Dems have had enough.
From a reliable source:
As you may know, we have had many of our 4x8 signs and other signs stolen in the Merrick-Bellmore area. Tonight, a dedicated group of Democratic Committeeman and Zone Leaders conducted a stake out. Our thief showed up. He started taking our signs and was arrested. He's spending the night at the 7th precinct with a committeeman and an "executive leader" waiting to bail him out. Here are the pictures."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Monday, October 17, 2005

PBA getting sued for Campaign Finance Law violations


Fails to report hundreds of thousands in expenditures
for and against political candidates

Carle Place, NY – Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs will hold a press conference on Monday, October 18, 2005, at 11:30 a.m. to announce his support of ten Nassau County taxpayers who have filed a lawsuit against Nassau County Police Benevolence Association (PBA) for campaign finance violations.

What: Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs will announce his support of the lawsuit against the PBA.

When: October 18, 2005, at 11:30 a.m.

Where: Nassau County Police Benevolent Association (PBA), 89 East Jericho Turnpike, Mineola

Monday, October 10, 2005

CLIF Update

To go back to the group taking questionnaire answers out of context as reported here a couple of weeks ago, candidate Craig Heller has attempted to get CLIF to correct their website and any press releases but they have yet to get back to him.
Mr. Heller has called Co-Chairperson Gamrat to no avail.
The mis-quote of Mr. Heller remains on the CLIF website.

Next upfor CLIF: More endorsement follies and fundraising questions.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Republican Vandalism

The republicans in the Town of Hempstead are stooping to new lows.
Not only are the goons out in force to take down signs of Democratic signs illegally, they are now posting thier own signs and bumper stickers on a private house.
Local Democratic activists woke up the other day to find bumper stickers pasted to their cars and signs taped on their garage door.
Vandalism is the only way republicans can campaign?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Worries of Winning

For the Nassau GOP legislators, winning would be a great prospect, right?
Not entirely.
If the Nassau GOP actually pulls off a win (doubtful) in november, they face the prospect of Majority Leader/Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt.
Who on the republican side can find a problem with that?
A few legislators who know having Schmitt as the Presiding Officer is as bad or worse than having him as Minority Leader.
Schmitt has a big mouth and when he opens it, he usually sticks his foot in it. His heavy-handed, highly partisan ways are from an era when Nassau GOP arrogance could be backed up by electoral prowess.
With 3 consecutive losses for the majority in the legisalture, the republicans are getting antsy for power but at what cost. When the republicans were decimated in the 1999 elections losing presiding officer Bruce Blakeman, Schmitt a machine ideolouge became the top dog.
Schmitt spent his entire adult life paying his dues climbing the party ladder. The machine elevated him and the machine remnants keep him on top.
One republican legislator who would be leader except for the "seniority" issue within the party feels uncomfortable with the prospect of Schmitt as Presiding Officer.
As Minority Leader, Schmitt has kept the troops in line only because the party itself leaves the threat of no re-election support hanging over legislators heads.
With every lie and mis-step, Schmitt embarrasses more moderate legisaltors.
How bad will they fare if Schmitt takes Presiding Officer and continues to act like a child?
Schmitt as leader for the republicans is actually manna from heaven for democrats. He wages war when there can be concensus. He picks the wrong issues to go public with and gets spanked, most recently by republican DA Dillon.
The worried republicans want the majority but not with Schmitt in charge.
The only thing they can hope for is for Schmitt to lose this election cycle, get the leader they want and then try to gain the majority in 2007.
Schmitt represents the Margiotta/Mondello GOP machine of old and for the GOP legislators to survive, he will have to go.

300 GOP Committeepeople on Town of Hempstead Payroll


Some familiar names here in RED

Becker, Gregory R Occupational Resources Second Deputy Commissioner, Dept. Of Occupational Resources $107,235
Murray, Noreen V Parks And Recreation Messenger $55,836
Murray, Norman Town Attorney Law Assistant (Exempt Off Town Attorney Only) $115,219

Rhodes, Patricia A Supervisors Secretary to the Supervisor $87,140


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom Sabellico: Cheating Beyond Cheating

The September 8th Long Island Press article "Foul Ball" by Elizabeth Cady Brown chronicled the shady fundraising practices of Legislative candidate Tom Sabellico for the 14th LD and the Nassau GOP.
The article states "....the Press has spoken with five Little League veterans who say that Sabellico has inappropriately used his position with charities to advance his political career...."
"We all knew that Tom was using Farmingdale Baseball as a stepping stone," says one league volunteer. "This is Tom's way to get his face in the paper and make it look like he's a man of the community. But Tom is a man for Tom."
"There is evidence that Sabellico, as the head of Little League and Winning Beyond Winning, a charity he founded in 1998, may have veered into a gray area. For example, the Farmingdale Republican Committee's financial disclosure forms show Farmingdale Baseball League and Winning Beyond Winning each giving $150 to the GOP in 2001. The donations were not reported by the charities to the IRS."
"A Sabellico campaign event on Saturday, Aug. 27, further illustrated that fuzzy line. Hosted by Sabellico's political committee, it was unquestionably a political rally. A large banner hung from the park fence urging votes for Sabellico and the rest of the Nassau Republican slate, while children ran around with "Kids for Sabellico" T-shirts and "Tots 4 Tom" signs. Campaign donations were accepted."
"Politically more important, the guests were all from Farmingdale Baseball, suggesting that Sabellico used the league mailing list. Nonprofits can legally sell mailing lists to political candidates, but only if all candidates have the same opportunity. Sabellico did not pay for the list of former players, nor is the league willing to give his opponent the information. Sabellico says he had saved the contact data in personal files, but that still may not exempt the group from sharing the data with all candidates.
The use of the park is also sticky. Farmingdale Baseball's first vice president, Frank Nocerino, who gets town permits for the group to use Allen Park, told the Press that the field wasn't under league permit during the Aug. 27 event. But records from the Town of Oyster Bay Department of Parks clearly show the ball field permit was issued to "Mr. Frank Nocerino, Famingdale Baseball" from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day. It's probably not kosher for a nonprofit to hold the site permit for a political rally to benefit its president, and this kind of infraction could spark an investigation by the IRS or the state attorney general."

This weeks Farmingdale Observer printed a letter about the situation:
"As an alumnus of Farmingdale baseball and a graduate of Farmingdale High School, I am concerned by the recent revelations that, as president of the league, Tom Sabellico gave contributions from the league to the Farmingdale Republicans. My experience with Farmingdale baseball has been that the parents, coaches and volunteers always placed the children above self-serving political gain. As a CPA, I am professionally disturbed and I know that Farmingdale baseball's tax exemption status is now in jeopardy no matter the dollar amount given. Mr. Sabellico, Frank Nocerino, the first vice president and Dan Kornfeld, the treasurer, have an obligation to the league and community to ensure its well-being, not reward political organizations with money. What lesson does it teach our children when they have to play by the rules, but Mr. Sabellico so flagrantly breaks them?
Mike Norman"

Friday, September 16, 2005

Where did Democracy go in the Town of Hempstead

From the good folks over at The Community Alliance...

Assault On Democracy In Franklin Square
Ban On Use Of Public Library By Public Official Raises Concern

Just inside the front door of the Franklin Square Public Library there is a rack brimming with brochures. Some promote reading programs and library activities. Others provide information about government initiatives and community events. [There were even glossy flyers, with photos of the Town Supervisor and her Batmobile, encouraging visitors to the Library to come to the Town's Family Festival By The Sea.]

One brouchure in particular, promulgated by the Nassau County Library system, caught the eye. It was entitled, Libraries Open Doors. We wonder whether the Trustees of the Franklin Square Public Library have ever read this piece, taken note of its title, or pondered the plain meaning of these words - Libraries Open Doors. Frankly, we wonder whether the Franklin Square Library Trustees have ever stumbled upon - let alone glanced at - another document, seldom referenced these days, that might also be found in the Library - the Constitution of the United States of America.

On Thursday, September 15th, the doors to the Franklin Square Public Library may have been open to the public, but they certainly were not open to one public official who had been invited and scheduled to speak there - the Chair of the Nassau County Board of Assessors, Harvey Levinson.

Mr. Levinson had been invited by the Franklin Square Public Library - as libraries do - to hold a forum on reassessment and the County's complex tax structure. No shocker here. Public officials are routinely invited to speak - to inform and impart information - on a regular basis. Indeed, just a month ago, Don Clavin, Town of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes, had been invited to speak at the Franklin Square Public Library on "tax-related" topics, and he did so on August 3rd.

About a week before his scheduled appearence, Mr. Levinson was informed by the Director of the Franklin Square Library, Carol Aherns, that the invitation to speak had been, at the insistence of the Library's Trustees, rescinded. Too political. After all, Mr. Levinson is a candidate for public office, challenging Hempstead Town Supervisor, Kate Murray, in the November election. [We are reminded that Don Clavin, too, is a candidate, seeking to unseat the Nassau County Comptroller, Howard Weitzman. No politics in his appearance, we surmise!]

The Story Continues at www.thecommunityalliance.blogspot.com

Sunday, September 11, 2005


We planned on a few stories for today but didn't feel like getting political. Just going to enjoy being with family and friends and remember those who aren't with us any more.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

We're All Getting Insured!

We got a tip on this and couldn't pass it up. There is a Greg Peterson poster floating around with an interesting campaign slogan:

We wonder what the monthly cost of insuring the county's future is.
Is there a co-pay?
Is there a high deductable if Nassau's Future gets into a fender-bender?

We're guessing the inept Peterson campaign meant to say "ENSURE" Nassau's Future. There is a difference.

Here's an unaltered picture of the poster:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Most Abusive Use of the US Flag by a Campaign..... So Far

Venditto "opened" his camapign headquarters at 939 N. Broadway in N. Massapequa. Not much action going on there.
They did put up some posters in the front window which is a ridiculous use of the US flag. Are he and the republican slate trying to tell us they are US Citizens? Are they trying to say that they are Super-Patriots?

Wouldn't it be great if politicians stopped abusing the flag?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Getting Nothing Dunne

Dennis Dunne, Nassau County Legislator from the 15th LD flies so far under the radar, most people don't know who he is. He does his share of photo-ops but as a legislator he's invisible. We'll be covering more of his actions soon but it's hard to see him doing anything that stands out.
In a 2003 Levittown Tribune article before that years election, Dunne said "No political party tells me what to do. The people of the community tell me what to do."
Really? Looking at Dunne's record in the Legisalture, one would be hard pressed to find any vote that was not cast with his fellow republicans.
This isn't something Dunne does alone. None of the republican legislators stray from the party line. If Schmitt votes Yes, Dunne votes Yes and so does Ford, Nicollelo, Becker, Mangano, Gonslaves. If Schmitt votes No, Dunne votes No and the rest do too.
The party does indeed tell Dunne what to do and for him to say otherwise is just a lie.

Bumper Sticker available at our Gift Shoppe

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Katrina Relief Organizations

With thanks to The Community Alliance
Red Cross:Telephone: 1-800-HELP-NOW
Secure E-Donations: Red Cross' Donate Now Page AmeriCares:americares.org
United Jewish Communities: 1-877-277-2477 or http://www.ujc.org/ Episcopal Relief & Development: 1-800-334-7626 or http://www.er-d.org/ United Methodist Committee on Relief: 1-800-554-8583 or http://gbgm-umc.org/umcor/emergency/hurricanes/2005/
Salvation Army: 1-800-SAL-ARMY or http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/
Catholic Charities: 1-800-919-9338 or http://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org/
Operation Blessing: 1-800-436-6348 or www.ob.org
America's Second Harvest: 1-800-344-8070 or www.secondharvest.org National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster: www.nvoad.org
FEMA Charity tips: http://www.fema.gov/rrr/help2.shtm

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kate Murray Self-Promotion Contest

We all know what an incredible self-promoter Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray is. If she can get her name on it or her picture with it, she's there. You can't escape her hypnotic gaze and the name KATEMURRAY, KATEMURRAY. KATEMURRAY, REDRUM, REDRUM, KATEMURRAY, KATEMURRAY, KATEMURRAY.

Anyway, we here at Nassau GOP Watch want to help Kate get her name out in more imaginative ways and we ask our dear readers to submit thier own ideas. We'll post 'em as we get 'em.
Here is the first one.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Since Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea didn't cut it on the One Dollar Coin, let's give Kate a chance...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Schmitt gets Spanked

We all know that Minority Leader Peter Schmitt will say anything and do anything to score political points. He lies without conscience and practically without consequence. He will also jump on anything he can and try to make it bigger than it is.
Take for example the "Parks Scandal" where two county parks employees were caught falsifying time sheets. County Executive Suozzi refered the matter immediately to the District Attorney, fired the two works and accepted the resignation of thier boss Deputy CE Klein. Schmitt saw the time sheets problem as an opening to go after Suozzi's inner-circle and demanded that Chief Deputy County Executive Anthony Cancellieri resign.
DA Dillon has cleared Cancellieri of any wrong doing in regards to a time sheet for former Nassau Deputy County Executive Michael Klein. According to Newsday, Dillon said "The credible evidence available at this time establishes that the Somos El Futuro Legislative Conference included matters of interest to Nassau County and that Mr. Klein's attendance, as well as that of the others in the Nassau delegation, pertained to those matters."
CE Suozzi took the opportunity to give Schmitt a good spanking "This was the second time Mr. Schmitt was wrong in the allegations he was making. When you go as far as to make unfounded allegations against a member of my staff, you've gone too far" Schmitt of course responded the way he always does ignoring the facts and just keeps on attacking "It's legal but it's not appropriate"
Doing county business and getting paid your salary for it is "not appropriate?"
What's not appropriate is a liar like Schmitt representing the 12th Legislative District.
It's time for him to go.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Election season is picking up

And we'll have more and more updates almost daily.
Check out The Hempstead Chronicles for some great writing and observations.

Friday, August 05, 2005

From Merrick Life Newspaper

Merrick Life

In Douglas Finlay's article "Report Confirms Surplus in County", it amazes me how, at a time when the Bush administration continues to drag this country dangerously in the red, the fiscally responsible Democrats of Nassau County manage to not only stay afloat, but have the forsight to put aside $57.3million of its $76.8 million surplus for future budgetary stresses.
Having the mindset of the old Republican machine, Leg.Norma Gonsalves stated that she would spend the surplus on new hires which would be spending a onetime revenue on recurring costs. This is precisely the spending policies that almost bankrupted the county.
Since Leg. Dave Denenberg took office, Nassau County has reduced its work force to the lowest level in 40 years. And this he has done, while managing to secure record funding for revitalization projects in our neighborhood and has made certain that the county roads in our district have been repaired.
Leg. Gonsalves continues to perpetrate the party's platform when she calls for hiring more police officers. The County has hired new police as fast as possible. Over the last 2 years, each police class has been full to capacity. Asking for more police is just election year rhetoric.
What disturbs me even more is Kate Murray's double-speak when she says she would "hold the line on taxes." Although the county has managed not to raise taxes in three years, last year Kate Murray as Town Supervisor, had double digit tax increases in the general fund.
I am tired of their statements that falsely accuse the county of tax increases and in the same breath, demand more spending and then go on to increase taxes in our special districts and hope that we won't notice that our taxes are being raised.
The Republican machine ignores the real property tax issue-- runaway school taxes caused by New York State and its unfunded mandates, arcane educations laws and ever decreasing school aid as a percentage of our total school budgets. It is our local Democrats who have pushed for change in Albany, since Nassau schools receive only 17% of their budgets in school aid, when the state average is 40%.
To speak of taxes and ignore the school tax issue is truly a disservice to us all. Indeed, the county tax is only about 15 - 20 perecet of our proprrty tax. Nassau County has been gaining recognition nationwide. Just within the last few months, The Smith Report has named Nassau County as one of the three best turn-arounds in the country. Forbes Magazine reported Long Island as having the lowest crime rate in the country and Nassau County has been lifted from nearjunk bond status to a Fitch Bond Rating of A+.
I can now lift my head up high and say I'm proud to live in Nassau County, instead of in years past, when I had to bury my head in Long Island's sand because Nassau County had been synonymous with corruption. I would like to thank Leg. Dave Denenberg and County Executive Tom Suozzi for seeing their vision of a better Nassau County come to life. I would also like to thank them for continuing their fight to change the way we are taxed on Long Island.
Keep up the goodwork.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Face of Nassau GOP?

So have you seen the new GOP ad? They've bought time all over the cable channels. You can't miss it.
If you haven't see it, think of the worst production values possible and the most idiotic script and that is the ad. To top it off, the actor they use is a wild-eyed nut job. The type of person who if he was your co-worker, you'd be afraid he'd show up to work one day with years worth of repressed anger and a high-caliber rifle.
The ad is all a bunch of bull too. The angry, wild-eyed republican goes on and on about taxes forgetting that the only tax increases in the past 3 years have been Town and School taxes. County taxes are only 20% of the total tax bill, so as usual, the republicans are trying to decieve voters. The ad says that Nassau taxes were raised by 42%. Hmm... 2 years ago Schmitt was saying taxes were raised 58% and 60% (a lie we detailed 2 years ago.) Now the number is 42%. And that's still a lie.
The best thing about the whole ad is that they don't mention Greg Peterson once. Not Once.

Your new angry Nassau GOP:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Where did they get this guy? How hard did the casting agent work?
Maybe it's a good thing Peterson kept his name off of this.

Our friends over at Community Alliance have a post up about this ad too.

Oyster Bay Pays and Pays

For the number of lawyers Venditto hires, you'd expect the Town of Oyster Bay would make out a little better. Instead TOBAY has to pay Verizon $3.4million.
According to Newsday "The Town of Oyster Bay has been ordered to repay millions in taxes its garbage districts collected from Verizon Communications in a decision that could balloon the tax burden on homeowners and businesses from Nassau County to upstate New York, observers said."
"The sad thing is the burden will be borne by already overburdened taxpayers, primarily homeowners," said Anthony LaMarca, the Syosset-based attorney representing Oyster Bay."
Yup, the Town screws up and we have to pay. When will Venditto and the republican dominated Town Board get its act together?
The lawsuit is because of garbage taxes. "The court ruled that Verizon did not have to pay garbage taxes because its properties didn't generate any garbage."
"In the narrow 4-3 ruling, the court concluded that taxes collected by Oyster Bay's Garbage District 1 on telephone lines, wires, cables, poles and enclosures for electrical apparatus owned by Verizon should not have been collected."
The Town couldn't get it's act together enough to realize they were taxing poles for garbage pick-up????

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Great Website Covering Town of Hempstead

Check out The Community Alliance blog. They are insightful and funny.
The site is all over the ridiculous and costly sanitation districts and point out the following:

"From what we hear from the Commissioners, the District Managers and the folks at Town Hall (including Town Councilman Anthony Santino), the services provided by the Special Sanitary Districts (as opposed to the TOH Sanitation Department) are sooooo good that we're fortunate to have the privilege to pay double the going rate paid by those serviced directly by the Town.

Interestingly, Levittown, home to TOH Supervisor Kate Murray, and East Meadow, the stomping grounds of former TOH Supervisor and County Exec wannabe Greg Peterson, are both served directly by the Town of Hempstead Sanitation Department. Shucks! Kate and Greg miss out on the sheer enjoyment of paying double the tax to have their garbage collected. And what a shame that neither Kate nor Greg have "local control" over their sanitation services. Hey Tony, can we take up a collection for these poor, unfortunate souls?

Truth is, sanitary service in the areas serviced directly by the Town of Hempstead - East Meadow, Levittown, Merrick, Bellmore, Seaford, Wantagh, Lido Beach, Point Lookout and parts of Uniondale - is every bit as good as the trash collection in Sanitary 2 and 6. Geez, it's garbage, stupid. How good can it get? And just how deep do we have to keep digging into our pockets, not only to pay for trash pick-up, but worse, to support an entrenched system of party patronage?

Of course, don't fret for Kate and Greg, for life outside the Sanitary Districts isn't quite as bad as they would have us believe. In fact, in Kate Murray's own words, "The Town of Hempstead Sanitation service is excellent... just as good as Sanitation District number 2."* No wonder Kate and Greg always have those big grins on their faces. They're getting the same sanitation services as those who live in the "special" Districts, and at half the cost!Assuming we use our noggins and count the nickels and dimes, elimination of the Sanitary Districts, with consolidation of services under TOH Sanitation, is a no-brainer. The jobs of the rank-and-file at the Sanitary Districts are safe. Hey, they actually work for a living. Does the Town of Hempstead really need to operate (and don't let them hoodwink you, these are, for all intents and purposes, TOH operations) 5 separate Sanitary Districts (in addition to its own Sanitation Department), each with, give or take, 6 Commissioners, 17 Supervisors and a Manager? Okay, by a show of hands (or a "no-show" of hands, as the case may be), who is in favor of eliminating the "special" Sanitary Districts and consolidating them under the Town of Hempstead Sanitation Department? Just as we thought!

Given the crock we are spoon-fed by the Town as to the "benefits" of the Special Districts, is it any wonder Kate Murray is always smiling? After all, you can't possibly put this malarkey over on the public with a straight face!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Great Letter

We know you just can't please the Nassau republicans. The county is back from the brink of bankruptcy, the formerly bloated county government is being fixed and things are so much better but for Peterson, Schmitt and thier cronies, it just isn't good enough, Consider though that thier party is at fault for screwing up the county in the past but they seem to ignore that. Here is a great letter pointing out how ridiculous they are:

Newsday July 24, 2005

Suozzi has to be the real deal

After reading Newsday's series on Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi ["Big, bold ideas come readily to Suozzi," Editorials, July 19], I can't help but think: What more can an executive do? When one balances the budget, we complain that we are being taxed too much. When one offers a bold visionary plan for Long Island's future, we call him egotistical, and when one recognizes a variety of serious governmental problems and proposes solutions, we call him idealistic and say he is over-reaching. Unfortunately, too many of us have turned our back on politicians who are seeking positive change, assuming they are too good to be true.It seems that Suozzi and the county legislature's reversal of Nassau's deep financial crisis is not enough. It seems that the Suozzi "Fix Albany" campaign, which helped highlight our state government's failings, instigate reform and pass the first on-time budget in 20 years, is not enough. It even seems that three years in a row of no county tax increases and a $19-million budget surplus is not enough. What more do we want?

Sea Cliff

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

EXCLUSIVE!!! Schmitt off of Conservative Line?

According to well-placed sources, the Conservative Party ballots which contained Schmitt's name was walked and witnessed by a Republican Party member not a Conservative Party member as required by election law.
As of now, Schmitt is off of the "C" line.
More to come....

Local Republican is a Jerk

Massapequa resident, registered republican in Nassau, and FOX News anchor Brian Kilmeade stepped waaaaayyyy over the line the day after the July 7th bombings in London.
On his show, Kilmeade said "I think that works to our advantage, in the Western world's advantage, for people to experience something like this together, just 500 miles from where the attacks have happened."
Should ANYONE have to experience a terrorist attack? Does it really work "to our advantage" for 50 people to die and hundreds injured?
Why do republicans think like this?
Kilmeade's congressman Peter King has the same cavalier attitude just like the Bush administration.

Back from Vacation

Been away for 10 days and we missed alot. We have a backlog of stories to post and we'll be playing catch-up for the rest of the week.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

It's the Little Things

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto showed up at the Breakfast in the Park at Brady Park in Massapequa Park this morning. $3 adults and $2 children. Venditto heads through the back way and to the outdoor kitchen where other local republicans are volunteering handing out food and having thier pictures taken.
Venditto couldn't spare the $3?
Why couldn't Venditto PAY the small sum of $3 ?????
Was he not going to eat? Well, he did eat. And he didn't pay.
County Executive Tom Suozzi arrived through the front gate and paid his $3. As did Town Council Woman Mary McCaffery and a host of other Democrats.

Even more amusing than Venditto's cheapskate move, is him trying to help hand out food.
Between CE Suozzi, State Senator Fushillo, Massapequa Park Mayor James Altadonna, TOBAY Receiver of Taxes Jim Stefanich, Legislator Peter Schmitt and TOBAY Town Clerk Steve Labriola, Venditto had nowhere to stand.
So what does Venditto do? He actually "taps out" Stefanich. A tap on the shoulder and a whisper and Stefanich is handing over his apron and spot at the serving line.
Stefanich learned fast to step aside for the new boss.

What Stefanich still has to get used to is the "call of the camera." Early on, Stefanich was not around for the obligatory photo-op of local republicans serving food. He was across the kitchen area from the photo-op and didn't get into those early pictures. He has to learn that when a camera is present, all republicans MUST run (not walk) to the location of the photo-op and pose.
He'll learn thier ways soon enough.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Letter in Today's Newsday

Points out how nassau republican leaders have such a weak message they have to attack New York City. Too bad they don't realize that many Nassau voters are originally from NYC and still love the city.

Nassau GOP Attack on City
As a New York City resident, I am offended by Nassau County Republican elected officials attacking my great city for political advantage. Politicians like Peter Schmitt and Gregory Peterson attack New York City residents who work in Nassau County because of where they come from. No one in the city says anything about Nassau residents applying and getting jobs in the city police and fire departments. The city changed its rules to allow non-city residents to work for the city.
If Schmitt, Peterson and their associates don't like New York City and believe as they say the city is a horrible place, they shouldn't bother coming here. We aren't a scare tactic to be used to get votes. Everyone else is welcome with open arms.
Charlie Monsanto

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Principles? What Principles?

In the past 6 months, two TOBAY (Town of Oyster Bay) Democrats have left the party and joined the republicans. It would be one thing if they left on principle but that isn't the case. They both left for selfish, sour-grapes reasons.
Let's talk about TOBAY Reciever of Taxes Jim Stefinach. Back in December 2004, he jumped ship to the republican party. Stefanich won re-election as a Democrat in November 2003. Why did Stefanich jump parties? To hear him tell it, "Since becoming Receiver of Taxes five years ago I have worked side-by-side with Supervisor John Venditto and the Republican members of the town administration and found, without question, that the Republican Party represents the right vision for the future of the Town of Oyster Bay, and, quite frankly, all of Nassau County.....
“John Venditto is the best kind of public official. He works hard. He cares. And he truly wants to make sure that the town that our children and grandchildren inherit is the best that it can be. I am proud to join his team and to pledge that I will do all that I can do to make sure that the Republican Party, and the vision that John Venditto so ably represents in its name, remains at the forefront of community life in our town and county for many years to come.”
Really Jim? Is that your story?
'Cause we know you were kinda upset that the Democratic Party didn't give you all the help you wanted and expected. You used alot of your own money and didn't like that one bit. Do we have to go into what you say NOW about Venditto and the republicans and compare it to what you said in the past about them? The comments certainly aren't consistant. There were some choice words and none of them nice. Now you say the party represents the vision for TOBAY? That's not what you said before. So Stefanich says it's about "vision."
Actually it's about job security.
The GOP almost swept TOBAY in the 2003 elections. Stefanich had a wafer thin margin of victory - 454 votes. He sees the writing on the wall. He could very well lose his well-paid job in the next election. He joined the team that will give him money and a slate that has been winning.
Where are Stefinach's principles? Seems he has none.
Guess he's a perfect fit for the Nassau GOP.
At the press conference to announce the switch, GOP Boss Joe Mondello said "From his first election in 1999, Jim has established a reputation as a dedicated and caring public official with an unwavering commitment to excellence."
Even Venditto chimed in with praise.“Working with Jim Stefanich has been a pleasure. As it became clear, over the years, that Jim shared my commitment to making government as responsive as it can be, my commitment to running government efficiently and like a business, and my commitment to doing everything possible to hold down property taxes so that we can keep Oyster Bay an affordable place to live..."
So why did the republicans run John Canning against Stefanich in 2003 if Stefanich was doing such a fantastic job?
It boggles the mind.

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