Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Nassau republicans have to decide on how they feel about County Executive Suozzi running for governor. Oh sure, during the campaign Greg Peterson and the GOP took swipes at Suozzi's supposed ambition for the state-house. They said he was more concerned about running for governor and that he wouldn't be around much if he ran yadda, yadda yadda.
Now that the campaign is over, it's time for some serious thought. Do they "help" Suozzi in order to get him out? The County Charter is not completely clear about a CE vacancy but here would undoubtedly be a special election. Getting rid of Suozzi and fielding a candidate in an open election might give the republicans a chance to win the office back. But in order to get Suozzi out, he would have to win a primary and in order to win a primary, he would have to be the best candidiate with the most accomplishments. Do republican legislators make everything easy for Suozzi to do? Up until now, Minority Leader Schmitt and the Lazy 8 have done everything they can to say 'no' to Suozzi. Moving the county forward was not in thier best electoral interests so they oppose Suozzi wherever they can. Do they give that up to get rid of Suozzi? Do they come off as rubber-stamps for Suozzi so he looks good? That won't help their own re-election prospects with the base GOP voters if they do.
After they do get rid of Suozzi, what next? A special election to fill the CE office. Who would run? The Nassau GOP really has no county-wide marquee candidates. State Senators like Balboni has his own ambitions, Fuschillo isn't ready, Skelos is happy being the number 2 in the senate and right now Albany is not very popular with voters anyway. Plus Senate majority leader Joe Bruno isn't too pleased with a Balboni run for AG because an open seat in the New Nassau Paradigm menas the republicans could very well lose that seat.
Does TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto step in? He wants DA and with a Dem in the office, he can challange her in 4 years.
How about TOH Supe. Kate Murray..... okay i said that with a straight face. She has the name but outside TOH she won't do well.
TOH reciever of taxes and failed Nassau Comptroller candidate Don Clavin? This year was his shot to get out of TOH and make his move and he got clobbered.
Leg. Mangano has aspirations - like Minority Leader - and CE would be of interest. Rule Schmitt out right away because he would get clobbered easily. So who would the GOP have run? if they couldn't get anyone real to run this year, how could they hope to get someone next year?
Keeping Suozzi in Nassau is tough on them too. He's there till 2009 then unless something else comes up. By 2009 he and the Dems will have had a decade of control in the county and a record of accomplishments that will be hard to beat. By 2009 there will be enough elected Dems with the stature to run and win a County Executive race leaving the republicans locked out again.

It's not easy being a nassau county republican.


Anonymous said...

Governor appoints County Executive in event of vacancy. Not so smart are ya?

Anonymous said...

the governor has no say over a County Executive. What do they teach you at Young Republican School?