Monday, November 07, 2005

Fun Times with Town of Oyster Bay Town Clerk Race

We've already hi-lited how Steve Labriola took credit for what his predecessor did, and now Labriola makes some interesting statements in the Massapequa Post profile of the race.
In august, Democratic challenger Bill Funk pointed out that forms on the Town website had "sample" embossed over them and the ability to download the forms and fill the out was impossible. "The online forms have the word ‘sample’ slashed across them and no none can use them" Soon after this was brought up, the "sample" disappeared and now the forms can be used. It saves alot of time to fill out forms before you get to the Clerks office.
Labriola responds to Funk "Nonsense, said Labriola, adding that Funk’s statements show a lack of knowledge about the clerk’s position. "The town runs on a mainframe computer system that speaks another language," said Labriola whose office hired a consulting team, Admit, to link the mainframe with the PCs in the clerk’s office."
Lets see if we can get this straight.... the Town of Oyster Bay is on a "mainframe" system. How old is this system? Why hasn't the Town upgarded to Servers?
And the Town "mainframe" is not hooked up to the PCs in the Clerks office?????
Who bought these systems and set them up without Town-wide access???
Here is the kicker though, to upload document to a website like the
Town of Oyster Bay website does not require the use of the "mainframe." The website is hosted by ""
From the FAQ page "The idea behind GovOfficeTM is to empower goverments at any level to create "best practices" web sites to communicate and reach-out to citizens without the need for computer programming expertise. GovOffice, an online system, accessible from virtually any computer connected to the Internet, which enables you to quickly and easily input content into a private and secure database, make revisions to the content, and select display and interactive options. Content is entered by following a "point and click" Wizard process, and text is entered using a familiar Microsoft Word-type editing screen. GovOffice dynamically creates a Web site using the content from the database "plugged into" your design choices. "

So what we have here is Labriola just plain lying. Why did he do that? Because he can. And boy is that sad.

Funk pointed out in the Post "It took them a year and half to fix the problem. Someone in-house should have been able to do it much faster than that. This demonstrates their lack of awareness and oversight."

And Funk is absolutely correct. We need real manager and thinker with up-to-date technology abilities to run the Clerks office.

Labriola tries to get out of his corner by backing deeper into one by saying "Labriola said that most of the forms Funk referred to—applications for licenses to do business in the town—are samples because the applicants are required to file them in person. In addition to the forms, applicants have to have their fingerprints taken and the town needs to complete background checks on them."

Funks point was that applicants can have the forms filled out PRIOR to driving to Town Hall in Oyster Bay. How hard is that to understand??

And it doesn't stop for the clueless Labriola:
"Since part of the clerk’s job is to either accept of reject licensing applications, Funk believes that the standards should be clear and readily available for review.
"I would inform residents through mailings and the website, that way they would know how if they meet the town’s requirements before application,"

Labriola responded "We can’t educate people in that sense," counters Labriola. "If people are interested in applying for a license or permit, it is up to them to know what needs to be done. What does he expect us to do, put out an ad for taxi drivers and say ‘pedophiles need not apply?’ That shows his inexperience."

So offering Town residents and businesses how to apply for licenses and permits can't be done?
They have to fend for themselves?
It is up to the Town Clerk, the job Labriola is resting in until Venditto retires, to help people navigate the process. This and the website lie shows Labriola's inexperience.
And what the hell does "pedophiles" have to do with anything? Labriola just threw that in because he had nothing and figures this will confuse the readers enough they don't think about his idiocy.

November 8th, Vote Bill Funk.
We need really need him there.

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