Thursday, August 25, 2005

Schmitt gets Spanked

We all know that Minority Leader Peter Schmitt will say anything and do anything to score political points. He lies without conscience and practically without consequence. He will also jump on anything he can and try to make it bigger than it is.
Take for example the "Parks Scandal" where two county parks employees were caught falsifying time sheets. County Executive Suozzi refered the matter immediately to the District Attorney, fired the two works and accepted the resignation of thier boss Deputy CE Klein. Schmitt saw the time sheets problem as an opening to go after Suozzi's inner-circle and demanded that Chief Deputy County Executive Anthony Cancellieri resign.
DA Dillon has cleared Cancellieri of any wrong doing in regards to a time sheet for former Nassau Deputy County Executive Michael Klein. According to Newsday, Dillon said "The credible evidence available at this time establishes that the Somos El Futuro Legislative Conference included matters of interest to Nassau County and that Mr. Klein's attendance, as well as that of the others in the Nassau delegation, pertained to those matters."
CE Suozzi took the opportunity to give Schmitt a good spanking "This was the second time Mr. Schmitt was wrong in the allegations he was making. When you go as far as to make unfounded allegations against a member of my staff, you've gone too far" Schmitt of course responded the way he always does ignoring the facts and just keeps on attacking "It's legal but it's not appropriate"
Doing county business and getting paid your salary for it is "not appropriate?"
What's not appropriate is a liar like Schmitt representing the 12th Legislative District.
It's time for him to go.

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