Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Great Letter

We know you just can't please the Nassau republicans. The county is back from the brink of bankruptcy, the formerly bloated county government is being fixed and things are so much better but for Peterson, Schmitt and thier cronies, it just isn't good enough, Consider though that thier party is at fault for screwing up the county in the past but they seem to ignore that. Here is a great letter pointing out how ridiculous they are:

Newsday July 24, 2005

Suozzi has to be the real deal

After reading Newsday's series on Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi ["Big, bold ideas come readily to Suozzi," Editorials, July 19], I can't help but think: What more can an executive do? When one balances the budget, we complain that we are being taxed too much. When one offers a bold visionary plan for Long Island's future, we call him egotistical, and when one recognizes a variety of serious governmental problems and proposes solutions, we call him idealistic and say he is over-reaching. Unfortunately, too many of us have turned our back on politicians who are seeking positive change, assuming they are too good to be true.It seems that Suozzi and the county legislature's reversal of Nassau's deep financial crisis is not enough. It seems that the Suozzi "Fix Albany" campaign, which helped highlight our state government's failings, instigate reform and pass the first on-time budget in 20 years, is not enough. It even seems that three years in a row of no county tax increases and a $19-million budget surplus is not enough. What more do we want?

Sea Cliff


Anonymous said...

Lets stop the lies about no county tax increase. That only refers to one portion (general) of the county bill. The other portions have been raised. So in all honesty there has been tax increases

J said...

The tax increases that directly affect the taxpayer in a real way is the school and town taxes.
What "other portions" have been raised?
What has been raised is not in control by the CE or Legislature.