Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Sign News

Looks like the Long Island Press got the story about the sign stealing going on in Nassau County.
The story "On the Fence" by Timothy Bolger in this weeks Press has some interesting tid-bits that add some complexity to the story we reported a week ago.
"A phone call or two, according to police, revealed that the owner of the vacant lot had given Steppe permission to take Democratic political signs down. And so, despite the campaign workers' complaints, Steppe was released and the charges dropped.
But perhaps this landlord was hedging his political bets. Denenberg says that this very same property owner had given him permission to put the signs up.
"I guess it was impressed upon [the owner] to change his mind to get this guy out of jail," says Denenberg."

The Press story finishes
"And the vacant lot in Merrick? It is now adorned with signs for both Republican and Democratic candidates."

Election Day is two days away but the Dems are ever-vigilent to the theiving ways of the desperate Nassau GOP.

Here are some more recent pictures from Sunrise Highway in Bellmore.
Notice the Dem sign discarded over the fence and the republican signs taking its place. The republicans were too lazy to even take the sign away.

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