Thursday, April 30, 2009

Support for State Chairman Joe Mondello

Shams Tarek, DSCC spokesman saysThe recent chorus of Republican officials calling for Joe Mondello to step down as State GOP chair is disappointing and a step backwards for New York.
“With the New York GOP’s recent loss of both the State Senate and the overwhelmingly Republican 20th Congressional District to Democrats, we couldn’t be more pleased with Chair Mondello’s work.
"For the benefit of a population completely fed up with years of GOP cynicism and dysfunction in both Washington and Albany, Chair Mondello should remain in place and continue to remove Republicans from office in New York.”

And we need Mondello here in Nassau County too!

Venditto the Tax Increaser Shows Nerve Speaking at Anti-Tax Rally

TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto was one of the few local elected officials to speak at the Nassau Young Republican Tea Party. The rally with puportedly was about how we are being taxed too much is an odd place for Venditto to speak considering he increased taxes in the Town of Oyster Bay by 11%.
Venditto has an odd rationalization for raising taxes as he told the Massapequa Post "We all hate taxes but I think residents understand that the we've been mindful at a local level," said Venditto who added that the budget maintains the status quo on all of the Town's programs and projects"

What does Venditto mean by "status quo?" According to the budget, there is only a 2.8% spending increase. How does a 2.8% spending increase equal an 11% tax increase?

Venditto continues "The success of this Town isn't measured in budget tables but how well it serves its people," the Supervisor said. "When I start to work on a budget I think of about our young people, who may now be able to buy their first home or senior citizens who can now remain here," said the Supervisor."

But what Venditto isn't thinking much about or even talking about is the $400million in debt the Town has. And how does the Town "serve it's people?" By Bonding over $54million to make up fro lack of funds. Venditto and the all-republican Town Board borrows heavily on the backs of the young people who want to buy their first home.

The Post article continuies "Venditto called the budget lean, cost efficient and financially responsible.
"When we took over in the late 90's the Town was in dire financial straights with a $30-million deficit. I don't want to undo any of the good work we've done," said Venditto. "I think this budget is a fiscally responsible one that still allows the Town to continue its programs and services that make Oyster Bay a desirable place to live."

I would call being $454million in the hole somewhat dire considering the downturn in local revenues. And again, it is the constant Bonding that allows the Town to continue it's programs and services. Without those bonds, there would be a deficit higher than the one Venditto says he inherited.

Venditto has real balls to stand up and speak at an anti-tax rally when he is taxing the TOBAY residents more and borrowing more money to keep his "status quo."


Venditto can't stand higher taxes unless he is the one raising them!

Nassau Young Republican Tea Party Draws One's of People

The belated tea bagging by the Young Reps brought out a crowd that could fit in a booth at Friendly's. Not counting the Young Rep organizers and the speakers, the crowd ballooned to about 35-40. The speakers spoke from atop a flat-bed truck which provided an empty stage for the basically unknown featured speakers.

Brett Joshpe? Who the hell was he?

David Webb? Another unknown. And like Joshpe, from reading the hype on their websites you would think they were household names.

And then there was KT McFarland. You may remember her as being a possible candidate to challenge then-Senator Clinton back in 2006. McFarland gained some attention when she said that "Hillary Clinton is really worried about me, and is so worried, in fact, that she had helicopters flying over my house in Southampton today taking pictures."

I'd fire whoever booked the speakers.

Then there were a few elected officials like Assemblyman Dave McDonough, TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto and TOBAY Coucilwoman and photo-op queen Rose Walker.

The day was a rousing success if you measure success on a huge curve.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto Consolidates Special Districts.... Into Nassau County

There has been a movement gaining traction from the County Executive, elected officials and regular citizens to consolidate the hundreds of special taxing districts in Nassau County. By consolidating these districts, tax payers would save money.
Supervisor John Venditto has made the leap and consolidated all the Special Districts in the Town of Oyster Bay. In the recent "Talk of the Town" propaganda mailing, Venditto shifts the Special Districts to the Nassau County slice of the tax dollar pie.
pie chart

The FACT is that John Venditto is lying. Nassau County has NOTHING to do with the Special Districts. Venditto is just trying to shrink the percentage of tax dollars the Town collects and increase th percentage the County collect.
The REAL percentage for Nassau County is about 17.5%, NOT the 22.6% Venditto claims. The County portion of your taxes has been the lowest in years. It's Venditto who just raised your Town taxes by 11%.
The Special Districts are under the control of the Town of Oyster Bay. The Town sets the tax rates. The Town appoints board members. NOT the County.
The REAL FACT is that the Town of Oyster Bay slice of the tax pie is 17.8% NOT the 12.6% Venditto claims.

Venditto spent taxpayer money to send a mailing to LIE to those very same taxpayers.
What a disgrace.

More Massapequa Tea Bag Party Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the republican tea bag party....
(click pictures to enlarge)
This guy was manning a microphone and trying his best at arousing the tea baggers. He had a simple schtick in-between bad quasi-patriotic country music. At one point this guy says we have to "get rid of Nancy Pelosi" and either "send her TO China" or "send her BACK TO China." I'm correct in saying that Nancy Pelosi is a citizen of the country and born of Italian descent which makes it odd that she should go "back to" China where she was never from in the first place.
Then of course he gave us the "No Taxation Without Representation" rally cry. Again, I am correct in saying that we have duly elected representatives covering every inch of these United States. Maybe the genius missed the election last november.

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, this poor soul seems to have missed the election too and assumes that Speaker of the House Pelosi ascended to the presidency.

And speaking of last november's elections, this poor dear believes that she is in the "majority." If she were, there would not be a President Obama and an overwhelming Democratic congress.

I wanted to ask this person who he/she (couldn't tell) believes is in congress and does not "Love the USA."

Here is a classic. "Abolish the FED!" Exactly what would replace the central banking system of the United States? Who will be a stop-gap for bank panics? Who will protect consumer bank users? I will assume the person holding the sign 1) knows what the "FED" is and 2) has a reasonable replacement in mind.

This guy wants to "save the children." And of course he missed the part where stimulus money was going to education and would save the schools from cutting programs.

And last but not least here is republican legislature candidate Joe Belesi in the suit, not the stupid hat. Joe here was a police union boss who retired from the county with a $400,000 pay-out and a $100,000+ pension and medical coverage for him and his family. He is now working for the drunk driver Minority Leader Peter Schmitt taking more money from county taxpayers.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joe Mondello Answers with a Little Anti-Semitism?

Mondello was asked about NYC Mayor - and likely republican candidate for re-election - Bloomberg's support of gay marriage and replies as a "practicing catholic", "Well, what can I tell you? That's going to have to be between him and his God, just like what I do has to be between me and my God."

Peter King gets Snubbed at Republican Dinner

Last night the NYS Republicans brought out Newt Gingrich at their annual dinner. Newt spoke and had this to say about the NY GOP future "If we had Mayor Giuliani for governor and we had Gov. Pataki for senator, we would be a large step towards the tidal wave which will make 2010 comparable to 1994," he said, referring to the GOP electoral sweep in '94. "That should be our goal."

Hmmm... isn't Peter King the one that has been trumpeting his name as a potential winning senate candidate?
This is one heck of a slight.
Is Newt still holding a grudge against King for calling him "political road-kill" back in the 90's?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Massapequa Tea Bagger Brings the Crazy

Here is a sign I pretty much expected to see....


This loon still believes that there is a grand conspiracy to hide the "fact" that President Obama was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya and is ineligible to be President.

The grand conspiracy involved the REPUBLICAN Governor of Hawaii who is keeping Obama's "real" birth certificate hidden, the Clinton campaign who had the money and the connections to dig up any dirt on Obama, and the State of Hawaii which does the bidding of a junior senator from Illinois, and the Department of State which issues Obama a passport and a whole host of other agencies.

Obama was born in Hawaii, you nut.

There is another nut job in Massapequa who spews forth on a local website who still clings to the birth certificate conspiracy among other things. It wasn't him holding the sign.. maybe just a fan. We'll get to him in a future post.

Massapequa Tea Bag Party Pictures

I went to the Massapequa Tea Bag Party this afternoon. The Tea baggers were lined up on Sunrise Highway (some on the south side) with their signs causing traffic to slow to a crawl.
I wade into the crowd of about 150-200 to take some pictures and see what was up. The snippets of conversations I heard made my ears bleed. They might not be indicative of the whole crowd but what I heard was a lack of understanding of the issues. Then I heard "... FOX News..." and "... 770AM..." and that pretty much explained the lack of knowledge.

Here are a few pictures of the crowd.

These two seem to have forgotten that the economic mess we are in was caused by 8 years of George W. Bush and 6 of those years with a republican congress. Actually, the whole crowd seems to have developed selective amnesia, blocking Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2009.
I'd like to point out to these two mouth breathers the illegal wiretaps that were unconstitutional. Who did that again, guys?


Here is someone who believes that access to healthcare for all Americans will cause death. Universal Healthcare means access. It means healthier citizens. It means insurance companies can't deny treatment as they do every single day.
Universal Healthcare works fine elsewhere. Why not here?


I wonder if this fine fellow voted for George W. Bush. I bet he did.
Now I wonder if he was just as upset and took to the street when the debt increased 71% under Bush. That is a $10trillion debt President Obama INHERITED.
Does it matter that Bush inherited an annual federal budget surplus of $230 billion from Clinton and in just three short years turned it into a $500+ billion deficit? This negative turnaround of three-quarters of a trillion dollars.

More pictures later....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Baggers Coming to Massapequa

Today is "Tax Day" and the republican tea baggers are holding a Tea Bag Party in Massapequa. Newsday reports Head Tea Bagger "Laura Gill, the lead organizer of the Massapequa rally, said the protests are in response to the stimulus package "and we're going to have a voice and vote together. There is strength in numbers."
Actually, the "protests" are in response to Barack Obama winning the election.
The interesting thing is the "protest" is being held at the Massapequa LIRR station from 4-6pm.
Don't these people have jobs? What an odd time to have a tea bag party at the LIRR station.
Since I was a commuter for many, many years I can safely say that the 9-5er's will be arriving after the Tea Bag Party is over. Usually around 6:01.
And if any financial services employees do get off the train, ask them how bad it is that the government saved the banks and financial institutions they still have a job at.
I wonder how many bank failures, company bankruptcies, and massive layoffs Laura Gill feels is okay.
The stimulus money is plugging a hole in the NY State budget which is helping Nassau County, the Town of Oyster Bay and the Massapequa School District.
What is Laura Gill willing to cut if that stimulus money wasn't there?

I'm betting TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto who raised taxes 11% last year will be on hand for a photo-op. Expect to see Venditto Tea Bagging in an upcoming issue of the Massapequa Post.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nassau Young Republicans Catch Tea Bagging Fever

The Nassau County Young Republicans have taken up the new tea bagging fad and will be hosting a Tea Bag Party at Levittown Veteran's Memorial Park on April 25th.
This protest against grave injustices inflicted upon republicans like Obama winning the election in November and other things should go well.... considering there is no body of water at the park and on weekends, the park is a popular skateboarder hangout.
The Nassau County Young Republicans plan to take back America one Tea Bag at a time. They plan to stimulate debate and arouse the voters.

To get the party started right, the young reps will be hosting an Long Island Iced Tea Bag Party the week before.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Legislator Mangano Comes Close to the Truth

The Legislature introduced a bill that would make college tuition free for Vollies. The Democrats apparantly kept refering to the idea as "brilliant." Newsday Spincycle reports "The back-patting went on for a while, and the “brilliant” word popped up a few more times, then turned into a running joke for the rest of the session.
“If ‘brilliant’ was a drinking game, we’d all be drunk by now,” Legis. Edward Mangano (R-Bethpage), said at one point."

I don't think Peter Schmitt needs to wait for a drinking game.