Monday, October 26, 2009

Take the Pledge, Mangano.

Alot has been made of the rumors that D.A. Kathleen Rice is thinking of running for NYS Attorney General.
Then of course there are the attacks on County Executive Suozzi for the possibility that he may seek office outside of Nassau County. As if ambition is a bad thing.

So here is a pledge I would like Ed Mangano to take. He was compelled to run for County Executive because he wanted to "save nassau."
Now when Mangano loses, where does he go?
To the Town of Oyster Bay Town Council of course.
Town Councilwoman Rose Walker is running for Ed's open seat (and expects to win) so Ed can be appointed by Supervisor John Venditto to the Town Board. From there we are hearing that Ed will be running for Supervisor.
Basically, the fix is in.
So here we go: We ask Ed Mangano to PLEDGE to the people of Nassau County and the Town of Oyster Bay that he is in the race to become County Executive and not the next member of the Oyster Bay Town Board. Ed Mangano must PLEDGE not to accept an appointment to the Oyster Bay Town Council. Ed Mangano must PLEDGE to STOP the game of musical chairs being run by the Nassau County GOP.
Call Ed at his campaign office and ask him to take the pledge. Call his campaign office at 516-605-0245 and ask him to take the pledge.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Joe Belesi, Richard Nicolello and Chris Browne Press Conference

An Ed Mangano Press Conference

Ed Mangano Looks a Little.... Different....

Mangano is running on "new ideas" and "new leadership" as if he hasn't been in office for 13 years. As if he wasn't the one who voted for and approved policies and budgets that almost bankrupted Nassau County.
The "New" Ed Mangano has a new look.
Like the old "Pete and Re-Pete" from Highlights Magazine, see if you can find what is different.



Friday, October 16, 2009

New Siena Poll: Ed Mangano The Invisible Man

A new Siena Poll spells bad news for Ed Mangano.
Even with signs just about everywhere, Mangano can't catch a break.
In Nassau County, he has:
14% Favorable
11% Unfavorable
and an incredible 74% Don't Know/No Opinion.

It's Mid-October and Mangano has no traction whatsoever.

The big kick in the tuchus is the 76% Don't Know/No Opinion from REPUBLICANS.

By contrast, Suozzi has a 56% Favorable, 34% Unfavorable and only 10% Don't Know/No Opinion.

The question in the poll about who you would vote for if the election were today:
Suozzi - 54%
Mangano - 32%
Don't Know/No Opinion 14%
The only grouping that Mangano does well in is Republicans who give him 50%.
Democrats give Suozzi 79% and Republicans give Suozzi 36%

Mangano gets 11% of Democrats.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Sign Stealers: Nassau GOP Leaders Son Arrested Thursday Night

The son of under-boss Joe Cairo was arrested last night by NCPD for stealing Democratic party candidate campaign signs.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Chairman Mangano and his Tax Revolt Party - A Party of Election Fraud

Chairman Ed Mangano is going to court to sue the Nassau County Board of Elections because he wants a better ballot position for his Tax Revolt Party.
Chairman Mangano is the County Executive candidate for the Tax Revolt Party.
Actually, he is the ONLY candidate on the Tax Revolt Party line.
There were three other candidates for Nassau County Legislature on the line but they are off the line.
In order to get the Tax Revolt Party line on the ballot and a candidate on the line, hundreds of signatures needed to be collected on petitions for each candidate in their districts.
Well, it turns out that first Chris Browne running against Legislator Joe Scannell submitted petitions so full of fraud that it was called the worst case of election fraud in Nassau history.
Then Joe Belesi who is losing to Legislator Dave Mejias had his petitions thrown out for fraudulant signature too.
And then Howard Koepel runnnig against Legislator Jeff Toback was kicked off the ballot for the same reason.
75% of the candidates in Chairman Mangano's party have been kicked off the ballot by a judge.
Not only that but the Nassau County District Attorney is investigating the petitions and the people who "collected" them under Chairman Mangano.

Ed Mangano is the leader of he Tax Revolt Party and needs to answer questions about his people committing election fraud.
Signtures that didn't match addresses.
Fake addresses.
Fake signatures.
Forged signatures.
The same handwriting on many signatures.
The list goes on and on.

Tell us Chairman Mangano, what did you know about your party committing fraud and when did you know it.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mangano TV Commercial

Just saw Ed Mangano's TV commercial.
It looks like it was shot on a 1983 VHS Camera on a videotape the was used over and over to tape Airwolf through its entire series and then copied over so Ed can make his commercial.
It is that bad.
I'll get the video asap so you can see for yourself.

Rose Walker: How Revolting!

Oyster Bay Councilwoman Rose Walker is running to fill Ed Mangano's seat because once he loses the County Executive race to Tom Suozzi, Ed needs a place to go. So the plan is that he'll be appointed to what the republicans beleive will be Rose Walker's empty seat on the Town Council.
Gee, what will happen when Walker loses?
Will she step down so Mangano can slip onto the Town Board?

Anyway, it's kinda funny that Walker has "Tax Revolt" signs going up in the District (and outside the district - the picture below is from deep into Dave Mejias' district) considering Rose Walker voted to increase taxes in the Town of Oyster Bay 11% last year... for a total of 41% over the past 5 years.
Heck, you can say Rose Walker hasn't met a tax she didn't want to increase.
And she wants you (the voter as per her sign) to join her "Tax Revolt"?
She sure forgets her own record fairly quickly and hope you do too.
How Revolting!


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Friday, October 02, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Malcom Smith Accepts Invite to Box Dean Skelos of Charity

Last night at the Nassau County Democratic Fall Gala, Majority Leader Malcolm Smith accepted an invitation to Box for Charity.
His would-be opponent? Dean Skelos.
The match will be thre 1 minute rounds sanctioned by New York State.
The invitation from LI Fight for Charity to Skelos will be extended today.
Will Skelos accept?
Sen. Smiths response was an immediate "yes" and the he got into a fights stance and said of Skelos "I'l make him dizzy."