Friday, November 25, 2005

A Funny Thing Happend at a Polling Place

There are many stories of shenanigans on election day out there and here is one of them:

On Election Day November 8th, 2005 12th LD candidate Craig Heller barnstormed the district to reach more voters.
By the afternoon, Heller was at the Unqua Elemnetary School on Unqua Road in Massapequa Park. Being an attorney and a smart guy, he knew he could campaign 100 feet from a polling place. That's the law. There was even a sign posted by the poll workers to designate the line in the sand so to speak. These signs are ubiquitous at polling places around the county and state.
So Heller handed out literature to voters walking to the polling place and engaging some in conversation.
There didn't seem to be a problem until a man walked out from the polling place and confronted Heller. He pointedly said "You can't be out here." To which Heller responded "Yes I can. I am outside the 100 foot boundry." Actually, Heller was about 20 feet outside the boundry.
Heller pointed to the sign well behind him and said "See, there's the sign. I can be out here as long as I don't cross that line."
The man seemed to be flumoxed and marched over to the sign posted on the tree and tore the sign down. He crumpled up the sign, pointed to the street and said "Now you have to stand over there." Turning on his heels, he marched back into the Unqua school.
Odd. Very odd.
Not being swayed by a petulant man-child and the attempted intimidation, Heller remained where he was standing and continued to greet voters. A couple of people asked if he was supposed to be out there and he explained about the missing sign.
About 15 minutes later, another man came out of the polling place and replaced the sign. He approached Heller and said "It doesn't help you being out here. You may lose votes by standing out here."
Heller was unconcerned about this subtle form of intimidation and again said "I am allowed to be here. I am far away from the sign." He then recounted what happend to the original sign. The poll worker said that the man who did not do that was not a poll worker but most likely a poll watcher.
Since there were no Democratic poll watchers at that location and other would know better, the sign ripper was a republican pol watcher which means he was probably a commiteeman. What's the problem with republicans and ripping down signs anyway? Is this their "thing?"
Anyway, there is the story of a petty little republican trying to intimidate a Democratic candidate at a polling place.
I bet he was proud of what he did.
I bet he told all his buddies.
I bet he doesn't realize how stupid he looked

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