Sunday, September 04, 2005

Getting Nothing Dunne

Dennis Dunne, Nassau County Legislator from the 15th LD flies so far under the radar, most people don't know who he is. He does his share of photo-ops but as a legislator he's invisible. We'll be covering more of his actions soon but it's hard to see him doing anything that stands out.
In a 2003 Levittown Tribune article before that years election, Dunne said "No political party tells me what to do. The people of the community tell me what to do."
Really? Looking at Dunne's record in the Legisalture, one would be hard pressed to find any vote that was not cast with his fellow republicans.
This isn't something Dunne does alone. None of the republican legislators stray from the party line. If Schmitt votes Yes, Dunne votes Yes and so does Ford, Nicollelo, Becker, Mangano, Gonslaves. If Schmitt votes No, Dunne votes No and the rest do too.
The party does indeed tell Dunne what to do and for him to say otherwise is just a lie.

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