Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Face of Nassau GOP?

So have you seen the new GOP ad? They've bought time all over the cable channels. You can't miss it.
If you haven't see it, think of the worst production values possible and the most idiotic script and that is the ad. To top it off, the actor they use is a wild-eyed nut job. The type of person who if he was your co-worker, you'd be afraid he'd show up to work one day with years worth of repressed anger and a high-caliber rifle.
The ad is all a bunch of bull too. The angry, wild-eyed republican goes on and on about taxes forgetting that the only tax increases in the past 3 years have been Town and School taxes. County taxes are only 20% of the total tax bill, so as usual, the republicans are trying to decieve voters. The ad says that Nassau taxes were raised by 42%. Hmm... 2 years ago Schmitt was saying taxes were raised 58% and 60% (a lie we detailed 2 years ago.) Now the number is 42%. And that's still a lie.
The best thing about the whole ad is that they don't mention Greg Peterson once. Not Once.

Your new angry Nassau GOP:
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Where did they get this guy? How hard did the casting agent work?
Maybe it's a good thing Peterson kept his name off of this.

Our friends over at Community Alliance have a post up about this ad too.