Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meet Democratic Candidate John Clark

John Clark is working to unseat Dennis Dunne Nothing in the 15th Legislative District.
Check out John's website below....

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TOBAY Election News: Seen in Massappequa Park

Councilman Muscarella hit the Massapequa Park LIRR station tuesday morning handing out the usual palm cards plus a little blue band-aid holder.
A band-aid isn't going to solve the real problems in the Town of Oyster Bay.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh Geez, Young Republicans Don't Learn Their Lessons

A few years ago I pointed out that then executive vice-president of the Nassau County Young Republicans Alex Vassallo wrote scathing (and factually challenged) letters to the Long Island Press and Newsday without bothering to mention his position with the republican party. That is called being dishonest. See here and here. I also caught their First Vice-President doing the same here. Both young men went on to become Presidents of the Nassau County Young Republicans.

Two weeks ago the Long Island Press did a cover story about Long Island "Citizen Journalists" and featured Peter King Watch as one of the sites.

Last week, a letter appeared in the Press bashing the site and me...
"Zinging King Watch
Dear Editor,
I have to question your recent article on one of the “citizen journalists,” the gentleman who runs the blog King Watch [“Citizen Journalists: Long Island Blogs,” Oct. 4]. Journalism used to be something revered, but people like [the bloggers on] King Watch, along with those who covered the King/Mejias election for Newsday last year, showed their true colors-that they are interested in substantive issues but would rather make cheap political points by relentlessly attacking the congressman’s son and daughter for alleged ties to lobbyists. They even went to far as to allege both his children influenced his decisions without a shred of evidence. I am sorry, but this is not what my definition of journalism is and the last thing we should be doing is encouraging such behavior. Dissent is a part of political discourse and while it’s a fallacy to believe in the term “clean election,” the spew that came from King Watch was shameful and uncalled for. We all know that there are certain things that Mejias couldn’t say directly, so rather, he had his hatchet man at King Watch do it for him - that’s not journalism.
Michael Kaplan, Freeport"

I read that and chuckled.
Because Michael Kaplan is trying to pull a fast one.

Here is my letter in this weeks Long Island Press...
"This is in response to the letter about my website Peter King Watch featured in the Oct. 4th issue. Letter writer Michael Kaplan takes issue with my website alternately calling me a “gentleman” and a “hatchet man.” Here comes the inconvienent truth; far from being “relentless,” the posts on my site about Sean Kings lobbying ties consisted of four posts out of hundreds. My site deals with issues and facts that Kaplan and King cannot refute or rebut. I work for no one but myself and post what I feel needs to be known by voters. Simply put, the facts.
What is most disturbing is that Kaplan stands on his soapbox pontificating about what he believes is journalism and tries to make what he himself calls “cheap political points” without disclosing his own background. Michael Kaplan is the past president of the Nassau County Young Republicans, interned for Peter King and now works for King’s committee in Washington . He boasts of being called “Mike the Machine” by King on his MySpace page. If Kaplan wanted to be honest he would have included that information which would put his attack on me and King Watch in better perspective."

So we have the former president of the YR's and a current employee of King making like he's just a regular guy writing a letter to the editor.

Meet Democratic Candidate Omar Jorge

Omar Jorge is running for the Nassau County Legislature to unseat Fran Becker.
Please visit his site for more information. Click on the link below....

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A Response to the New Republican Commercial

Meet Democratic Candidate John Rennhack

More information about my campaign at the link below..

Meet Democratic Candidate John Rossi

John Rossi is running for the seat currently held by republican Norma Gonsalves.

Visit John's website....

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nassau County Young Republicans Update

The Nassau County Young Republicans have updated their site with the bios of their executive board and I still stand by my prediction that 2nd VP Kathleen Hunker will be president by January. Although current president Andy Stream just recently took office, history shows that the Nassau YR Presidency is harder to keep filled than the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. The Nassau YR's have had four presidents in two years.

I’m not completely dismissing the chances of Executive VP Stephen Canzoneri but his path through the YR’s show him as always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

More to come.....

Monday, October 08, 2007

Macagnone Made Me Laugh

Anthony Macagnone, TOBAY Councilman, former Democrat and current Venditto-Head gave me a chuckle... or at least one of his minions did. Walking through Farmingdale I saw a "Re-Elect Macagnone" sign that said "Keep Oyster Bay Working."
Too bad that sign was posted on the window of an EMPTY STOREFRONT.
Another empty slogan from an empty politician posted ironically on an empty storefront.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Belesi Geographically Challenged

What's with the Belisi for Legislator signs on lawns well outside the 14th LD boundry?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kate Murray's Fake Tax Freeze

From our friends at The Community Alliance....

"Remember when Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray promised a "freeze" of all Town taxes? That famous "hold the line" on property taxes?

Well, she didn't do it for 2007, did she?

All the smoke-and-mirrors -- or "gimmicks," as Kate calls them -- and the tax levies for the Town of Hempstead still went north.

Take a look at your 2007 statement for the General Tax Levy. [If you can't find yours, or burned it in disgust, click HERE to view the representative tax bill on the website of Residents For Efficient Special Districts (RESD).]

Leave aside, if you dare, the Town's so-called "special districts" (fire, water, sanitation), over which Supervisor Murray continues to claim the Town has no control. [No, the Town Attorney simply serves as counsel to one or more of such districts as a matter of convenience and coincidence.]

Anyway, let's look at the Town's 2007 levy versus the Town's 2006 levy, shall we? [All figures rounded -- up or down -- to nearest million.]

Town Highway, repairs & improvements (like we've seen any of that):
2006 Levy -- $52 Million
2007 Levy -- $54 Million

Town Lighting District (We guess they do leave the lights on for us):
2006 Levy -- $8.6 Million
2007 Levy -- $9 Million

Town Refuse Collection District (and you thought the Sanitary Districts collected refuse):
2006 Levy -- $46 Million
2007 Levy -- $48 Million

Town Park District:
2006 Levy -- $33 Million
2007 Levy -- $34 Million

Give or take, that's $5.4 million in additional taxes (over 2005) right there. And we haven't even factored in that "sidewalk assessment."

So much for a tax "freeze." We wonder what "line" Kate Murray was holding? [For her sake, we hope there's a life preserver at the end of it.

But wait!

What if, as the Republicans on the County Legislature have foolishly suggested, we "freeze" the assessment? Won't that "freeze" property taxes as well.

Ah, not exactly.

In every instance where the Town raised the tax levy, there was an increase in the tax rate -- a tax rate set, not by the Assessor, but by the Town of Hempstead!

"Freeze" the Assessment, as the County GOP suggests, and the taxing authorities -- be they County, Town, School, or Special District, will have no alternative but to INCREASE THE TAX RATE.

If Paul has to get paid, Peter's pocket is going to get picked. Period!

Back in March, Supervisor Murray talked of a tax "freeze" for 2008 (click HERE to read the Town's press release). The proposed 2008 Town Budget is now on the table. [Nice photo of the sun setting over the Town of Hempstead.]

The promise: Hold the line on taxes, with a proposed "freeze" of all levies at 2007 levels. [As if that was a bargain for the Town's homeowners.]

And what, pray tell, did Kate Murray do with that $50 million surplus inhereted from her predecessor, Rich Guardino? We didn't receive any refund checks, did you?

Maybe its not the "freeze" we should be worried about, but rather, the thaw -- and the flood of rising taxes -- that will surely follow."

Monday, October 01, 2007

Michael Uhl, Democratic Candidate for the Nassau Legislature

"Incumbency Has Its Privileges; Michael Uhl Has The Internet
Open any local paper – maybe even the one you’re reading right now – and you are likely to find a photograph, or three, of your elected officials.
Your county legislator shows up – often with his own photographer -- at a pancake breakfast or pasta dinner, barely saying more than “hello,” and voila, a photo opportunity.
Such is the power of incumbency, and the ability of those in office to get their names – and pictures – in the papers on a weekly basis.
“It hasn’t been about the issues,” said Michael Uhl, candidate for County Legislature in the 8th Legislative District. “It has been about the photo opportunity and name recognition, and that’s what we’re hoping to change.”
Change, indeed. Campaigning on a platform of across the board reform, from consolidating special taxing districts to breaking down the partisan roadblocks that stymie the best of intentions in the legislature, Michael Uhl is looking beyond the photo op to the 21st Century “webolution.”
“Not only have we created a presence on the web with a traditional website,” says an enthusiastic Uhl, “we’ve also launched a blog, or web log, where residents can read about and discuss the issues that matter most to them.
While Michael Uhl’s website – – offers the standard fare of bio, issues, news, and links, The Uhl Blog, as it is called -- -- takes a more cutting edge approach.
Sometimes lighthearted and often over-the-top, The Uhl Blog offers unique perspectives, as well as the opportunity for residents to post comments, participate in polls, and to literally direct the issues in the campaign.
“If we’re going to bring change to Nassau County ,” declared Uhl, “and reform a system that is driving homeowners off the island and taxpayers into debt, we need to engage the voter in the debate, and not belittle the electorate with the meaningless photo op.”
“The real opportunity,” said Uhl, “is for residents to take back government so that it works for them, not for the benefit of the political parties, or for the career politicians who woo voters at pancake breakfasts, but do little to address substantive issues that are our bread and butter.”
The 8th Legislative District encompasses Garden City, Garden City South, Stewart Manor, West Hempstead, Franklin Square and portions of Elmont and Floral Park ."