Wednesday, November 06, 2013

My Fellow Nassau Democrats

My fellow Nassau County Democrats. It is time for a change. A drastic change in the leadership of the party which I have fought very hard for. I am calling for the immediate resignation of current Chairman and the Executive Board. The absolute failure in this election has shown that the Democratic Party in Nassau is poorly served by the so-called "leadership." With FIVE Legislature seats UNOPPOSED and an incredibly weak campaign for County Executive, we need a fresh start. I call for the resignation of William Biamonte, Thomas Garry and the rest of the "leadership" that have proven so very ineffective. I am not alone in this feeling I am just he first person to speak up. This is the 3rd consecutive MASSIVE failure for a party with a majority of voter registration. I understand many committee members are afraid for their jobs at the Board of Elections, but now is the time for change. And those that believe they know everything at party headquarters are dead wrong. And THAT is a proven fact three times in a row. You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. I don't claim to have all the answers but NONE of the "leaders" have any.
Ed Mangano was a horrible County Executive, a horrible campaigner and his record is that of failure. His lies were many and were easily refutable. You actually have to work hard to fail against that. But that is seemingly what the Nassau County Democrats have done. The message of "tea party" and "guns" is not a message for a County Executive race. That was an incredible waste of time and resources.  So-called consultants are hired from outside the County that know nothing about the voters here. Stop hiring poli-sci majors and start hiring communications experts.
Sadly when the Nassau Democrats had the last 2-4 years to make their case, they did not. They had 2 years to develop a bench of strong candidates, they did not. We have 2 years to rebuild. Two years from tonight. Join me.

John Rennhack