Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why do republicans think voters are stupid?

You have to laugh at this whole "sixth borough" BS. According to Schmitt and his band of hucksters, Tom Suozzi will be dissolving the Town Boards in Nassau County by imperial fiat there-by taking over or also dissolving the zoning boards. After those zoning boards are dissolved he will build attached 6 family tenements up and down Hempstead Turnpike, Glen Cove Road, Franklin Avenue and anywhere he wants.
The fact is, what gets built in the Towns, Villages and Cities in Nassau County are up to the local zoning boards. And the zoning boards are open to the public who can challenge any building permit. Tom Suozzi can't build anything without approval.Disgraced, defeated, and so far unindicted Al D'Amato piped in with some "sixth borough" talk.
Does anyone remember this time last year Al trying to get a variance for a Lido Beach house that would not only dwarf every other house in the neighborhood but block the sunlight for neighbors? This over-sized mini-mansion was practically touching the property line. What a hypocrite.