Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cue Laugh Track: Peter King Chimes in on Election Results

Our esteemed Congressman Peter King. that was not said with a straight face.... tells The Long Island Press Things are going well for the Democrats. Denis Dillon’s defeat was a blow, but the Republicans came within 400 votes of taking the legislature. There’s no doubt it went to the Democrats, but it wasn’t an earthquake.”
Really? No Earthquake?
The Republican County Executive candidate Greg Peterson lost by 36,031 votes to Democrat Tom Suozzi 178,133 - 142,102. Republican voter registration still out-numbers Democrats in Nassau.
As for the Legislature, King is talking about The Mejias-Sabellico race. Mejias won by 403 votes in a heavy repubilcan district. Mejias was also subject to an expensive hate-campaign by the Nassau PBA. He still won. In 2003 Mejias won by 381 votes. Seems Mejias is not only keeping voters, he is slowly gaining. In a republican district.
King also says "We have a real problem statewide, but I don’t know if there’s been a trend. If the people are satisfied with how their leaders are performing, they will get re-elected no matter what party they’re in."
Again, King is getting it wrong. There certainly is a trend.
Since 2002, the republicans have lost 8 senate seats shrinking thier margin to 53-45. In the Assembly, Democrat Marc Alessi won a seat in a special election in the republican dominated 1st District. The Assembly is dominated by Democrats 106-44.
Not a trend?
In the past 8 years, King has turned out to be the last republican congressional delegate from Long Island. McCarthy, Isreal and Bishop each defeated incumbant republicans and have been re-elected easily.
In Suffolk County, Democrats now control the Town of Brookhaven, the County Executive seat and the legislature.
Not a trend?
State-wide, Pataki is stepping aside because he will not be re-elected. The republican field is weak and presumptive Dem nominee Spitzer looks to sail to the Governors Mansion.

Democratic Senator Schumer cruised to re-election and it looks like Democratic Senator Clinton will do the same next year.
Not a trend?
In 2006, he will join his former colleagues as an ex-congressman.

King is looking through Bush-colored glasses which turn disaster into success.

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Anonymous said...

There is a trend, and it's a cyclical trend, not one that will stick. The GOP had decades of dominance on Long Island and now it's time for the Democrats to have their turn. After awhile, people get tired and want a change, hence why Denis Dillon lost. Within time, the Democrats will lose and the GOP will regain power. Let's not forget, there are radical changes occurring on Long Island. You have Democrats moving out from NYC which has drastically shifted certain areas. Why don't you mention Ali Mirza's loss in a heavily Democratic district? Democrats have the edge in John Ciotti's district by over 4,000, yet John was successful in his re-election bid, just as he was two years ago when the Dems were up by over 2,000 voters. We'll see what happens if taxes continue to go up and assessments continue to sprial out of control.