Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Schmitt Misreads Election Results

You can always count on Schmitt to misread the facts right in front of his face. Other than being lucky to be in a "safe" republican district, Schmitt has very little political skills. He might have worked his way through the republican party but all that takes is the right amount of butt-kissing and waiting your "turn."
According to the Massapequa Post, Schmitt said of the election results ".....it was clear voters weren’t voting party lines. "That’s evident by the town’s overwhelming support for Republicans,"
What was clear is that for Democrats to win in heavily republican districts and in Nassau County in general, they need a number of republicans to cross party lines. The Town of Oyster Bay elections favored republicans because they voted party lines for those candidates. Republicans have the voter registration edge in the Town and won. In the legisaltive districts, Democrats did well despite voter registration numbers.

Schmitt also says "...that Republicans could also take some consolation in that fact that while they didn’t gain anything, they didn’t lose anything either."
What is he talking about? Republicans LOST the District Attorney race. Democrat Kathleen Rice, a newcomer, beat Dennis Dillon by a healthy margin.

Schmitt was just as delusional two years ago when
he told the Post the same exact thing "We didn’t lose anything and we didn’t gain anything,"
Two years ago Democrat Harvey Levinson beat republican County Assessor Charles O'Shea. How is that not losing anything.

One thing is for sure, Schmitt sticks to his talking points no matter how many times he is proven wrong by the facts.

Schmitt continues about this years race, "Two years from now there will be no county executive race, then we’ll see if Mejias" who he called Suozzi’s stamp, "can stand on his own."
Well let's see..... two years ago in 2003, Dave Mejias beat republican Greg Carman and there was no county executive race. Dave Mejias stood on his own two years ago and won and then he won re-election in the face of a massize and expensive attack campaign by the PBA and the republicans. Mejias ran and won against two very well-known and well-financed republicans in a republican district. Seems Schmitt is a little sore that he ran Sabellico's campaign so poorly.

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Anonymous said...

The Republican machine has Massapequa sown up with so many brainless, visionless, unthinking, do-what-you're-told, vote-as-your-told, follow-the-leader lemmings that they could run a chimpanzee and win an election. In fact, they have.