Sunday, July 31, 2005

Oyster Bay Pays and Pays

For the number of lawyers Venditto hires, you'd expect the Town of Oyster Bay would make out a little better. Instead TOBAY has to pay Verizon $3.4million.
According to Newsday "The Town of Oyster Bay has been ordered to repay millions in taxes its garbage districts collected from Verizon Communications in a decision that could balloon the tax burden on homeowners and businesses from Nassau County to upstate New York, observers said."
"The sad thing is the burden will be borne by already overburdened taxpayers, primarily homeowners," said Anthony LaMarca, the Syosset-based attorney representing Oyster Bay."
Yup, the Town screws up and we have to pay. When will Venditto and the republican dominated Town Board get its act together?
The lawsuit is because of garbage taxes. "The court ruled that Verizon did not have to pay garbage taxes because its properties didn't generate any garbage."
"In the narrow 4-3 ruling, the court concluded that taxes collected by Oyster Bay's Garbage District 1 on telephone lines, wires, cables, poles and enclosures for electrical apparatus owned by Verizon should not have been collected."
The Town couldn't get it's act together enough to realize they were taxing poles for garbage pick-up????

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