Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Nassau GOP Watch will be back in a few days.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who is Running?

Tis the season for the republican candidates to start getting thier pictures in the local papers.
The 2007 election season starts when the first republican challanger appears with a republican elected official at some sort of innocuous event.
What will the republican line-up be this year for the local elections?
The Town of Oyster Bay is all sewn up with republicans so its just the usual politicians who are up for re-election using Town funds to promote themselves.
In Hempstead, the challenger to Councilwoman Goosby should be appearing in the Herald newspapers shortly alongside Cullen or Huddes handing out a proclaimation.
Expect to see republican challengers for the county legislature to pop up too.
We'll be watching the local media to see if we can spot the new candidiates.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Republican Blogger Mondello Pile-on

Some people just don't want Joe to head the party.
Here are three posts from the blog 'Musings of a New York College Republican.'

"Monday, November 27, 2006
Details are still coming in about the heavy-handedness that ended the grassroots candidacy of Bob Smith for the NYGOP chairmanship. Capital News 9 offered a
disturbing observation:
The chairs said Joseph Bruno was putting pressure on [R]epublican leaders statewide that would keep their short-lived insurgency from succeeding. This is truly sickening. Only the most corrupt, out-of-touch politicos would fear open debate with such dread."

"Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Is this appropriate?
State committee is using party money to
promote Mondello for chairman."

"Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Joe Mondello's Commute
Per Mapquest, if Joe Mondello becomes state chairman, he'll face a three hour commute (without traffic)."
If you look closely at the route, you can see a message spelt out: PART-TIME CHAIRMAN."

Read the comments section too.

More County GOP Chairs Oppose Mondello

From Capital News 9 "....But, a number of county chairs raised objections, citing Mondello's reluctance to give up his Nassau County post if he were to win the state party position.

“We really need a full-time state chairman, somebody who is going to be able to travel the state to help rebuild the party and get us built up for our local elections, the next cycle. And, we're always looking to the next cycle, '08, as well,” Wayne County GOP Chair Dan Olson said.
“This party, the republican party in New York, is in the deep wilderness now. And, it needs to have good leadership to get out of the wilderness. New York State needs to have a strong republican party,” former senatorial candidate Ed Cox said.

"Those challenging Bruno's choice decided to throw their support to former Onondaga County chair Bob Smith. Smith said the party is in desperate need of rebuilding—a rebuilding based on a return to its core beliefs.

“There are some things worth losing for. Our losses in this last campaign weren't worth losing because what we lost was our identity. We need to reestablish that. The grassroots in this state, grassroots republicans, are solid. They know where they're at. We have to put them back in power in the party and reestablish our position,” former Onondaga County GOP Chair Bob Smith said.

However, within a matter of hours, the Smith candidacy was withdrawn, and the challenge was dropped. The chairs said Joseph Bruno was putting pressure on republican leaders statewide that would keep their short-lived insurgency from succeeding.

The New York State Republican Committee meets on Thursday to formally vote on the party chairmanship."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Conservative Newsday Columnist Comes Out Against Mondello

Raymond Keating says Mondello is the wrong guy..."Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Bruns-wick) has turned to Mondello to get things on the right track. But Mondello's record offers little evidence that he can turn the party around.
After all, the Nassau County Republican Party was a nationally recognized political machine when Mondello took the helm in 1983. But in recent times it has crashed and burned into a smoldering political mess. For example, Nassau Republicans have lost control of the county legislature, the executive seat, the district attorney's office, the comptroller's job and the assessor's position, as well as the North Hempstead Town Board and a congressional seat.
Yet, somehow the New York Republican brain trust figures that the best man to lead the state party out of the wilderness is the same person who played a key role in Nassau Republicans' losses. Does this really make sense to anyone outside of the political bunker where the New York Republicans apparently are hunkered down?"

I will once again say that I support Joe Mondello for State GOP Chair.
He did it in Nassau and he can do it in State-wide.

Mondello Has a Challenger for NYS GOP Chair

Elizabeth Benjamin writes in the Albany Times-Union "A battle is brewing for control of the state Republican Party, with Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno on one side and a former upstate GOP county chairman on the other.
Bob Smith, who led the Onondaga County Republican Party for five years, said Wednesday he is "very much leaning" toward running against Bruno's handpicked state chairman candidate, Nassau County GOP Chairman Joseph Mondello.

"Smith said his chief qualms about Mondello are that his candidacy originated at the top of the party, not with its grass roots, and that he wants to simultaneously serve as chairman of both the state and Nassau County parties.
"We certainly can't have a chair who serves two masters; that didn't work out so well the last time" said Smith, noting that outgoing state Chairman Stephen Minarik divided his time between the state and Monroe County GOP parties. Minarik presided over the party's loss of every statewide office on Nov. 7.

"The Republican state committee will vote for a new chairman next Thursday using a weighted vote based on turnout in the last gubernatorial election. Historically, Mondello himself has controlled the largest share -- 10.45 percent -- although the new weighted vote will be based on this year's election results and has not yet been finalized.
"We're confident that he has more than enough support to be the next state chair," said Anthony Santino, Mondello's spokesman.

"Some Republicans have also grumbled that Smith saw losses in local races while county chairman. But the same complaint has been made about Mondello, who in 2001 presided over the GOP's loss of the county executive's office to the Democrats for the first time in 30 years."

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

As we count all the things we are thankful for, lets remember those who are just thankful for thier next meal or a roof over thier heads.

Please give if you can...

Long Island Cares - The Harry Chapin Food Bank

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

United Way of Long Island

Society of St. Vincent DePaul

Salvation Army

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Incredible Shrinking Nassau GOP

The decline of the Nassau GOP comes as voter enrollment for Democrats increases.
Here are a few numbers from the NYS Board of Elections

Nov 1, 2006
Reps - 354, 718
Dems - 326, 411

Apr 1, 2006
Reps - 358, 848
Dems - 325, 788

Reps lose 4130
Dems gain 623

From last year....

Nov 1, 2005
Reps - 358,848
Dems - 324,406

Reps remain steady while Dems gain 1382

From Nov 1, 2001 when the Democrats win the County Executive seat
Reps - 370, 397
Dems - 295, 191

From Nov 1, 1999 when the republicans lost the County Legislature
Reps - 368, 694
Dems - 269, 522

Since the election that pushed the Democrats to the top of the political structure in Nassau, Reps have lost 13,976 while the Dems have gained 56,889.
The Reps gained 1703 from 1999-2001 but dropped 11,549 from 2001-2005
From 1999-2001, Dems added 25,669 voters and added 29,215 from 2001-2005

The registration difference was in the republicans favor in 1999 by 99,172 voters.
By 2006, the difference was only 28,307.

The deciders of any election right now are the "blanks" who have 193,962 voters as of Nov 1, 2006.

An Interesting Take on a Mondello Chairmanship from The Community Alliance

NY Dems: Hold On To Your Lawn Signs. . .
. . . Here Comes Joe Mondello

When this blogger first got word that Nassau County Republican Committee Chair, Joseph Mondello (not only his picture is fuzzy), had his eye on the State's top GOP post (which, come January, will no longer be Governor), I both laughed and gasped at the same time. [Try doing that while standing on your head and drinking a Yoohoo...]
Joe Mondello, lynchpin of the Nassau County GOP machine; king over the fiefdoms at the County (and town) special districts; orchestrator of the near fatal dissent of America's wealthiest county into the financial abyss; the man who brought you Tom Gulotta, Kate Murray, and the two Peters (King and Schmitt).
Yes, that Joe Mondello. Losing it all but for his Svengali-like stranglehold over Town of Hempstead voters (who must all have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and fifth cousins three times removed somewhere on the Town payroll), and those entrenched State Senate seats that never seem to shift, come high tide or high taxes, Mondello would now do for the State of New York what he has done for Nassau County.
Hold on to your hats, New Yorkers. Better still, hold on to your lawn signs. Once Mondello takes the top GOP spot, as it appears he will (desperate times call for even more desperate measures), no Democrat is safe from having her lawn sign stolen or defaced, and no taxpayer's wallet secure from the smoke and mirrors politics that good old Joe is famous for here on Long Island -- the kind that willingly borrows, carelessly spends, and never raises taxes to cover the bet.

Read the rest at the Community Alliance blog...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mondello Chairmanship Faces Alot of Republican Criticism

With Mondellos reputation of losses, this is hardly a suprise.
We of course reiterate our whole-herated support for Modello and his bid to be NYS GOP boss.

From the NYSun "Some Republican county leaders around the state say they are uncomfortable with Mr. Bruno's choice of Joseph Mondello to run the party's headquarters in Albany, and they are criticizing the Senate leader for not consulting them before announcing his support for Mr. Mondello.
While the unrest among Republicans at this point is not seen as a serious threat to Mr. Mondello's bid to become state chairman, the complaints against Mr. Mondello are proving to be the first real test of Mr. Bruno's ability to dictate the direction of the state party since he emerged on Election Day as the one surviving Republican force in Albany.

"Still, a number of Republicans are questioning the wisdom of choosing as its state chairman a leader of a county that has come to symbolize the Republican Party's implosion in New York. Under Mr. Mondello's watch, Nassau Republicans have lost control of the county executive and district attorney offices and the county legislature, as Republican enrollment has stagnated.
Republicans say they are also concerned that Mr. Mondello is refusing to give up his post as county chairman if he's elevated to the top party position. One of the major criticisms of the outgoing state party chairman,
Stephen Minarik, who also doubled as a county party chairman, was that he failed because his local work took greater priority than his work as state chairman."

From republican blog Musings of a New York College Republican "They said Bill Weld would be our nominee, too
The Sun is reporting increased resistance to the efforts by L'Establishment to shove Joe Mondello down the throats of the remnants of the NYGOP. Thank God. Onondaga Chairman Bob Smith had this to say of the cinematic magic being attempted by Albany:
"Somebody in Albany says they've made a decision, we're going to write a script and hand it to you," Mr. Smith said. "I'm not sure we're going to let that happen."

NYCR operatives across the state report increasing resistance to the move, as more and more chairmen have been apprised of the decay that the Nassau GOP has experienced under Mondello's watch. Concern is also growing over speculation that Mondello will pull a Minarik and refuse to step down as the Nassau GOP chairman. Let's face it: we don't need another part-time chairman, and that's what Joe Mondello would be.Just remember: there was a time when these thinkers who constitute the Establishment said that Jeanine Pirro would be our nominee for US Senate. They said it was unthinkable to imagine anyone besides Bill Weld getting the gubernatorial nomination. And now, they say we're powerless to determine who gets installed as our next party chairman. With courage and determination, we can keep their losing streak going. Call your county chairman today, and tell them that if you want Joe Mondello to be your chairman, you'll move to Nassau County.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mondello Gets Backing to be New York State GOP Boss

The Albany Times-Union is reporting that Mondello has the support of out-going Chairman (and complete failure) Minarik and State Senate Majority Leader Bruno.

Minarik/Bruno Formally Back Mondello
November 13, 2006 at 11:46 am by Elizabeth Benjamin
State GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, R-Brunswick, have released a joint statement formally announcing their support of Nassau County GOP Chairman Joseph Mondello as Minarik’s replacement at 315 State Street (where
Web site updating has clearly not been a top priority since Nov. 7).
Bruno praised Minarik’s work in the chairman’s post since 2004, and said: “We could not have maintained our Republican majority in the state Senate without him.”
Minarik said he is leaving with “mixed emotions,” but knows the party will be “in good hands.”
As for Mondello, Bruno said that “no one is better suited” to lead the party’s rebuilding effort.
“He has lead the Republican Party in Nassau County for over two decades, he is a strong leader with tremendous ability to organize and energize the party in good years and in tough ones,” Bruno said.
“Joe Mondello is clearly the best person to lead the rebuilding of the Republican Party in New York State, to help strengthen our majority in the Senate, add seats in the Assembly, take back seats in Congress and win races at the local level throughout the state.”
Bruno’s selection of Mondello - which is not a done deal and won’t be until the GOP state committee members get together and vote on Nov. 30 - is being viewed in certain circles as a move by the senator to insulate himself from a potential power grab by state Sen.
Dean Skelos, a Nassau County Republican who has long coveted the majority leader’s job.
Skelos, I’m told, isn’t even in the state - he’s relaxing in St. Martin and wasn’t planning any immediate coups.
Making Mondello state chairman could also be seen as a win for former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, another Long Island Republican.

NYTimes: 'G.O.P. Worries About Effects of State Losses'

'G.O.P. Worries About Effects of State Losses'
"Last week’s losses by New York Republicans are finally sinking in: Democrats swept every statewide office for the first time since 1938. Eliot Spitzer amassed a record 69 percent landslide by winning 59 of New York’s 62 counties. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton carried all but four. Three House seats changed hands, consigning Republicans to their smallest share of the state’s Congressional delegation ever.
And if those results were not grim enough for New York Republicans, they also worry about their longer-term prospects.
Party officials fear that their shrinking political base will enable Democrats to wrest control of the State Senate in two years and complete their sweep of statewide offices and both houses of the Legislature for the first time since 1934, in the early days of the New Deal.
“The party’s not dead, but if the Democrats take the Senate out, it will be pretty close to dead,” said Alfonse M. D’Amato, a former United States senator.
Mr. D’Amato expressed concern that last week’s losses were not merely cyclical, but potentially more fundamental and forbidding, a conclusion echoed by others — particularly if the Democrats control legislative and Congressional reapportionment after the 2010 census."

Joe Mondello for New York State GOP Chairman

If I had a vote, Mondello would get it.
Mondello could do for the state party what he did for the nassau party.
That is oversee its death.

Here is an opposing view by a republican over at Musings of a New York College Republican...
See the website for the full post.
"Joe Mondello's Nassau County
What was once one of the strongest Republican machines in the country has imploded under Mondello's watch. This post is hardly the first documentation of the decay that the Nassau GOP has experienced. In its coverage of the 2005 supervisors race in Hempstead, Newsday titled their piece about the Nassau Tragedy "The Incredible Shrinking Elephant". The GOP was single-handedly responsible for a$200 million deficit and a costly, expansive patronage mechanism, which lives on in the few offices that Republicans have retained. True, there's only so much that can be expected of the county chairman, but when you're auditioning for the role of last hope to the state party, we have every right to set that bar high.
Recall Mr. Mondello's performance in the Hofstra gymnasium last June: at a time when the NYGOP needed to be decisive in its selection of a gubernatorial candidate, Joe Mondello split his delegation 50/50, making for an anti-climatic conclusion of a vote which John Faso had otherwise won by a landslide. What indication has Mr. Mondello given the state that he'd be able to provide decisive leadership when necessary? If he couldn't pick sides in the gubernatorial race, can he be counted on pick sides when it comes time to force state legislators and their county chairs to cooperate? (I'm looking in your direction, Broome County!) We need a skull knocker, not a backrubber.....
Here are some other facts about Joe Mondello's Nassau County:
The Republicans lost their majority on the County Legislature in 1999 after one hundred years of control; the afore mentioned patronage and associated budget deficit were amongst the issues that swept the Democrats into power.
Even after being kicked out of power at the county level, excessive Republican patronage remains out of control at the city and town level as Mondello's fiscal conservative nature has found itself sequestered in the chairman's office.
Projections by NYCR staffers reveal that by the end of 2009, the Republican enrollment advantage in Nassau County will have disappeared entirely.
The party allowed the candidacy of an
ambulance-chasing county legislator to metastasize into a credible threat against Peter King, whose re-election shouldn't have been of concern.In short, Joe Mondello has presided over a county organization that's lost the trust of the people, just as George Pataki and Steve Minarik have. His election to the chairmanship will not be conducive with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the NYGOP."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New York State Assembly Results

UPDATE: For 2008 results please go here

Incumbents both Reps and Dems hold on one more election cycle.

Winners - Dems in Blue, Reps in Red

State Assembly - District 12
Saladino, Joseph - 23,130 66.63%
Heller, Craig - 11,584 33.37%

State Assembly - District 13
Lavine, Charles - 23,122 65.75%
Gonzalez, Steve - 12,043 3 4.25%

State Assembly - District 14
Barra, Robert - 19,767 58.94%
Torres, Daniel - 13,771 41.06%

State Assembly - District 15
Walker, Rob - 408 59.08%
Pangburn, Matthew - ,749 40.92%

State Assembly - District 16
DiNapoli, Thomas - 25,232 73.89%
Chisari, Louis - 8,916 26.11%

State Assembly - District
McKevitt, Thomas GOP - 18,388 53.48%
Sedacca, Dolores - 15,998 46.52%

State Assembly - District 18
Hooper, Earlene - 15,952 82.42%
Jackson, J. Barrington - 3,402 17.58%

State Assembly - District 19
McDonough, David - 20,005 56.87%
Birnbaum, Donald - 15,173 43.13%

State Assembly - District 20
Weisenberg, Harvey - 23,492 70.54%
McQuade, Francis - 9,809 29.46%

State Assembly - District 21
Alfano, Thomas - 20,128 64.70%
Cooper, Alfred - 10,981 35.30%

State Senate Results

Republicans hold on to seats in Nassau

State Senate - District 5
Marcellino, Carl - 47,583 57.13%
Bielanski, Leslie - 35,703 42.87%

State Senate - District 6
Hannon, Kemp - 40,042 58.28%
Roper-Simpson, Casilda - 28,661 41.72%

State Senate - District 7
Balboni, Michael - 42,198 57.83%
Hand, Joseph - 30,768 42.17%

State Senate - District 8
Fuschillo, Charles - 45,021 60.92%
Small, Adam - 28,885 39.08%

State Senate - District 9 Name
Skelos, Dean - 51,533 63.65%
Goldberg, Odelia - 29,436 36.35%

Nassau Judical Results - Bad News for Republicans

The Nassau GOP did fairly poorly here... Dems win 9, GOP win 3.
The GOP spent alot of money on a nasty TV ad campaign and still came up short.
GOP Chairman Joe Mondello's losing record stands.

Dem Winners in Blue, GOP in Red

Supreme Court (vote for 2)
Reporting 100%
x Joel Asarch (D, I, WF) 174,138 27%
John Marks (R, C) 171,973 23%
Thomas Adams (R, I, C) 154,666 25%
Randy Marber (D, WF) 138,125 26%

Family Court (vote for 3)
Reporting 100%
x Conrad Singer (D, C, WF) 178,810 19%
x Ellen Greenberg (D, WF) 175,883 18%

x Robert Bogle (R, I, C, WF) 156,339 17%
Stacy Fleisher Bennett (D, I) 155,458 16%
Patricia Doyle (R, I) 142,966 15%

Merik Aaron (R, C) 140,578 15%

1st District Court
Reporting 100%
x Susan Kluewer (D, WF) 164,583 52%
Francis Ricigliano (R, I, C) 149,241 48%

2nd District Court (vote for 3)
Reporting 100%
x Valerie Bullard (D, WF) 93,296 17%
x Andrew Engel (D, WF) 92,709 17%
x Andrea Phoenix (D) 89,341 17%

Terence Murphy (R, I, C) 86,429 16%
Jane Shrenkel (R, I, C, WF) 86,057 16%
Darlene Harris (R, I, C) 83,354 16%

3rd District Court
Reporting 100%
x Scott Fairgrieve (D, I, C) 32,413 63%
Henry Stanziale (R, C) 18,974 37%

4th District Court
Reporting 100%
x William O'Brien (R, I, C) 42,565 53%
Edmund Dane (D, WF) 39,177 47%

Glen Cove city judge
x Richard McCord (R, I, C) 3,785 100%

An Election Night Laugh

I was watching News12 Long Island and they had Jerry Kremer and Bruce Blakeman on a analysts.
When discussing how well incumbents did on the Island and how they alway get re-elected, Blakeman actually said "Long Island loves its incumbents."
This is that same Bruce Blakeman who was the Presiding Officer of the Nassau County Legislature that got thrown out of office in 1999 alomng with the majority of republican incumbents.

Monday, November 06, 2006

FYI - Local Voters Guides

Here are some Voters Guides to read before election day...

Long Island Press

Newsday Scroll down to list of races from sunday

League of Women Voters for Nassau County

For all of New York scroll down Political Commentary

Christine Sohmer over at provides local news through her weekly webcast. Christine and her staff get to every event and provide photoessays that go beyond the local newspapers. The site isn't a political site and Christine in her webcasts has spoken well of politicians from across the political spectrum. offers a webcast devoted to tuesdays election.
Take a look and if you live in the Massapequas, visit the site.

An Election Incident at Waldbaums

On saturday, King, Faso (candidiate for governor) and Joe Saladino (local Assemblyman) went campaigning at the Waldbaums on Hicksville Road in Massapequa.
A posse of 30 people plus a limo set up shop so that the three candidates could press soem flesh.
The problem was that with such a large group, it was difficult for shoppers to navigate the entance and exit to the parking lot.
A store manager came out and asked the group to move along.
Saladino didn't like being told what to do but decided to relent when the manager said he would call the police.

According to witnesses, Saladino got a bit too big for his britches and was knocked down a few pegs.

Note to local politicians: It might be your district but that doesn't make you the boss.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Assemblyman Saladino is Big Fat Liar

The sad excuse for an Assemblyman has been caught in another lie.
Saladino tells the Massapequa Post "One of the biggest obstacles to passing laws such as the civil confinement law for sexual predators, however, has been the Democratic majority in the Assembly, he said. "Every time we bring bills to protect children, they are held up by Democrats who apparently are more concerned about the rights of abusers than the rights of victims," he said."

Wait one GOSH DARN second!!
A simple check of the record of the State Assembly AND Saladino's own record show he voted FOR a civil confinement bill brought up by the DEMOCRATS!!!!!

You can eaily access the bill by going to this link.
BILL NO A09282
SAME AS No same as
COSPNSR Lentol, Aubry, Rivera P, Weisenberg
MLTSPNSR Abbate, Alessi, Bradley, Canestrari, Clark, Colton, Cusick,
Cymbrowitz, DelMonte, Destito, DiNapoli, Eddington, Englebright,
Espaillat, Fields, Galef, Gantt, Gianaris, Gordon, Greene, Gunther,
Karben, Koon, Lafayette, Latimer, Lavelle, Lavine, Lifton, Lupardo,
Magee, Markey, Morelle, Ortiz, Pheffer, Pretlow, Ramos, Reilly,
Schroeder, Seminerio, Tonko, Weinstein, Zebrowski

Add Art 10 SS10.01 - 10.17, amd SS1.03, 7.23, 43.03 & 7.09, Ment Hyg L; amd
SS200.50, 310.50 & 380.60, CP L; amd S168-a, add S622, Cor L; add S38, Judy L;
amd S259-a, add S243-b, Exec L; add S43-b, St Fin L

Provides for the civil confinement of sexual predators.

Notice that Mr. 'I Save the Children from Predators' Saladino isn't even a co-sponsor of this bill.
He did vote for it though. "Saladin Y" or in regular english "Saladino Yes."

So what happended to
"Every time we bring bills to protect children, they are held up by Democrats who apparently are more concerned about the rights of abusers than the rights of victims," ????

Joe Saladino will say ANYTHING to get re-elected.

If Joe has a problem with the bill, then vote against it. Don't lie and say Democrats care more about the abuser.

It would be nice if Joe actually cared about the truth.

NOTE: I gave Saladino a bye last time he had voiced his concern about the veracity of a story that was printed here. I took down the post to be nice.
No Longer.
You can see the original post here...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Republican Wants to Give School Budget Control to Albany?

Joe Saladino does.

In his News12 debate with Democrat Craig Heller, Saladino says he wants to give control of YOUR school budget to Albany.
The same Albany lawmakers that can barely get a budget in on time and has run up a huge debt.
This means in YOUR school district, funding will be determined by lawmakers from outside the disrict that know nothing about the schools needs.

I know I don't want people from Monroe or Erie County deciding what is best for my kids school and I'm pretty sure they don't want Joe Saladino deciding how their schools should be run.

We can do better than Saladino.
We NEED to do better than Saladino.

We need Craig Heller who wants REAL school funding reform and wants to lower your taxes, not hand over control of your schools to Albany.

Problem Posting

We have a weeks worth of stuff because of technical issues.

Stayed tuned for some interesting stuff...

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Newsday Non-Endorsement Endorsement of Assemblyman Joe Saladino

A funny thing happens when you read the endorsements from Newsday or any paper for that matter. They usually say "Newsday endorses..."
And example from this weeks endorsements:
"Newsday endorses Lavine."
"Newsday endorses him (Barra) again."
"Newsday endorses Walker."
"Newsday endorses Sedacca."
"Newsday endorses Jackson."

What did they say about Saladino?
"Saladino has demonstrated, even in his short tenure, that he deserves to return."

What, no "We endorse?"

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Two-Fer - This Blog Mentioned in the Media

Our reporting on State Senator John Flanagan's ad taking a cheap shot at Democratic opponent Brooke Ellison got a mention in the New York Times "The problems presented by a campaign involving a disabled candidate were underscored when some Ellison supporters took offense at a 30-second Flanagan commercial they called insensitive and gratuitous. In the ad, an unnamed “Democrat for Flanagan” describes herself as a teacher, mother and golfer, then adds: “Huge — I have a huge handicap.”
On a blog,, Democrats complained that the ad was “vile and reprehensible” and “in bad taste.”
Mr. Flanagan defended the ad, saying it was simply one of several unscripted testimonials from supporters in the district. Neither the candidate nor his campaign manager could explain why a comment about a golf handicap would be chosen for inclusion in a campaign commercial. They also declined to identify the woman in the ad.
Last week Mr. Flanagan introduced a new ad that praises Ms. Ellison as courageous and inspirational, even while questioning her credentials by describing her as “young” and “inexperienced.” (Mr. Flanagan, 45, was first elected to the Legislature at 25 — younger than Ms. Ellison.)"

And our other site Peter King Watch made an appearance in Newsday "In the online universe, the Peter King-Dave Mejias race is red-hot, and it's mostly a one-sided affair.
From satirical parodies on YouTube and MySpace to liberal blogs like, Mejias and his supporters are delivering King a drubbing. One of the more whimsical screeds is a music video that features King's head dancing to an up-tempo jazz beat called, "Have You Had Enough of Peter King?"

Wanna see the video? Go to:

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hannon Ringing Death Knell for New York Republicans?

E.J. Dionne, Jr. writing in the Washington Post "The Empire State strikes back, Hillary, Spitzer lead attack on New York Republican machine in shambles, " quotes Sen. Kemp Hannon about the state of NY republicans. "State Sen. Kemp Hannon, a Long Island Republican who has spent nearly three decades in the Legislature, also worries that the coalition of "Reagan Democrats" that D'Amato helped build -- "they were Irish, Italian and Polish Democrats and some Jews" -- is a thing of the past. "I believe that Bush has destroyed that whole thing," Hannon says. "It's not here any longer in the Northeast." And the parts of upstate New York "not moving ahead economically whatsoever ... feel it a great deal."

Al D'Amato adds "You have a foreign policy which is groping and a domestic (Mark) Foley scandal, so you have a lot of disaffected people and I think it's going to result not only in the Democrats taking over the House, but also with substantial numbers."

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Assemblyman Saladino's Opponent On

Democratic candidate for state assembly and local attorney Craig Heller is a guest host on the webcast this week.

Nassau GOP Losing Voter Edge

From year to year, the republicans are losing the wide gap they used to have in Nassau County. According to Newsday's Spin Cycle site ,
"Democrats are closing the registration gap in Nassau County, once a Republican stronghold.

Since March 1, 6,925 new Democrats have registered to vote in Nassau compared with 3,658 Republicans, according to Democratic elections commissioner William Biamonte. In that period, 5,225 new voters registered but did not enroll in any political party.
That brings the total number of registered Republicans to 331,280 compared with 300,063 Democrats and 177,780 unaffiliated voters.
If this trend continues, "we're moving towards being a Democratic county," Biamonte said. He declined to predict a time frame, but added, "Hopefully not that long."
- Celeste Hadrick on Long Island"

It's still a 31,000 voter gap but his is as close as it has ever been.
Democrats Tom Suozzi, Comptroller Harvey Weitzman, DA Kathleen Rice and Assesor Harvey Levinson all won county-wide.
The large number of unaffiliated voters means it's going to be harder to gauge how the voters are going to cast their votes. Whoever gets the majority of unaffiliated voters are the ones who will control Nassau.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

From Our Neighbors in Suffolk

Yes this is Nassau GOP Watch but this stroy needs to be told...

"During an ad for John Flanagan (NY Senate district 2), the narrator has a complete non sequitur about golfing, during which she says "Huge, I have a huge handicap" and laughs.
This is significant because, as I'm sure you know, Flanagan is running against Brooke Ellison, a national advocate for the disabled. She's been paralyzed since she was hit by a car at 11. Brooke is extremely accomplished: she graduated magna cum Laude from Harvard in 2000 (and the Kennedy school in '05). She's been on the Today Show and in the NYT. Christopher Reeve's last project was directing The Brooke Ellison Story.
You can see the full ad here:
Chris Stoller from MyDD went to school with her, and did a great post about it:"

Friday, September 15, 2006

A Two-Fer.. He's Just a Little "Off": UPDATE

What happend to the original post?
I ran into Joe Saladino and Steve Labriola hanging outside the opening of Peter King's campaign office. Saladino seemed visibly upset over things on this website.
Saladino disputes what was said that he did. He said that what happend was entirely different than what was conveyed.
Fair enough.

Since there is a dispute of the events, I told Saladino I would take down the post and that is what I have done. This was a matter of "He Said/She Said" and we'll leave it at that. I've known Joe for a few years and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say "yes, things can be misinterpreted."

I'm also not saying the source of the stories is wrong. Joe sees it one way and the source sees it another. He gets a bye this time.
He was alo unhappy with the Photoshopped images which placed him in historical photos as a way of adding a funny graphic to the story. Although the photos aren't offensive, I understand Joe's feelings about be misrepresented in the crowd at the Lee harvey Oswald shooting and at the destruction of the Hindenburg and I did not mean to convey that Joe had anything to do with either event.

Saladino wants to keep to the issues and a heartily agree. He had to go to another event today so he did not want to engage in "street debate" with me on some issues.
I welcome the opportunity to engage in a discussion with Saladino on the issues here or at any venue. I am not his opponent but I am a constituent.
I'd like to know why the state legislature has done nothing to solve the school funding issue.

I'd like to know why the "members items" fund has no accountability.

Anyway, the post is down because we want to be fair.

UPDATE: The Original Post is BACK....

Over at, Christine Sohmer tells us a couple of weeks ago at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, a local politician (JOE SALADINO) she will not name (JOE SALADINO) sat next to her and proceeded to eat from her plate. BLECH!
Being coy, she just says a politician who won a special election and won't name names.

You'll remember that it was an unnamed local politician (JOE SALADINO) who wanted to be photoshopped into a photo-op because he wasn't there.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We at Nassau GOP Watch central found something very interesting when we slowed down the last webcast.
Keep your eyes open and look for a special visitor to the webcast...

Now for the two-fer....

Last weekend at a parade in Plainedge, Democratic Assembly Candidate Criag Heller was marching in the parade. As he went over to the side to shake hands with someone, Assemblyman Joe Saladino rushed in front of Heller to shake the hand first.
Heller was heard saying "That's nice" when it first happend.
Heller would introduce himself as "I'm Craig Heller and I'm running against the guy who just shook your hand."
This would elicit a laugh from the people as Saladino marched on to the next person.
Saladino brought along a BIG CHECK to hand out and get his picture taken.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Monday September 11th is a day to let politics go.There is alot to say and alot to be done but for this one day, there is something more important than politics.

Tuesday's Children is a non-profit working to help the families and count on donations to keep their important programs running.

National Search Dog Foundation

World Trade Center Police Disaster Relief Fund

Uniformed Firefighter‘s Association Scholarship Fund

The Port Authority Police World Trade Disaster Survivors’ Fund

Thursday, August 24, 2006

From the Community Alliance: Peter Schmitt To Nassau's Parks: "Drop Dead!"

Peter Schmitt To Nassau's Parks: "Drop Dead!"
The Belligerent Nassau County Legislator Holds Up $$ Allocated For Park ProjectsWe all remember the Nassau County Environmental Bond Act -- that $50 million package passed overwhelmingly by Nassau voters back in 2004 designed to preserve open space, remediate brownfields, and to improve the condition of the County's public parks. [Okay. So some of us don't even remember 2004. :-)]
Anyway, the
Environmental Bond Act Advisory Committee, back in March of this year, issued a report detailing recommended properties and projects for funding.The report, together with the Committee's recommendations -- based, largely, on nominations and proposals submitted by County residents -- was presented to the Nassau County Legislature, which, to the amazement of many (including this blogger), acted responsibly and relatively quickly in approving the bonding.In fact, Newsday, in a recent editorial, reports: "the county legislature has approved the bonding for $32.5 million out of the $38 million allocated for open space purchases, while deals to use the remaining funds for two other parcels are moving well along. Of the remaining $12 million, all but $205,000 is committed to specific projects, including 15 parks, two brownfields and various water-quality improvement projects. " [SEE, Take two on bond act.]
All well and good, up to this point.
Unfortunately, well enough is rarely left alone, even when it is accomplished admirably by our venerable County Legislature.
Sadly, Newsday also reports, in the very same editorial, that the bonding for park improvements -- to the tune of $12 million -- is being held up, and unduly so, by Mr. congeniality himself,
Peter Schmitt."Minority Leader Peter Schmitt (R-Seaford) is objecting to approving the $12 million in bonds, saying some of the park proposals include new dugouts, backstops and gazebos, which should be covered instead by the county's capital budget. The GOP position, however, ignores language in the act that specifically allocates money for parks. ""Mischief-making" is what Newsday call's Schmitt's ploy to delay funding and derail monies necessary and lawfully to be appropriated for the improvement of local parks.
"Holy Schmitt" is what we say. Stop with the arrogant, politically motivated upstaging and grandstanding. Show Nassau County residents the money that they have earmarked for our parks and open spaces.
-Nassau County residents are urged to
contact Peter Schmitt to demand the release of some $12 million dollars in bond money for the improvement of our parks. In addition to the online contact form, Legislator Schmitt's office can be reached by telephone at 516-571-6212.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Blind Item from

Over at, site owner and reporter Christine Sohmer in her video news segment tells us of a local Massapequa politician who missed a photo-op at the Classic Car Night at the Massapequa LIRR station. Ms. Sohmer goes to all the local events, photographs the activities and visitors and posts the pictures on her site.
Seems this one politician missed the chance to be in the pictures and requested that he be added into the picture using the digital manipulation software Photoshop.
Who is this politician?
Ms. Sohmer won't tell.

Our money is on Assemblyman Joe Saladino.

Joe wants to be in every photo-op. Just check the local papers and see his beaming mug at every event.
With the magic of Photoshop, Joe can be added anywhere... and anytime. Joe will never miss an important photo-op past or present.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

State Legislators Set Bribe to Get Your Vote

Watch as Skelos, Fuschillo, Balboni, Hannon, Saladino, Marcellino, Walker and McKevitt all tout the "rebate" check you will be getting this fall.
Guess when the check will get to you?
According to Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno it'll be October 31st, just one week before election day.
The rebate check as Skelos describes it "every homeowner on Long Island will receive an annual school property tax rebate check from New York State. The rebate check will equal 30% of the homeowner’s STAR savings."
Well.. not exactly "annual."
As the Albany-Times Union tells it "Under the agreement reached this year by Pataki and the Legislature, if next year's budget does not include money for rebate checks, an amount equal to the rebate homeowners would have received must be offered in the form of tax credits."

The rebate checks can be anywhere from $100- $600
Skelos says "When added to the STAR program, Nassau County homeowners will save an average of $1,300 on their school property taxes this year, with Enhanced STAR-eligible seniors saving $2,288."
That also is not exactly true.
You get the rebate check, the school tax bill comes - which is not any lower than before - and you pretty much just sign over the "rebate" to your local taxing authority. This isn't "found money" like they want you to think.
Spend the money on groceries, gas or a new tv, and your school tax bill will still be the same.
Basically instead of working to get more school aid to the schools and not just the piddly one-shot increases this year, the state government is cutting you a small check to pay a part of your school tax bill.
Your next school tax bill will be the same amount with no reductions.
And here's the kicker.. to process, print and mail these checks, the state is spending over a million dollars.
Wouldn't that money be better spent elsewhere.. you know like to reduce school taxes???

Senator Fuschillo says "Providing hard working, overburdened Long Islanders with tax relief has been my number one priority. Through this new plan, hundreds of dollars in savings will be delivered directly to homeowners in the form of a rebate check," said Senator Fuschillo. "This new tax plan, when combined with the record amounts of school aid included within the state budget and the millions of dollars in STAR savings, should help to ease the burden on families."
The property tax relief plan will provide taxpayers with a check for a portion of their school property taxes. This refund would be in addition to the existing Federal and State deductions for local property taxes, STAR payments and the State circuit breaker tax credit. Checks will be mailed in the fall, when residents receive their school tax bills."

Once again, this is pretty much a one-shot you won't be seeing again and does NOTHING to lower your real property taxes or school taxes.
This isn't "tax relief" but a gimmick to make you think they are trying to help you.
And in the end, the state will still have to come up with a budget next year to fund schools without the money they are "giving back" to homeowners.

Don't be fooled by the shell game. The Nassau state legisaltors have not done a thing to bring down your school taxes beyond election day.
The Times-Union says "The Senate Republicans, who are fighting to retain their four-seat majority this November, made property tax relief in the form of the rebate checks a top priority in this year's budget negotiations...
"The largest rebate checks will go to regions with the highest property taxes, which also tend to be key suburban swing districts with competitive Senate races.
In addition, homeowners who are 65 or older -- who historically have voted in high numbers -- will receive bigger rebate checks as they already benefit from a higher STAR exemption."

Politics as usual from Albany and they expect us to buy it.

The only suprising thing is that Skelos and the gang aren't handing out individual over-sized checks to each homeowner for a photo-op.
Then again, I might be speaking too soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Gas Tax Cap Proposal Full of Schmitt

What's worse than taxes?
A badly planned psuedo-tax cut.
Pataki and the NYS legislature passed a cap on gas tax which went into effect July 1st. The cap is set at $2.00/gallon.
Now Schmitt and his republican soldiers are proposing the same in Nassau.
"Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt and members of the Republican Caucus to the Nassau County Legislature have filed a bill which would not only opt Nassau County into the elimination of State tax on gasoline passed over $2.00 a gallon, but also provides for Nassau County to eliminate its tax on gasoline over $2.00 a gallon.
Recent New York State legislation will cap the New York State Sales Tax on gasoline at $2.00 per gallon and Republican Legislators have introduced legislation to also cap County Sales Tax at $2.00 per gallon."

Sounds good right?
"Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt stated, “We want to be ready to give much needed tax relief on the ever-increasing price of gasoline to our residents.”
“Legislation in Albany will soon be passed and we want Nassau County to be ready to not only join in eliminating the State Sales Tax over $2.00 a gallon but also the County tax on the same amount continued Schmitt.”
The higher price of gasoline has especially burdened Long Islanders who use their cars to commute to work. With the upcoming summer, residents are expected to vacation locally, and while good for the Long Island economy, they will be using their automobiles at a higher rate.
“If the Administrators of Nassau County would stop thinking about taxing our residents and proposing new tolls on our highways, they could begin to attempt to eliminate some of the taxes all our residents pay”, stated Legislator Schmitt."

Wow, a grand burden will be lifted from us taxpayers.
But Wait!
All is NOT what it seems.
While the proposed savings could be up to 8 cents per gallon, reality just happens to get in the way. Gas prices are still going up and the savings are lower than 3 cents per gallon if that at all.
But the the real problem is the cost - the REAL cost - to taxpayers.
It might make a nice sound-bite to motorists who are paying alot at the pump but a few pennies saved won't compare to the loss the state and the county will incur.
On the state level, Nassau is looking for more school aid which would bring down school taxes which are the bulk of our taxes. With this cap, the state will lose $450 million this year.
Wouldn't it be better to apply this $450million to alleviate school or property taxes instead of literally nickel and dimeing taxpayers with such a miniscule "tax cut" that will come to a few dollars over the year?
And where will the state make up this loss?
What gets cut next year and what gets increased?
Now Schmitt and company want to cap the Nassau portion of the tax.
We all know that the county, because of Schmitt and the Gulotta republicans, sank to near bankruptcy. Schmitt says “We want to be ready to give much needed tax relief on the ever-increasing price of gasoline to our residents.”
It's not the taxes but the actual cost of the gas that is hurting consumers. And by capping the Nassau portion of the tax, Schmitt will make the fiscal situation in Nassau worse.
Other counties in NYS are already seeing the problem with the cap "In Albany County, as Comptroller Michael Conners is prudent enough to point out, the loss of revenue is likely to be $2.7 million a year for the county itself, and $1.8 million a year in money the county shares with cities, towns and villages.

In Broome County "when (County Executive) Fiala found out the cap would cost the county about $2.3 million annually with current prices, she modified the proposed gas tax cap to $3 per gallon. That would help taxpayers if costs continue to rise at the pumps, although it currently affects only higher grades of gas.
Any county losses would have been made up by increasing property taxes, Fiala said.
"We didn't want to give with one hand now and take from the other later," she said."

Republican mayor Bloomberg in NYC said the city could lose up to $50million. From the Gothamist "Fifty million dollars a year is probably a thousand cops, close to a thousand cops, close to a thousand teachers," he said. "If we don't have the money, we can't have these things. What do we want to do without?
Reducing taxes when you're trying to end energy dependence on foreign cartels is not exactly a terribly smart policy
The long-term solution in this country, which nobody wants to hear, is to use an awful lot less energy and to get away from fossil fuels, particularly oil, that mostly comes from overseas."

What will Nassau lose?
How much revenue that could go to funding youth programs, hire more police or keep property taxes stable will disappear for a cheap stunt pseudo-tax cut?
Wouldn't it be better to use the gas tax revenue to continue to revive the county?

And wouldn't it have been smarter for our state legislators to properly fund our schools instead of trumpeting a "tax cut" that will hurt us in the long run?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Congratulations Assemblyman Saladino!

Our esteemed state lawmaker Joe Saladino from the 12AD has gotten his very first bill passed in the Assembly.
We know what a tireless photo-op seeker.... err.. legislator he is, and it comes as no suprise that after almost 2 1/2 years in the Assembly he got a sponsered bill passed.
Assembly Bill A11171 calls for the designation of the Striped Bass as the official New York State Salt Water Fish.
We already have a Fresh Water Fish in the Brook Trout. It is about time that there be an aquatic equivilent in the salt waters that splash upon the shores of New York State. True representation of the gilled inhabitants has finally arrived.
Reading from the bill is completely worth it even if you don't like the web of legalize you can encounter in important legislation.
"It is the purpose of naming an official fish, bird, animal (mammal), tree and so forth, to give the state an identity, to assist with its promotional and tourism endeavors and to educate the
public as to ):he bounty of its resources, characteristics, strengths, cultures or especially a commonality or pride found within. While the State of New York prides itself on the tremendous fresh water fishing opportunities within its borders, there are plenty of species found to the south especially in the tidal portions of the Hudson River and surrounding the Long Island sound the bays and ocean shores of New York City and Long Island.
"Morone Saxatilis stripped bass grows to an average of 18 to 35 pounds as an adult with the largest of the species caught off Long Island`s east end reaching a record of some
75 pounds.
"This fish is a prized and well sought game fish contributing to the 4 billion dollars the fishing and boating industry generates annually on Long Island alone each year. It is one of the most tasty marine species to consume and the striper`s resiliently is clearly evident in the speediness of the species recovery and abundance following a moratorium and limit restrictions in New York which proved to be a template for success known nationally in the field of marine resource management. There is, without a doubt, room for both an official fish and official marine fish of the State of New York and no better species of salt water swimmers to catch and associate with New Yorkers than the strong, majestic and domestic Striped Bass."

Kudos to Assemblyman Saladino.
A NYS Legislators job is never done and it's tackling the tough issues that make them strong.

And now back to reforming the public school aid formula, right?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino (R-Massapequa Park)
meets with lobbyist Ken "Big Mouth" Bass

Gotta Know Someone

Lois Schmitt, wife of Nassau Legislator and Republican Minority Leader Peter Schmitt is on the Town of Oyster Bay Zoning Board.
When did that happen?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Long Island Marathon Outrage

May 8, 2006 (Mineola) The results are in for the Long Island Marathon and the Republican delegation of the Nassau County Legislature has denounced the results. "Once again we see that Tom Suozzi and the Democrat party are giving Queens residents preferential treatment." Minority Leader Peter Schmitt said refering to the winner of the marathon Carlos Grisales living in College Point. "I don't know why Suozzi could not get a Nassau County resident to win." Schmitt continued, "Democrat Legislator Dave Mejias even ran the race and didn't do anything about it. Mejias is just another Suozzi rubber-stamp."
Republican spokesman Ed Ward said in a prepared statement "Of the top five runners, only one was from Nassau County. Three were from Queens and the other came from New Jersey. If County Executive Suozzi would spend more time in Nassau County instead of running for governor, this wouldn't happen. We need a full-time county executive who will make sure the Long Island Marathon is won by the taxpayers who pay his salary."
Legislator Denise Ford (R-Long Beach) tells NGW "I say whatever Peter Schmitt says. That's my own opinion. I am an inpependent thinker and I independently thought to agree with whatever Peter Schmitt says."
Legisaltors Nicollelo, Muscarella, Gonsalves, Mangano, Becker and Ciotti all said the same thing Leg. Ford said.
Legislator Dennis Dunne (R-Levitown) said "I was stuck in my car on Old Country Road for a couple of hours. Whats with all the people in the street?"
The Nassau County Republican party plans to use the race results in a new series of television ads called "Suozzi Can't Run from Marathon Results." The ads are expected to blanket local cable channels by weeks end.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

State Senators on the Run

from George Pataki.
The Albany Times-Union reports that pollster Frank Luntz is telling state senators that Gov. Pataki is radioactive in this years election. The republicans state-wide are afraid that the state senate will change hands and they are doing whatever they can to save thier skins. Locally, Nassau pols like Balboni opted out of a higher office run (Attorney General) because Majority Leader Sen. Joe Bruno needs all hands on deck to keep control.
From the Albany Times-Union "According to someone who was in the room, Luntz, who has been advising the Senate Republicans for over a year now, provided the majority conference with results from a recent poll on the state budget fight.
As it turns out, this source said, voters are overwhelmingly not in Pataki’s corner, even in strong GOP districts, and the spread in the Senate Republicans’ favor in key swing districts (think Sen. Nick Spano’s Westchester County seat, or Sen. Joseph Robach’s Monroe County seat) is even wider."

We guess these pictures won't be in campaign literature this year...

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Schmitt Loses in Court Again

A State Supreme Court has ruled that Legislator Peter Schmitt must bear the cost of the $10million defamation lawsuit against him.
Leg. Dave Mejias tells Newsday "The taxpayers of Nassau County should not have to pay for Peter Schmitt's personal, political attacks and lies,"
The lawsuit stems from charges made by Schmitt in 2004 about the law firm of Crowe-Deagan. Schmitt accused the firm of false billing, illegal campaign contributions and tampering with evidence.
The New York Law Journal reports "At a Jan. 12, 2004, news conference and in an accompanying statement, Schmitt said the nine-lawyer firm, which he said was hired to represent several county agencies without bidding, was receiving "exorbitant, unauthorized amounts of money for work they did not perform." He also said the firm had exceeded campaign contribution limits to give "illegal money" to David Mejias, a successful Democratic legislature candidate. "
"Schmitt moved for summary judgment on the grounds that his statements were either true or constitutionally protected opinion. He also argued that the law firm was a public figure unable to meet the actual malice standard set by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1964's New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254. That landmark case required public figures, such as politicians, suing for defamation to establish that false statements about them were made knowingly or with reckless disregard to the truth of the statements."
State Supreme Court Justice Lally denied a request for dismissal of the lawsuit by Schmitt saying "Legislator Schmitt made statements ... outside the protection of legislative immunity," which means he is liable for any defamatory comments he makes.
Mejias tells Newsday that this "proves once and for all that Peter Schmitt will say anything, even lie, to take back control of Nassau County."
The judge ruled that because Schmitt cited actual figures, "While the term exorbitant may constitute protected opinion, language stating that Crowe Deegan received an unauthorized amount of money for 'work they did not perform' and language stating that the firm contributed 'illegal' money 'over the legal limit' to Legislator David Mejias is precise and capable of being proven true or false,"
Schmitt gets hoisted on his own petard with that one.
Schmitt has frequently cited false numbers to bolster his arguments and has been called out on it. Now his words are in a court of law and he can't say he misspoke or change his story as he usually does.
Schmitt tried to play it too cute with the "illegal campaign contributions" to Dave Mejias. Schmitt charged that the firm gave Mejias $4000 which is over the $2000 limit.
Schmitt didn't get that the firm is a partnership and as Lally ruled "A partnership by definition includes at least two persons," which means two partners can give $2000 each which is the $4000 Schmitt was using.
Schmitts attorney Paul Millus argued that it's okay for Schmitt to lie. He actually makes a case for lying "Politicians have to have the flexibility to say things in the public interest."
As a side note, remember last year during the election the republicans complained and complained about non-nassau county residents working for the county and firms employed from outside too?
So who does Schmitt go to?
A Manhattan-based firm Snitow Kanfer Holtzer & Millus

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ed Ward Follies - American Idol Edition

Sixteen year old Kevin Covais of Levitown is a contestant on the FOX show American Idol. It's nice to see a Nassau County teen doing well and getting the attention for his talent he deserves.
Getting into the spirit to support Kevin in his quest to be the the next winner of American Idol, County Executive Tom Suozzi sent an e-mail to county employees to ask them to call the show and vote for Kevin.
According to Newsday, Suozzi wrote "Kevin's father is a retired captain from the Sheriff's Department and his uncle is currently a police officer in the Third Precinct. Your support for Kevin would be greatly appreciated. Let's show the world that Nassau County residents are the best. Go Kevin!"
Great idea right?
Rally the county employees to help Kevin win.

Enter republican legislative spokesman Ed "89,000/year part-time" Ward.

Ward pipes up and says "Is this a legitimate use of taxpayers' money when he's e-mailing all county employees to rig a national election on a television show? Has he nothing better to do?"

Did everyone else just get a headache??
What exactly is the surcharge per e-mail Suozzi sent?

Why there isn't one of course. The e-mail which probably took a minute or two to type and send to "ALL" really didn't cost the county a dime... or even a penny.

And "rigging a national election?????"
What exactly is wrong with Ward?
How is rallying county employees to support Kevin Covais rigging anything???

Suozzi Spokesman Ian Siegel says to Ward "Lighten up. This isn't Watergate. It's just 'American Idol."

Kevin Covais is making us proud and getting him more support is something "better to do."

Friends and family are rallying support for him and according to Newsday, "Pat Gentile, a construction worker and fan who lives down the street, fired up his blue truck and spent hours Saturday putting up posters throughout Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens, urging people to vote for Covais. Gentile and his wife, Patty, also had a party Sunday for about 60 Covais supporters and friends, and on Monday he was back in his truck putting up more posters."Kevin is a decent kid in school," said Gentile. "Kevin does not need 'American Idol' as much as our country needs Kevin as an American idol. He is everything decent and fair."

Tune in to FOX Ch. 5 Wednesday at 9pm and help Kevin by voting for him.

And if you feel like it, call Ed Ward at (516) 571-6212 and ask him why he wants to politicize American Idol.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Song Remains the Same

With the Presiding Officer imbroglio only over a few weeks, republicans are now trying to "shame" Democrats into voting for what they want.
In a Public Works Commitee fracas reported by Newsday on Feb 28th, Leg. Edward Mangano (R-Bethpage) said "It's not that you're going against the administration, it's that you're doing your job."
So in order for Democrats to "do their job", they HAVE to vote against proposals by CE Suozzi. This is the only way to "prove" they are independent.
It's not enough that the Democrats agree with a proposal, it's what republicans want what they can't have; ways to defeat plans they don't like
How absurd.
Just because the Democrats agree with the party leader, doesn't mean they aren't doing thier jobs
Maybe Mangano or one of the other brave, independent, reform-minded republicans can just once vote outside of their caucus. It seems Ed and his buddies just vote what ever way Peter Schmitt wants them too. According to Manganos logic, he and his gang aren't "doing thier jobs."
We saw that during the Presiding Officer fiasco where republicans would be told how to vote to get more power even if it meant voting for Democrat Roger Corbin. Republicans do as they are told. No breaking ranks to "do thier job."

Republican spokesman Ed "$89,000 a year part-time" Ward told Newsday "There's no changes. This is what happened before."

What, that Democrats vote they want to and they want to vote for Suozzi's proposals?
What a wacky notion.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Newsday Letter

Legislature flap Mondello's fault
Regarding the letter to your paper from Nassau Republican chairman Joseph Mondello: Does he really believe the people of the county think he has nothing to do with the recent legislative mess ["Don't blame the Legislature," Letters, Feb. 9]? A political move such as the one that stalled the legislature could not have been made without his consent.
He leads the Nassau GOP, and when his party could not win a majority, it was time for plan B. Lure two susceptible Democratic legislators with the promise of money and power, much like the serpent luring a susceptible Eve with the apple, and then sit back or slither away and see what happens. You win either way. If the other Democrats allowed the deal with Roger Corbin to go through, Mondello would have had control of the legislature - albeit tacitly.
Shame on Mondello for the problems he's caused, for the thousands of our tax dollars wasted and for thinking we were stupid enough to believe he had nothing to do with it.
Tom Cappiello