Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stop Lying, Kate Murray!

Kate Murray repeats the same lies that she did two years ago. Murray says on her website that "Hempstead Town has earned the highest Wall Street credit ratings available (four grades higher than Nassau County’s ratings)."
If that were true, then Nassau County's rating would be close to Junk which it is not.
We busted Kate 2 years ago trying to pull the same fast one. Last time she used a graph to illustrate her point..

That looks real impressive if you don't know how to fake a graph.
It should actually look like this:
As I explained then, "I
f you count from "A" to Aa+", it does indeed look like "four steps higher than Nassau." And the graph dramatically shows the HUGE gap between Nassau and the Town of Hempstead.
Of course, this is not exactly where the truth lies. The "+" ratings are NOT full points but intermidiary ratings. And the chart has three versions of "A" and three versions on "Aa" which makes it look like there is a bigger difference."

So Kate, stop lying.
You got caught. Again.

Kate Murray Has a Campaign Website

I fixed her logo for her....

Can't Trust Kate

There is a whole lot wrong with her website.
Let's start where she mentions the Lighthouse Project which she is dragging her feet on. "This past year Kate and the Town Board approved a commuter‑oriented home development in West Hempstead that offered higher development density in a location adjacent to a local development proposal for 150 acres of property surrounding the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The proposall includes a redeveloped Coliseum, housing, retail space, office space, a hotel, and minor league baseball stadium as well as other recreation and entertainment components."

Besides adding that extra "l" to "proposal", Murray is trying to link herself to the Lighthouse Project very subtley.
Why mention the Lighthouse Project (not by name though) when she obviously opposes it?