Monday, November 07, 2005

Contradictions Part 1

From 14th LD candidate Tom Sabellico's website:
"Police overtime is bloated and response time is down."
"I believe that we can increase the force without any extraordinary expense because of the savings generated by less overtime."

PBA President Gary Delaraba endorses Sabellico "14th District - Thomas Sabellico"

Gary Delaraba goes through arbitration to gain money for "lost overtime." According to the NYTimes "Mr. Suozzi has lashed out at the police union's president, Gary DelaRaba, over an arbitration award raising his salary to $175,000 on the ground that he lost overtime and promotion pay because of union duties. Mr. DelaRaba's salary is $66,000 more than Mr. Suozzi's and $20,000 more than the police commissioner's. "

When asked about how he could take the PBA endorsement from Delaraba while railing against "bloated" overtime, Sabellco could not answer the question. Farmingdale residents call TeamSabellico at 516-370-5512 or e-mail him at Ask Tom what he really believes in and why he took the endorsement.

Who else complained about too much overtime and took Delaraba's endorsement?
Why it's Tom Sabellico's campaign manager, Legislator Peter Schmitt "Overtime pay for this year is budgeted to be $35 million," said Schmitt. "In an attempt to alleviate the overtime problem, the County has decimated the Special Operations Unit of the Police Department."

Funny but even Delaraba opposes overtime "It's a crisis situation"

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