Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stay Classy, Mangano - GOP Thugs Destroy Suozzi Signs, Replace with Mangano Signs

Ahhhh.... election season is finally here with GOP thugs stealing and destroying signs as if they own the county.
Here is an example of the fine goons working for Ed Mangano. If Ed can't keep his own people under control, how can he run a county?

Nassau Republicans are thugs and goons and nothing more. As they slip further and further into obscure minority status, they will destroy as much as they can. Cowards.

The first picture has a sign with moderate damage with the hand-made fake "grass-roots" look.
Hempstead Tpke, Levittown

The next picture is also on Hempstead Tpke in Levittown across from the BJ's/Best Buy. This one has more damage than the last.

The last one is totally destroyed by Mangano Thugs. It's in the lot by Tri-County on Hempstead Tpke.

These signs are are a stones throw away from Mangano HQ and of course the robots there will say they have "No Idea" who put those signs up. Liars.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nina Bastardi: Not Just Some Girl

"When asked who he's running against, Nina Petraro Bastardi's opponent answers "Oh, just some girl." - http://notjustsomegirl.weebly.com/

Nina is not "just some girl." She is an accomplished woman who has probably achieved more just reaching her mid-twenties than John Ciotti has yet to do in his fifties.

Nina is an example of the best and brightest we need in Nassau County. John Ciotti is the status-quo, do-nothing politician of the past.