Tuesday, November 29, 2005


UPDATE: For 2008 election results please go here.

After a re-canvassing of districts in the 14th LD, there are new numbers from the Nassau County Board of Elections. Democrat Dave Mejias has increased his margin of victory by 290 votes.
The numbers could increase.
As of today the numbers are:
Mejias - 8043
Sabellico - 7351

So much for King and Schmitt talking smack about this race. So Mejias' margin of victory was better than the two close races with Republican incumbents.

Ciotti-Mirza - 681
Ford-Solomon - 601
Mejias-Sabellico - 692 (so far)

Schmitt Misreads Election Results

You can always count on Schmitt to misread the facts right in front of his face. Other than being lucky to be in a "safe" republican district, Schmitt has very little political skills. He might have worked his way through the republican party but all that takes is the right amount of butt-kissing and waiting your "turn."
According to the Massapequa Post, Schmitt said of the election results ".....it was clear voters weren’t voting party lines. "That’s evident by the town’s overwhelming support for Republicans,"
What was clear is that for Democrats to win in heavily republican districts and in Nassau County in general, they need a number of republicans to cross party lines. The Town of Oyster Bay elections favored republicans because they voted party lines for those candidates. Republicans have the voter registration edge in the Town and won. In the legisaltive districts, Democrats did well despite voter registration numbers.

Schmitt also says "...that Republicans could also take some consolation in that fact that while they didn’t gain anything, they didn’t lose anything either."
What is he talking about? Republicans LOST the District Attorney race. Democrat Kathleen Rice, a newcomer, beat Dennis Dillon by a healthy margin.

Schmitt was just as delusional two years ago when
he told the Post the same exact thing "We didn’t lose anything and we didn’t gain anything,"
Two years ago Democrat Harvey Levinson beat republican County Assessor Charles O'Shea. How is that not losing anything.

One thing is for sure, Schmitt sticks to his talking points no matter how many times he is proven wrong by the facts.

Schmitt continues about this years race, "Two years from now there will be no county executive race, then we’ll see if Mejias" who he called Suozzi’s stamp, "can stand on his own."
Well let's see..... two years ago in 2003, Dave Mejias beat republican Greg Carman and there was no county executive race. Dave Mejias stood on his own two years ago and won and then he won re-election in the face of a massize and expensive attack campaign by the PBA and the republicans. Mejias ran and won against two very well-known and well-financed republicans in a republican district. Seems Schmitt is a little sore that he ran Sabellico's campaign so poorly.

UPDATE: King on Nassau County Election Results

A reader points out that Rep. Steve Isreal did not beat an incumbent but ran and won in an open election. While not as good as taking out a republican incumbent, Isreal did win in a republican district.
Thanks for the heads up.
Also, King made the 400 vote margin for the Democratic majority in the legislature race an issue. Sure, Mejias won by only 403 votes. That is still good for a Democrat in a republican district.
And in fact, the republicans kept two of thier seats in the legislature by 681 votes in the Ciotti-Mirza race and 601 votes in the Ford-Solomon race. All other incumbent races were won with huge margins. To put it simply, two republican incumbents were in tight races compared to one Democrat.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cue Laugh Track: Peter King Chimes in on Election Results

Our esteemed Congressman Peter King. that was not said with a straight face.... tells The Long Island Press Things are going well for the Democrats. Denis Dillon’s defeat was a blow, but the Republicans came within 400 votes of taking the legislature. There’s no doubt it went to the Democrats, but it wasn’t an earthquake.”
Really? No Earthquake?
The Republican County Executive candidate Greg Peterson lost by 36,031 votes to Democrat Tom Suozzi 178,133 - 142,102. Republican voter registration still out-numbers Democrats in Nassau.
As for the Legislature, King is talking about The Mejias-Sabellico race. Mejias won by 403 votes in a heavy repubilcan district. Mejias was also subject to an expensive hate-campaign by the Nassau PBA. He still won. In 2003 Mejias won by 381 votes. Seems Mejias is not only keeping voters, he is slowly gaining. In a republican district.
King also says "We have a real problem statewide, but I don’t know if there’s been a trend. If the people are satisfied with how their leaders are performing, they will get re-elected no matter what party they’re in."
Again, King is getting it wrong. There certainly is a trend.
Since 2002, the republicans have lost 8 senate seats shrinking thier margin to 53-45. In the Assembly, Democrat Marc Alessi won a seat in a special election in the republican dominated 1st District. The Assembly is dominated by Democrats 106-44.
Not a trend?
In the past 8 years, King has turned out to be the last republican congressional delegate from Long Island. McCarthy, Isreal and Bishop each defeated incumbant republicans and have been re-elected easily.
In Suffolk County, Democrats now control the Town of Brookhaven, the County Executive seat and the legislature.
Not a trend?
State-wide, Pataki is stepping aside because he will not be re-elected. The republican field is weak and presumptive Dem nominee Spitzer looks to sail to the Governors Mansion.

Democratic Senator Schumer cruised to re-election and it looks like Democratic Senator Clinton will do the same next year.
Not a trend?
In 2006, he will join his former colleagues as an ex-congressman.

King is looking through Bush-colored glasses which turn disaster into success.

Friday, November 25, 2005

A Funny Thing Happend at a Polling Place

There are many stories of shenanigans on election day out there and here is one of them:

On Election Day November 8th, 2005 12th LD candidate Craig Heller barnstormed the district to reach more voters.
By the afternoon, Heller was at the Unqua Elemnetary School on Unqua Road in Massapequa Park. Being an attorney and a smart guy, he knew he could campaign 100 feet from a polling place. That's the law. There was even a sign posted by the poll workers to designate the line in the sand so to speak. These signs are ubiquitous at polling places around the county and state.
So Heller handed out literature to voters walking to the polling place and engaging some in conversation.
There didn't seem to be a problem until a man walked out from the polling place and confronted Heller. He pointedly said "You can't be out here." To which Heller responded "Yes I can. I am outside the 100 foot boundry." Actually, Heller was about 20 feet outside the boundry.
Heller pointed to the sign well behind him and said "See, there's the sign. I can be out here as long as I don't cross that line."
The man seemed to be flumoxed and marched over to the sign posted on the tree and tore the sign down. He crumpled up the sign, pointed to the street and said "Now you have to stand over there." Turning on his heels, he marched back into the Unqua school.
Odd. Very odd.
Not being swayed by a petulant man-child and the attempted intimidation, Heller remained where he was standing and continued to greet voters. A couple of people asked if he was supposed to be out there and he explained about the missing sign.
About 15 minutes later, another man came out of the polling place and replaced the sign. He approached Heller and said "It doesn't help you being out here. You may lose votes by standing out here."
Heller was unconcerned about this subtle form of intimidation and again said "I am allowed to be here. I am far away from the sign." He then recounted what happend to the original sign. The poll worker said that the man who did not do that was not a poll worker but most likely a poll watcher.
Since there were no Democratic poll watchers at that location and other would know better, the sign ripper was a republican pol watcher which means he was probably a commiteeman. What's the problem with republicans and ripping down signs anyway? Is this their "thing?"
Anyway, there is the story of a petty little republican trying to intimidate a Democratic candidate at a polling place.
I bet he was proud of what he did.
I bet he told all his buddies.
I bet he doesn't realize how stupid he looked

Monday, November 21, 2005

Still Here

We're still around. It's been a few days since the last post and we have alot of election night stuff to cover and post-election information to add.
Nassau GOP Watch continues....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mejias Defeats Sabellico

Last night, Legislator Dave Mejias came in victorious once again in a district that is overwhelmingly republican.
Defeating republican Tom Sabellico wasn't easy because Sabellico is a fixture in the community and has a well-known name. The first indication that Sabellico was in trouble was the fact that Greg Carman who ran 2 years ago had an even better-known name. The Carman name is on buildings and street signs all around Farmingdale. Carman came from a locally famous family and none of that helped.
Sabellico had at his disposal the invaluable help from his campaign manager Legislator Peter J. Schmitt. Schmitt is an infamous liar and a cheap-stunt campaigner. That all rubbed off on Sabellico and residents were turned off.
PBA mailings assailed Dave Mejias to no end but that didn't help Sabellico at all. Mejias is an effective legislator and great with constituent services. It is a credit to the 14th LD that they voted for the best person and saw past all the lies being thrown out there by the republicans.

By the Numbers
Mejias (D) 6,106 - 52%
Carman (R) 5,725 - 48%

Mejias (D) 7,587 - 51.36%

Sabellico (R) 7,184 - 48.64%

Sabellico did improve the numbers over Carman but that was to be expected with the big push by the republicans and the PBA slime campaign.

Mejias proved himself with re-election and while the district is not "safe," Mejias can expect to be around for as long as he wants.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Democrats Hold Nassau and Take DA Office

So last night was a HUGE night for the Democrats and an incredibly sad one for the Republicans. The status-quo was maintained in the Legislature, Suozzi was re-elected as was Weitzman and the Clerks office remains in GOP hands.
The BIG earthquake is 25 year vet Denis Dillon losing the DA race. After 8 undefeated elections, newcomer Kathleen Rice cleans his clock.
Below are the results for the county races. We're going to be doing some historical breakdowns of a few races and get into the Town races next.

From the Nassau County Board of Elections

GREGORY P PETERSON (R) 114,115 - 37.87%
THOMAS R SUOZZI (D) 178,133 - 59.11%
ROBERT A BRUNO (C) 9,097 - 3.02%

DENIS E DILLON (R) 143,827 - 48.65%
KATHLEEN M RICE (D) 151,819 - 51.35%

DONALD X CLAVIN JR (R) 134,111 - 46.90%
HOWARD S WEITZMAN (D) 151,819 - 53.10%

MAUREEN C O'CONNELL (R) 149,275 - 52.94%
TRICIA M FERRELL (D) 132,669 - 47.06%

KEVAN M ABRAHAMS D 7,899 - 84.57%
TIMOTHY HOIST C 122 - 1.31%

MICHAEL J ALEXANDER (R) 1,818 - 21.46%
ROGER H CORBIN (D) 6,654 - 78.54%

JOHN J CIOTTI (R) 6,503 - 52.76%
ALI A MIRZA (D) 5,822 - 47.24%

DENISE A FORD (R) 9,024 - 51.72%
ROBERT H SOLOMON (D) 8,423 - 48.28%

JOSEPH K SCANNELL (D) 10,303 - 68.14%
JOSEPH J KOCH (R) 4,817 - 31.86%

FRANCIS X BECKER JR (R) 10,635 - 67.73%
DANIEL A ALTER (D) 5,068 - 32.27%

JEFFREY M KATZ (R) 7,049 - 45.40%
JEFFREY W TOBACK (D) 8,479 - 54.60%

VINCENT T MUSCARELLA (R) 13,351 - 75.30%
JOAN HAZLETON (D) 4,380 - 24.70%

RICHARD J NICOLELLO (R) 10,739 - 67.50%
MILTON ESPINOZA (D) 5,171 - 32.50%

HARRY A DEMELL (R) 4,147 - 28.68%
LISANNE ALTMANN (D) 10,311 - 71.32%

MARK H DEMETROPOULOS (R) 4,260 - 28.87%
CRAIG M JOHNSON (D) 10,496 - 71.13%

PETER J SCHMITT (R) 11,316 - 69.81%
CRAIG S HELLER (D) 4,893 - 30.19%

NORMA L GONSALVES (R) 10,886 - 61.84%
PATRICIA M MAHER (D) 6,718 - 38.16%

THOMAS M SABELLICO (R) 7,184 - 48.64%
DAVID L MEJIAS (D) 7,587 - 51.36%

DENNIS DUNNE SR (R) 11,162 - 68.70%
JOHN M CLARK (D) 5,085 - 31.30%

JOSEPH B GIRARDI (R) 6,236 - 35.24%
JUDITH A JACOBS (D) 11,461 - 64.76%

EDWARD P MANGANO (R) 10,270 - 71.38%
JAMES P KEOUGH (D) 4,117 - 28.62%

DIANE V YATAURO (D) 9,595 - 60.02%
MARTHA S OFFERMAN (R) 5,887 - 36.82%
HENRY K NOWICKI (C) 505 - 3.16%

STEVEN D RHOADS (R) 5,499 - 32.92%
DAVID W DENENBERG (D) 11,207 - 67.08%

Monday, November 07, 2005

Fun Times with Town of Oyster Bay Town Clerk Race

We've already hi-lited how Steve Labriola took credit for what his predecessor did, and now Labriola makes some interesting statements in the Massapequa Post profile of the race.
In august, Democratic challenger Bill Funk pointed out that forms on the Town website had "sample" embossed over them and the ability to download the forms and fill the out was impossible. "The online forms have the word ‘sample’ slashed across them and no none can use them" Soon after this was brought up, the "sample" disappeared and now the forms can be used. It saves alot of time to fill out forms before you get to the Clerks office.
Labriola responds to Funk "Nonsense, said Labriola, adding that Funk’s statements show a lack of knowledge about the clerk’s position. "The town runs on a mainframe computer system that speaks another language," said Labriola whose office hired a consulting team, Admit, to link the mainframe with the PCs in the clerk’s office."
Lets see if we can get this straight.... the Town of Oyster Bay is on a "mainframe" system. How old is this system? Why hasn't the Town upgarded to Servers?
And the Town "mainframe" is not hooked up to the PCs in the Clerks office?????
Who bought these systems and set them up without Town-wide access???
Here is the kicker though, to upload document to a website like the
Town of Oyster Bay website does not require the use of the "mainframe." The website is hosted by "govoffice.com."
From the
govoffice.com FAQ page "The idea behind GovOfficeTM is to empower goverments at any level to create "best practices" web sites to communicate and reach-out to citizens without the need for computer programming expertise. GovOffice, an online system, accessible from virtually any computer connected to the Internet, which enables you to quickly and easily input content into a private and secure database, make revisions to the content, and select display and interactive options. Content is entered by following a "point and click" Wizard process, and text is entered using a familiar Microsoft Word-type editing screen. GovOffice dynamically creates a Web site using the content from the database "plugged into" your design choices. "

So what we have here is Labriola just plain lying. Why did he do that? Because he can. And boy is that sad.

Funk pointed out in the Post "It took them a year and half to fix the problem. Someone in-house should have been able to do it much faster than that. This demonstrates their lack of awareness and oversight."

And Funk is absolutely correct. We need real manager and thinker with up-to-date technology abilities to run the Clerks office.

Labriola tries to get out of his corner by backing deeper into one by saying "Labriola said that most of the forms Funk referred to—applications for licenses to do business in the town—are samples because the applicants are required to file them in person. In addition to the forms, applicants have to have their fingerprints taken and the town needs to complete background checks on them."

Funks point was that applicants can have the forms filled out PRIOR to driving to Town Hall in Oyster Bay. How hard is that to understand??

And it doesn't stop for the clueless Labriola:
"Since part of the clerk’s job is to either accept of reject licensing applications, Funk believes that the standards should be clear and readily available for review.
"I would inform residents through mailings and the website, that way they would know how if they meet the town’s requirements before application,"

Labriola responded "We can’t educate people in that sense," counters Labriola. "If people are interested in applying for a license or permit, it is up to them to know what needs to be done. What does he expect us to do, put out an ad for taxi drivers and say ‘pedophiles need not apply?’ That shows his inexperience."

So offering Town residents and businesses how to apply for licenses and permits can't be done?
They have to fend for themselves?
It is up to the Town Clerk, the job Labriola is resting in until Venditto retires, to help people navigate the process. This and the website lie shows Labriola's inexperience.
And what the hell does "pedophiles" have to do with anything? Labriola just threw that in because he had nothing and figures this will confuse the readers enough they don't think about his idiocy.

November 8th, Vote Bill Funk.
We need really need him there.

Contradictions Part 2

How many "less" Police officers are there in Nassau County? Ask any republican candidate or PBA Capo Gary Delaraba and the numbers are all over the place.

Gary Delaraba in the Long Island Press "He's 375 police officers short "

Legislator Peter Schmitt says "There are 593 fewer police officers on the streets of Nassau County today then when Suozzi first took office (in 2001)."
Schmitt also says "Our Police Department has 600 fewer officers on the streets today, than when Tom Suozzi took office..."

County Executive Candidate Greg Peterson says "Under the Suozzi administration, more than 500 experienced law enforcement officers have left police service.

Legislature candidate Tom Sabellico says "we now have 550 less police officers than four years ago"
Sabellico also says "there are also 500 fewer county police officers than five years ago"
At a League of Women Voters candidates night, Sabellico used a number in the 300 range.

Legislature candidate Jeffery Katz says "This has resulted in a total loss of police manpower of about 800 officers."

The FACT of the matter is that since Suozzi and the Democrats took over, Police Academy classes have been graduating at capacity. In fact, Suozzi was there at the first graduating class in FIVE years. In REALITY under republican control, there were no academy classes graduating for 4 years.

Contradictions Part 1

From 14th LD candidate Tom Sabellico's website:
"Police overtime is bloated and response time is down."
"I believe that we can increase the force without any extraordinary expense because of the savings generated by less overtime."

PBA President Gary Delaraba endorses Sabellico "14th District - Thomas Sabellico"

Gary Delaraba goes through arbitration to gain money for "lost overtime." According to the NYTimes "Mr. Suozzi has lashed out at the police union's president, Gary DelaRaba, over an arbitration award raising his salary to $175,000 on the ground that he lost overtime and promotion pay because of union duties. Mr. DelaRaba's salary is $66,000 more than Mr. Suozzi's and $20,000 more than the police commissioner's. "

When asked about how he could take the PBA endorsement from Delaraba while railing against "bloated" overtime, Sabellco could not answer the question. Farmingdale residents call TeamSabellico at 516-370-5512 or e-mail him at teamSabellico@aol.com. Ask Tom what he really believes in and why he took the endorsement.

Who else complained about too much overtime and took Delaraba's endorsement?
Why it's Tom Sabellico's campaign manager, Legislator Peter Schmitt "Overtime pay for this year is budgeted to be $35 million," said Schmitt. "In an attempt to alleviate the overtime problem, the County has decimated the Special Operations Unit of the Police Department."

Funny but even Delaraba opposes overtime "It's a crisis situation"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Sign News

Looks like the Long Island Press got the story about the sign stealing going on in Nassau County.
The story "On the Fence" by Timothy Bolger in this weeks Press has some interesting tid-bits that add some complexity to the story we reported a week ago.
"A phone call or two, according to police, revealed that the owner of the vacant lot had given Steppe permission to take Democratic political signs down. And so, despite the campaign workers' complaints, Steppe was released and the charges dropped.
But perhaps this landlord was hedging his political bets. Denenberg says that this very same property owner had given him permission to put the signs up.
"I guess it was impressed upon [the owner] to change his mind to get this guy out of jail," says Denenberg."

The Press story finishes
"And the vacant lot in Merrick? It is now adorned with signs for both Republican and Democratic candidates."

Election Day is two days away but the Dems are ever-vigilent to the theiving ways of the desperate Nassau GOP.

Here are some more recent pictures from Sunrise Highway in Bellmore.
Notice the Dem sign discarded over the fence and the republican signs taking its place. The republicans were too lazy to even take the sign away.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com