Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Principles? What Principles?

In the past 6 months, two TOBAY (Town of Oyster Bay) Democrats have left the party and joined the republicans. It would be one thing if they left on principle but that isn't the case. They both left for selfish, sour-grapes reasons.
Let's talk about TOBAY Reciever of Taxes Jim Stefinach. Back in December 2004, he jumped ship to the republican party. Stefanich won re-election as a Democrat in November 2003. Why did Stefanich jump parties? To hear him tell it, "Since becoming Receiver of Taxes five years ago I have worked side-by-side with Supervisor John Venditto and the Republican members of the town administration and found, without question, that the Republican Party represents the right vision for the future of the Town of Oyster Bay, and, quite frankly, all of Nassau County.....
“John Venditto is the best kind of public official. He works hard. He cares. And he truly wants to make sure that the town that our children and grandchildren inherit is the best that it can be. I am proud to join his team and to pledge that I will do all that I can do to make sure that the Republican Party, and the vision that John Venditto so ably represents in its name, remains at the forefront of community life in our town and county for many years to come.”
Really Jim? Is that your story?
'Cause we know you were kinda upset that the Democratic Party didn't give you all the help you wanted and expected. You used alot of your own money and didn't like that one bit. Do we have to go into what you say NOW about Venditto and the republicans and compare it to what you said in the past about them? The comments certainly aren't consistant. There were some choice words and none of them nice. Now you say the party represents the vision for TOBAY? That's not what you said before. So Stefanich says it's about "vision."
Actually it's about job security.
The GOP almost swept TOBAY in the 2003 elections. Stefanich had a wafer thin margin of victory - 454 votes. He sees the writing on the wall. He could very well lose his well-paid job in the next election. He joined the team that will give him money and a slate that has been winning.
Where are Stefinach's principles? Seems he has none.
Guess he's a perfect fit for the Nassau GOP.
At the press conference to announce the switch, GOP Boss Joe Mondello said "From his first election in 1999, Jim has established a reputation as a dedicated and caring public official with an unwavering commitment to excellence."
Even Venditto chimed in with praise.“Working with Jim Stefanich has been a pleasure. As it became clear, over the years, that Jim shared my commitment to making government as responsive as it can be, my commitment to running government efficiently and like a business, and my commitment to doing everything possible to hold down property taxes so that we can keep Oyster Bay an affordable place to live..."
So why did the republicans run John Canning against Stefanich in 2003 if Stefanich was doing such a fantastic job?
It boggles the mind.

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