Monday, December 12, 2005

Denise Ford

The Democrat running as a republican won re-election. Isn't it about time she switch party registration? She votes party-line with her republican boss Peter Schmitt and has yet to waver on a single issue.
Back in january 2004 when she took office the Long Island Press ran an article on her.
Reporter Lauren Hill wrote "But party affiliation doesn't always predict voting strategy. As a registered Democrat from a predominantly Democrat city (there are 19,923 registered Dems to the 13,031 registered Republicans,) she is indeed a "wild card." Although she owes her job to Republicans, no one knows how she will vote."
Well after two years, we found out. She votes with the republicans who paid for her. As the saying goes "Dance with the one that brung ya."
Funny though because back in early 2004, Ford said in the same article "I'll take each issue as they come along. I don't think I'm any party—I think I'm my own."
She takes each issue and then dutifully votes the way Peter Schmitt wants her to.
Interestingly, the party she belongs to (on paper anyway) has the most "wild cards." The Democratic majority in the legislature can count on members like Lisanne Altman for example, breaking ranks when they have a differnt opinion. That really can't be said of the republicans who Ford has chosen to caucus with. If Ford disagreed with Schmitt and the GOP plan, she certanly hasn't been vocal about it. Her silent assent to every hair-brained scheme concocted by her leader speaks volumes about her being on her own. We covered this over at Schmitt Watch back in January 2004.
After her recent close re-election, Ford told the Oceanside/Island Park Herald "We have a race again in two years, and I know we¹ll bring back the majority,"
That's what the republicans have been saying since 1999. Her side - the Republican side - have lost every election since. And exactly what will she bring back in the majority? The same fiscal malfeasence Schmitt and the other republican legisaltors foisted on the county before they were sent to the back bench.
Ford also offered this little gem "I'm happy that I'm re-elected, and I¹m going to work harder than I ever have before."
So for the past 2 years she wasn't working as hard as she could for her constituents?

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