Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nassau Republicans Re-Branding.. and Running Away From 'Republican'

The end of an era. It took a while but the Nassau GOP has moved away from the old orange and blue color scheme. Republican county executive candidate Ed Mangano doesn't have the colors anywhere on his signage or bumper stickers and other candidates don't have the blue and orange either.




It looks like they are going for a sorta-red, white and blue.
The republicans have always been identified by the ornage and blue campaign material. You saw those colors and you knew the candidate was republican. Over the past few years candidates here and there strayed from alot of blue and orange. Now with a "standard" sticker for a few different candidates not having the usual colors indicates a change.
And what else is missing from the stickers?
Any indication that the candidate is in the republican party.

Democrats have the word "Democrat" on signage and bumper stickers. Why is the Nassau GOP afraid to announce that the candidate is a republican?

Even on Ed Mangano's campaign site there isn't any obvious graphics saying he is a republican. You have to look deeper to find a title of a link that says "Mangano" and "GOP."

The Mangano Mobile! Pimp My Ride: Nassau County Edition

Here is Ed Mangano's pimped-out ride. (click for larger version)


He's on all sides!

Going for the Latino vote.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

State Republicans Send Sneaky Mailer to Mejias' District

Joe Mondello is so desperate that he coughed up some dough to send a anti-Mejias mailer to distirct voters in hopes it will help Joe Belesi.
The mailer is designed to look like an official mailing FROM the county with the words "Notice of Tax Increase" on both sides and includes an altered Nassau County Seal.


The seal is close.. it's just missing the county name....
Real Seal...
real seal

Fake Seal...

It's a clever mailing.. but fairly desperate this early.

Congratulations Democratic State Chairman Jay S. Jacobs

Nassau County Chairman Jay S. Jacobs has been named the new New York State Democratic Party Chairman.
Jay will have the pleasure of not only kicking Joe Mondello's ass around Nassau County, but in state-wide races too.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stay Classy, Chairman Mondello

Joe Mondello is a class act. At the Nassau County Young Republicans Super Extra-Special Freedom Gala for America and it's Greatness Gala, Chairman Joe took the opportunity to attack Republican turned Democrat Nina Petraro-Bastardi and her husband Chris. During his tirade, he called them an "abomination."
That's kind of a harsh word.
But leave it to Joe Mondello to once again push the level of political discourse into the guttter.