Monday, November 07, 2005

Contradictions Part 2

How many "less" Police officers are there in Nassau County? Ask any republican candidate or PBA Capo Gary Delaraba and the numbers are all over the place.

Gary Delaraba in the Long Island Press "He's 375 police officers short "

Legislator Peter Schmitt says "There are 593 fewer police officers on the streets of Nassau County today then when Suozzi first took office (in 2001)."
Schmitt also says "Our Police Department has 600 fewer officers on the streets today, than when Tom Suozzi took office..."

County Executive Candidate Greg Peterson says "Under the Suozzi administration, more than 500 experienced law enforcement officers have left police service.

Legislature candidate Tom Sabellico says "we now have 550 less police officers than four years ago"
Sabellico also says "there are also 500 fewer county police officers than five years ago"
At a League of Women Voters candidates night, Sabellico used a number in the 300 range.

Legislature candidate Jeffery Katz says "This has resulted in a total loss of police manpower of about 800 officers."

The FACT of the matter is that since Suozzi and the Democrats took over, Police Academy classes have been graduating at capacity. In fact, Suozzi was there at the first graduating class in FIVE years. In REALITY under republican control, there were no academy classes graduating for 4 years.

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