Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Donno Won't Apologize for Lying

What a desperate and pathetic campaign. I called the campaign and spoke to Bryan Hurst. I asked if Donno was going to apologize for lying about Craig Johnson's position on the commuter tax.
Donno press release said that it's a "fact that Craig Johnson and his Democratic leaders in New York City are now talking about bringing it back."
Bryan Hurst said "No" Donno will not apologize.
When I told him that Johnson had not talked about bringing back the commuter tax and in fact spoke out against it, Hurst tried some double-speak and say that it was Johnson's "leaders" that are talking about it.
I pointed out that the press release clearly accuses Johnson of "talking" about bringing the tax back.
Hurst who lies so easily says no it does not.
I then asked about Johnson's "leaders" and Hurst points to the press release saying "Minority Leader Malcolm Smith... issued one of the weakest, most transparent ‘non-denial denials’ I’ve ever heard."
Sen. Smith said of the commuter tax "Now is not the time to be talking about raising taxes. We need to focus on rebuilding New York’s economy by cutting property taxes, creating jobs and reducing wasteful spending.”
That's pretty straight forward.
And Johnson is opposed to the commuter tax and said so over a year ago "As I have said before, I am opposed to levying extra taxes on commuters under this, or any other, name."

Donno is trying to say that Johnson will go along with whatever he is told to do when the Democrats are in the Majority. That is simply false. Johnson does what he feels is the right thing to do and his record proves it.
I asked Hurst about Donno accepting Bloomberg's endorsement and Bloomberg wanting to bring back the commuter tax. Hurst said that Donno can disagree with Bloomberg on some issues.
And of course Johnson can't disagree with those who want to bring back the commuter tax even though Johnson is on the record opposing it.
Got it.
Hurst just weaves a web and traps himself.

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