Sunday, September 28, 2008

Donno: A Big Fat Liar; Making Things Up to Attack Craig Johnson

The ever-desperate campaign of Babs Donno trips over itself again and again. This time Donno comes out swinging at the wind attacking Craig Johnson over Assembly Speaker Silver talking about bringing back the communter tax. Never mind that Johnson opposes the commuter tax. Donno never lets a fact get in her way.
Here is
Johnson in 2007 "Cutting and controlling spending, not raising taxes, is what is needed to help New York out of this current fiscal crisis. As I have said before, I am opposed to levying extra taxes on commuters under this, or any other, name. Some very tough choices will have to be made to combat this difficult economic climate. What we should be doing is going back to Albany in order to work today to fix what will be an even larger problem tomorrow."
Donno who apparantly is no longer "fed up" with "outright character assassination" jumps all over Johnson last week "And local commuters should make no mistake – a vote for Craig Johnson is a vote to bring back the commuter tax."
So Johnson opposes a commuter tax but Donno says he'll bring it back. Hmmm....
She continues "The fact that Craig Johnson and his Democratic leaders in New York City are now talking about bringing it back, is a stunning and stark reminder of just what’s at stake in this election.”
Ummm.... Babs, that's just an outright lie. Johnson isn't talking about bringing it back. At all.
The only person who brought it up was ASSEMBLY Speaker Silver. No one else wants it back.
Oh wait, there is one more person who supports it.....
NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg "New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city’s finances are so dire that he needs help from the suburbs. That’s right, he wants to bring back the commuter tax."

That would be the same Bloomberg who ENDORSED Donno and said " I look forward to working with her when she is elected this November.”

Donno loved the endorsement very much "The Mayor and I also share the same strong commitment to improving our schools and enhancing the quality of life for hardworking families, so I am truly honored to have his support for my campaign.”

What really gets me is the Donno feels it is okay to lie. And this isn't the first time.
I know her campaign is being run by her Svengali Dean Skelos and Skelos has no ethics to speak of but why allow lies be said in your name?
Skelos has an unhealthy obsession with Craig Johnson and in any other context would lead to an arrest or at least a restraining order.
The recent Siena poll shows Donno getting destroyed by Johnson so Donno will say anything and do anything between now and election day.
A desperate campaign resorting to desperate measures and making the candidates' own words unreliable in the process.

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