Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marcellino Opposes Bottle Bill

From Marcellino Watch...
"For years, Carl Marcellino has kept the Bigger Better Bottle Bill "bottled" up in the Environmental Committee he chairs.

The Bill is supported by more than 600 groups, businesses, and local governments. And, on June 11th, 2008, the Democrat controlled Assembly passed the Bill by a vote of 91 to 54. So, why do the Republicans and Carl Marcellino loathe this bill so much?

What would the bill do? Expanding the original 1982 Bottling Bill to include non-carbonated beverages would dramatically improve recycling on Long Island and bring in millions of dollars per year to the local economies. Billions of bottles and cans would be returned and recycled through the bill. Millions of tons of plastic, glass and metal would be kept out of our landfills and incinerators. Less litter and broken glass in our streets, parks, playgrounds and beaches would make them safer, cleaner, and more attractive.

So, who could possibly be opposed to it???

The beverage companies and food retail companies and the man their donations keep help electing: Carl Marcellino! Currently, beverage companies are keeping an estimated $140 million per year in unclaimed deposits from bottles and cans that are not returned.

What does this have to do with Senator Marcellino?? A quick review of Senator Marcellino's campaign contributions shows that he has received thousands of dollars from beverage companies and food retail companies. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company ($500), the Pepsi Co Bottling Company ($500), Anheuser-Busch ($1,250), NYS Beer Wholesalers Association ($2000), Convenience PAC ($2000), Grocery Manufacturers Association ($450) and Price Chopper ($500) have each donated to Marcellino during this campaign year.

Each of those companies has made millions of dollars by haulting a bill which would create refunds for the return of non-carbonated beverage bottles.

It takes very little deductive reasoning to bring this age-old tale of political bribery together. Carl Marcellino takes donations ($7,200 in 2008) from big business companies and in exchange continually keeps this important and helpful bill stuck in committee--away from a floor vote.

Update: Senator Carl Marcellino, chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, told a group of supermarket representatives and beer wholesalers that, "We [the Senate Republican Majority] will hold the line against 'Bottle Law' expansion." Food Industry Alliance of N.Y.S., FoodScan, (May 10, 2004),

Update: Click here for a full report on the impact of campaign donations on the Bigger Better Bottle Bill:"


NYPIRG said...

Damn him! I canvassed all summer long on Long Island telling the public to call him to end this. It was hard work by all of NYPIRG.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is criminal! I never understood why Republicans are on the wrong side of seemingly obvious issues sometimes. Now, I know.