Friday, September 19, 2008

Dean Skelos says "I'll Show You Mine, If You Show me Yours First"

In the wake of more Albany scandals, there is a push to have Legislators disclose their outside income. A Skelos told the NYTimes "Senator Skelos is on record as saying that the Senate will act on legislation to strengthen the state’s ethics laws to include greater disclosure of the outside income of legislators.”

But over at the NY Sun, "Mr. Skelos, in an interview with the Sun last month, said he would have "no problem" sharing a full version of his forms. A spokesman for the Senate leader later clarified that Mr. Skelos was unaware that the income details were redacted. He said Mr. Skelos would make that information available as long as the rest of the Legislature followed suit."
He will do it if everybody does it as well," the spokesman, John McArdle, said. "He did not realize it was redacted."

What a great ethical standard Skelos has. If he believes in more disclosure why does he have to wait for legislation or "everybody" else to do it too.

So far only a 29 year old Assemblyman is not afraid of disclosure "...Assemblyman Micah Kellner stands apart.

Unlike most of his Albany colleagues, the 29-year-old Democrat of the Upper East Side has no problem providing an unredacted review of his financial disclosure forms. Not that his forms disclose terribly much: The only income Mr. Kellner earns comes from his $79,500-a-year salary as a legislator."

Before election day, Skelos and his colleagues should volunteer their outside income information. Anything less just proves how bad the corrupt culture in Albany is.

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