Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Desperate Donno's Despicable Mailer

For someone who says "I'm not your typical politician" and "I learned that we are all fed-up with politics as usual, partisan sniping and outright character assassination- especially when that's what we get instead of progress" she sure doesn't live up to that.
For a local race, Donno has brought sleaze to a new level. And considering her party in Nassau, that says alot.
A mailer sent out to the 7th SD voters can be seen below. (click to enlarge)

This mailer says that while in the Nassau County Legislature, Craig Johnson opposed a tax break for veterans. That is far from true.
The TRUTH is that (and reported in Newsday) "Democratic lawmakers voted to make sure that all veterans will receive the same savings in tax dollars next year under reassessment as this year."

After the mailing went out, Donno received letters pointing out her sleazy tactics.
From Owen Costello a veteran in her district "I am writing to express our profound disappointment in your campaign's attempts to use Nassau's veterans for political gain in your race for State Senate.
I, along with many of my fellow veterans, were shocked to open our mail boxes to find your attack piece that incorrectly accused Senator Craig Johnson of being against a tax cut for veterans while he was a member of the Nassau County Legislature six years ago. This is an outright lie.
The vote referenced in your political ad was to preserve the county's previously established tax credit in the face of a county wide reassessment. If the Legislature did not take this step, it would have meant higher taxes for every homeowner in Nassau County.
As a veteran, and as a taxpayer, I supported the County Legislature's actions on this issue. I cannot square how you are in favor of lower taxes, and yet are disparaging this financially responsible vote.
This attempt to mislead veterans and the general public is shameful and wrong. I think you, and your campaign, owe me, and them an apology."

Another from John Chalker, Commander VFW Post 1819 "As commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Henderson-Marino Post 1819 here in Port Washington, I can verily say that Senator Craig Johnson has shown a long history of supporting our Post.
I am a Viet Nam Era Veteran also I served in Desert Shield/Storm and Iraq.
The veterans here in Port Washington have no doubt that Craig Johnson’s support will continue for us locally and veterans nationally."

Nassau Comptroller Howard Weitzman also a veteran wrote "In 2002, as I’m sure you will recall, Nassau County faced fiscal collapse as a result of decades of mismanagement and fiscal gimmicks. As Tom Suozzi, the County Legislature—including then Legislator Craig Johnson—and I worked to turnaround the county’s finances, we faced a great many challenges. However, despite what this mailing says, at no time did Craig Johnson, or any other elected official, deny a tax cut to veterans.
Rather, in the vote referenced in the mailing, the County Legislature preserved an existing tax deduction at its existing levels. Any other action would have either raised taxes for veterans or cost all Nassau taxpayers an additional $17.7 Million at the time when the county faced insolvency. Craig Johnson’s vote on this matter was fiscally responsible and supported by the Nassau County Office of Veterans Affairs and many veterans groups throughout Nassau.
This mailing distorts these facts in a clear attempt to score political points. The people of our community deserve better than this. I urge you to apologize to the people of our community for the actions of the Republican State Committee in this mailing and to join me in demanding that the Republican State Committee run a positive, fact based campaign on your behalf."

County Executive Tom Suozzi writes "the proposal was backed by the Nassau County Department of Veterans, a number of veteran's groups and property tax experts."
"While I will usually agree to appear with candidiates of my party during election years, this year due to my role as the Goovernor's Chairman of the Commission on Property Tax Relief I have shied away from becoming more personally involved in partisan battles. I must tell you, however, that if these tyoes of tactics that inaccurately criticize the actions of my administration continue, I will not shy away from setting the record straight.

The mailing says "Veterans deserve our gratitude and every benefit worthy of a hero. They Deserve Better Than Craig Johnson."

No Babs, they deserve to not be used in as you say "
outright character assassination."
Donno and her Svengali Dean Skelos will say anything and do anything no matter how vile and unethical to defeat Craig Johnson.
Donno will Lie.
Donno will Cheat.
Donno will Steal.
Donno cannot be trusted and the voters in the 7th SD will get to know more about the Nassau republican machine hack she is.

In a Newsday blurb about this mailing, Joe Conway, spokesman for the Senate GOP campaign, said: “The mailing simply points out the fact that Mr. Johnson voted against a tax reduction that would have helped veterans...”

Skelos and his minions are desperate. And desperate people will do anything.
Lie, cheat, steal. It's the republican way.

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