Friday, September 12, 2008

Someone Has Launched "The Hannon Watch"

Don't know who is writing it but a website called 'The Hannon Watch' about State Senator Kemp Hannon is on the interwebs.

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Jeffrey said...

My name is Jeff Alexander. I'm helping to run MATT MENG's State Senate race against Carl Marcellino this election cycle.

Matt is a native Long Islander who gained his political chops as local advocate for the environment. Unlike his opponent, Matt strongly believes in protecting our natural habitat.

Matt is a progressive Democrat who understands the changes that need to be made in Albany. On same-sex marriage, stem cell research, women's rights, education--we can no longer afford Republican mistakes.

As a business owner, Matt knows the stifling effect high taxes can have. He has made a signature issue of his campaign the across the board lowering of property taxes.

Please help in any way to get the word out on Matt's candidacy. I would be glad to have him answer questions for your blog or contribute in any way you find helpful.

What is your email address? I would like to follow up further, privately.