Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Craig Johnson Leads Donno by 24 Points in New Poll

Looks like Skelos isn't getting much bang for his $658,527 buck. After spending close to $600,000 on TV commercials and mailings, Donno is down 24 points in the new Sienna poll.
Johnson leads in the poll 49-25.
The numbers could tighten as we get closer to the election but Donno can't make up such a huge deficit. She would need every single undecided voter and that ain't happening.
On the issues, Sienna asks "What is the most important issue you want your State Senator to be working on in Albany?"
Property taxes - 40%
Housing - 2%
Job Creation - 7%
Government Reform - 8%
Healthcare - 22%
Education - 17%

"The Senate’s two newest members who came into office after hotly contested special elections both enter the final six weeks of the campaign in very strong shape,” said Steven Greenberg, spokesman for the Siena New York Poll. “Craig Johnson in Nassau County has a 24-point lead and Darrel Aubertine in north, central New York has a 20-point lead.
"Johnson has the support of three-quarters of Democrats, while Donno has only a 47-28 percent among Republicans. Johnson leads among independent voters, 36-24 percent, although a plurality of these voters, 40 percent, has yet to make a decision.
Johnson is viewed favorably by 36 percent of voters and unfavorably by 17 percent of voters. Nearly half of voters has no opinion. Donno has a 16-9 percent favorable rating, with 75 percent having no opinion.
Fifty percent of voters would like to see the Senate controlled by Democrats, while 35 percent prefer Republican control. Johnson’s lead is far larger than the 48-40 percent lead Barack Obama has over John McCain in the district.
While Johnson has an approximately two-to-one advantage over Donno on all the issues surveyed, more than four in ten voters could not choose between either candidate on any of the issues.
“Senator Johnson is not over the magic 50 percent mark, however, his 24-point lead is far greater than the nine-point enrollment edge Democrats have over Republicans. He is not widely known throughout the district but is more known than his opponent,” Greenberg said."

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