Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Donno (R-Sixth Borough) Gets Endorsement from Bloomberg

Isn't it the kiss of death for a Nassau Republican to get an endorsement from the Mayor of New York City?
In the past few local elections, the GOP mantra has been "We don't want to be the 'Sixth Borough.'" So how does this play for Donno when Bloomberg says “I am happy to endorse Barbara Donno in her effort to represent the 7th Senate district on Long Island.
“I believe her unique set of qualifications give her the ability to truly understand the issues that impact her community and our state. I look forward to working with her when she is elected this November.”

How can Donno work with Bloomberg when Donno calls for a "fair share" of school funding from the state and her fellow republicans complain that NYC get more than their fair share?

Bloomberg has made it known that he supports the republicans majority in the state senate. Blomberg endorsed O'Connell in the special election and Johnson still won. Heck, he even gave O'Connell $75,000 for the race.
The voters in the 7th Senate District showed that they would not be bought by a billionare from NYC and they'll do it again.

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