Monday, September 15, 2008

She Donno Nothing About the Facts

Dan Janison over at Newsday SpinCycle covers a factless Babs Donno campaign attack mailing about Craig Johnson.
"Senate 'distortion': C. Johnson and veteran tax vote
In the endless war for Nassau’s 7th Senate District, Republican candidate Barbara Donno has sent mailings against Democratic Sen. Craig Johnson suggesting he’s anti-veteran for allegedly voting against certain property tax breaks while a county legislator in 2002.

But as officials publicly explained then, the Legislature in that vote converted tax exemptions for about 32,000 veterans to breaks of the same dollar as the previous year, a result of reassesments. Otherwise, proponents said, the exemption would have expanded, slashing county revenues $17.7 million. The change passed with Republicans opposed. County Executive Thomas Suozzi and County Comptroller Howard Weitzman, both Democrats, as well as several veterans, condemned Donno’s mailings as a distortive attack. Joe Conway, spokesman for the Senate GOP campaign, said: “The mailing simply points out the fact that Mr. Johnson voted against a tax reduction that would have helped veterans...” He charged Johnson “wants to dispute that he took that vote.”

But in fact, Johnson hasn’t denied voting for the 2002 measure."

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