Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skelos Getting Sinking Feeling From New Poll

The Sienna Poll out today doesn't bring much good news for Skelos.
Skelos' mortal enemy Craig Johnson is leading Babs Donno by 24 points. At this point with $658,000 spent by Skelos on the race and 3 months of tv commercials and mailings, if Donno is still an unknown that's real bad. Skelos won't pick this seat up.
Over in Queens, Serf Maltese is even with Democratic challenger Joe Addabbo 42-42. Maltese has been in the Senate for a long time and should be doing much better. The district is Democratic and Maltese barely held on 2 years ago.
In Suffolk, Cesar Trunzo who has also been in the Senate forever is leading Foley 46-40. If Trunzo isn't breaking 50% after all his time in office, he has a problem.
Upstate in an open seat held by a republican, Democrat Joe Mesi is up 40-38.
The poll plus the presidential campaign affecting turn-out and coat-tails point to republicans losing the senate.
After spending all that money on Donno, Skelos won't be too popular with his caucus. I don't see Skelos getting Minority Leader after losing in November.

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