Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Letter Writer Calls on Schmitt to Step Up to the Plate

From Newsday
"Elected officials, lead by example

Newsday reported that Nassau Legislative Minority Leader Peter Schmitt blasted County Executive Thomas Suozzi's expected proposal to raise county property taxes by approximately 4 percent ["Republicans blast Suozzi tax hike plan," News, Sept. 10]. The Republican leader said Suozzi should lead by example.

Most Nassau taxpayers would agree, especially since Suozzi recently accepted a 60 percent salary increase (plus an increased pension benefit). However, Schmitt has been on the record favoring salary increases for the 19 county legislators, including himself.

Each of our elected officials should lead by example, do the right things and stop pointing fingers at each other. No wonder the public has so little admiration for them.

John Minogue

Schmitt still wants his raise while Suozzi has declined his 'cost of living increase' along with DA Rice and Comptroller Weitzman.

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