Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Donno How I Forgot This - More Albany Money for Donno

Yesterday I wrote about the $462,000 Donno has gotten from the New York Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Well, I forgot to count the money spent by the SRCC on Donno's behalf which adds up to $196,527.

So total from the State Republicans IN ALBANY, Donno is the recipient of $658,527!!!
Albany money makes up more than 80% of Donno's campaign spending.

For a candidate that says she wants to go to Albany to "... work to be your voice in Albany" and "fight for the changes we need and deserve," she sure took alot of money from the establishment in Albany.
If Skelos is so nuts about winning that seat back, do you really think that Donno will vote any way other than the way Skelos wants her to vote?

You dance with the one that brung you and Skelos is the one that is bringing Donno.
With over half a million dollars from Albany so far, Donno is not a candidate for change in the state senate, she is the candidate of the status quo.

The Donno Albany money breakdown...

6/20/08 - $45,000
6/30/08 - $135,000
7/14/08 - $175,000
8/21/08 - $27,000

8/25/08 - $53,738
9/8/08 - $80,000

9/15/08 - $142,789


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