Friday, September 26, 2008

A Solution to Donno's Party ID Problem

Senate candidate Barbara Donno doesn't identify herself as a republican. You 'd be hard pressed to find it spelled out on her website or mentioned in her TV ads or in her mailings. On election day, she'll have the word "Republican" spelled out under her name.
How can republican candidates like Donno run like mad from her party name and still have a party designation?
Do what Gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi is doing in Washington State.
Instead of being listed as "Republican," Rossi wants to be list as "GOP Party."
Yes, that's right, "GOP Party." (Hat tip to Rachel Maddow for pointing out this means he is in the Grand Old Party Party)
The Seattle Times reports "The state Democratic Party filed suit Tuesday in an attempt to force Dino Rossi to list his party preference as "Republican" on the November ballot instead of "GOP Party.
"Polls by Stuart Elway have suggested many people don't know that GOP and Republican mean the same thing. One recent Elway poll indicated Rossi did better among voters if he used the "GOP" label instead of "Republican."
"Democrats say the Iraq War and low approval ratings for President Bush have left the Republican Party a damaged brand and that Rossi is trying to distance himself by using GOP as his affiliation."
Republicans around the country are running away from the republican name just like Donno is here. Will this rebranding idea catch on?
Dean, are you listening?

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