Friday, October 24, 2008

With Nothing Else in His Playbook, Skelos Plays the Fear Card

"God help the people of Long Island if the Democrats from New York City got control of the Senate"
That's how Skelos began his summation at his News12 Debate.
From start to finish, Skelos played the fear card and made New York City the big boogey-man.
He says "We know how they like to suck the money out of our pockets on Long Island..." even though NYC gives Albany $11Billion more than it gets back every year.
For the slow-witted Skelos, I'll explain that that means NYC is not "sucking" any money from Long Island or anywhere else. In fact, money is being sucked out of NYC.

Did Skelos try to play the homophobe card too? When Skelos ticks off the names of who from NYC would be in charge in the State, Skelos made sure to be specific that the openly gay Senator Tom Duane was from Greenwich Village. He gave no specific location for anyone else, just saying "the Bronx", Manhattan" or "New York City."
Skelos is on the ropes and he knows it. Skelos may be telegraphing his final weeks attacks in his debate. I don't doubt that Babs Donno will throw the "New York City" junk at Craig Johnson or Hannon at McElroy and Trunzo at Foley. The funny part is that upstate republicans have slammed Long Island for taking their money. When the republicans do lose the Senate, expect the long knives to come out for Dean. He won't be Minority Leader in January.
Skelos has nothing to use but fear and lies to try to remain in the senate.
Below is a video of Skelos trying to scare Long Island voters into voting for him.

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