Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skelos Used as Weapon for Democrat Joe Messi's Campaign

Looks like Skelos' demonizing of others is coming back to bite him.
From a Messi press release last week “Just last week, Dean Skelos said let’s wait before we fix the state budget. Now, it looks like he’s trying to kill a plan that would bring jobs to Western New York and hundreds of millions of dollars into the state. Delaware North is the biggest and most successful company in its industry. But the Senate Republican Majority is trying to stop this critical initiative -- only making our economic problems worse. They won't do anything to fix the budget, cut reckless spending or lower property taxes, but they'll do anything they can to hurt the decent working people of Western New York.”
and just today (via The Albany Project) "State Senate Joe Mesi's campaign said today that his Republican opponent Mike Ranzenhofer's call for a "constitutional cap on spending" was not believable - and that Ranzenhofer's love-fest with Long Island State Senator Dean Skelos proves it.
"When a career politician like Mike Ranzenhofer says he's going to cut spending, it's time to watch your wallet. Ranzenhofer was for big spending before he was against it. Mike Ranzenhofer was a County Legislator during the worst fiscal crisis in the history of Erie County. During that time, he voted for nearly $3 million in pork-barrel spending. Watch what politicians like Ranzenhofer do, not what they say," said Emma Wolfe, Mesi's campaign manager.
"And here's more reason to worry: Mike Ranzenhofer has formed a close bond with his downstate patron Dean Skelos. The problem is that Skelos's Republican majority has signed off on budget after budget with reckless spending increases. Skelos and Ranzenhofer together equals more of the same."
"Among the State Senate candidates, only Joe Mesi has put forward a realistic plan to cut wasteful state spending and lower property taxes for working families," Wolfe said.

A win by Joe Messi who is up in the recent polls is one more seat closer to a Democratic Majority.

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