Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Assemblyman Saladino Lies about Getting Newsday Endorsement in Local Paper

In Newsday's endorsement of Democrat Keith Scalia for State Assembly, Newsday wrote about republican Saladino "Saladino has spent just over four years in Albany but has done little other than become overbearing and dismissive."
That is why I'm guessing Saladino felt comfortable enough to run ads in local papers this week claiming to have the endorsement of Newsday.
He is arrogant and assumed he would get the endorsement. Newsday saw through his empty-suit rhetoric and that Saladino "... says all the right things about reducing the property tax burden, and he seems to support every proposal that claims to do that, realistic or not." and "Saladino has already become a creature of its moribund thinking and ways."


One other troubling thing, Saladino is claiming that "Youth sports leagues" endorse him because he gives them "NY State Grant Support."
So there is a quid pro quo with Saladino handing out taxpayer money to non-profit leagues and they endorse him?
More on that other parts of the ad later.


Anonymous said...

thought u might find this interesting

Jon said...

Thanks for calling attention to this ridiculous advertisement. It's bad enough that Saladino is lying about his (non)endorsement by Newsday, but claiming to be endorsed by "local youth sports leagues" is wholly inappropriate. Putting aside the ethical question of whether or not an organization that receives member items from Saladino should try to sway their membership to vote for him, it's incredibly dangerous to the little leagues themselves. A sports league relies on being tax exempt as a 501(c)(3) organization, and if they get into political endorsement, they endanger their own tax exempt status. If Saladino really cared about the little leagues, he wouldn't call attention to their bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

well this guy probably picked up a few tricks from now oyster bay town clerk steven l labriola. who if you remember was a past assemblyman. he is also a liar. :)

Anonymous said...

Scalia's not one to talk... after making campaign finance one of his talking points he has neglected to even file. I suspect that his endorsement is just one of the major endorsement mistakes that Newsday will make this season.

J said...

Scalia didn't raise money.
Saladino on the other hand has taken money from a sub-prime mortgage swindler.
Saladino didn't get the endorsement because he is an empty suit surviving because of his fathers name. He is one of the least accomplished assembly members.
Saladino has no substance and he is afraid when confronted in public.