Monday, October 20, 2008

Senate Candidate Barabra Donno Smokes Pot at Home

Well... not really as far as we know.
But Babs likes to throw mud at Craig Johnson trying to link him to the school attorney pension scandal even though he had nothing to do with it. When presented with the facts, Donno still goes on the attack.
Babs Donno's son Matthew Donno was busted for a DUI, speeding and possession of marijuana.
Playing by her campaigns sleazy rules, we'll just say that BARARA DONNO SMOKES POT. She may even BUY MARIJUANA HERSELF AND FOR HER SON.
How about that for guilt by association?
Republicans like to run fact-free dirty campaigns when they have no issues to run on.
Johnson has been running a respectable campaign.
Barbara Donno has not.
Barbara Donno and her svengali Dean Skelos are despicable characters.

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