Tuesday, October 07, 2008

32 Day Pre-Election Campaign Filings for Barbara Donno

The Donno campaign came out of the last filing in negative territory and after this filing only has $51,000 left.
How much more will Skelos pump into the campaign?
Well, that would be another $80,000 contribution on September 23rd.
And a HUGE $151,182 spent by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee on September 29th.
That's a total spending by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee $889,709.
Almost 95% of all the money spent by and on the Donno campaign has been from Albany.

Here is the 32 Day Pre-Election numbers...
Opening Balance -$135,335.71
Contributions $104,596.02
Miscellaneous Receipts $282,000.00

Total Receipts $386,596.02
Total Expenses $199,746.98
Closing Balance $51,513.33
Report Date 10/07/08 06:10:12

Johnson has $433,769.18 on hand and he hasn't done any TV ads yet.
He has only gotten $4,289.14 from the Senate Democrats compared to almost a million dollars the republicans gave to Donno.
And Donno is still 24 points down.

Great investment, Dean.

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