Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hannon Airs Negative Commercial: Proves He is on the Ropes

Here is a copy of the Anti-McElroy commercial Kemp Hannon started puttng on TV yesterday. It's a last desperate attempt by Hannon to win a campign he has been losing. Democrat Kristen McElory has been flying under the media radar but has built a solid base of support. Hannon is worried.
The ad starts off with the question "Ever hear of Kristen McElroy?"
The answer would be no for most people since she is new to politics.
It continues "No one seems to know her."
Really? Then why put an ad on the air attacking her????
Because enough people have heard of her to elect her to the State Senate that's why.
The next question asks "so how does she raise nearly $200,000 in a few months?"
Well, the answer is simple.... she went fundraising with the support of the Democratic Party and donors seem to have lined up to elect her and get rid of Hannon.
Then the commercial cuts to an out of context video of her saying "Luckily for me I knew the right people."
WHOOPS! McElory wasn't talking about fundraising, she was talking to The Albany Project about how and why she got into the race. You can see the whole video HERE.
You see, she got into the race because Hannon has not been doing enough for the residents of New York, especially the 6th Senate District.
The Hannon ad goes on that she "took huge contributions from all over the US... even $18,500 from Washington DC based PACS."
The ad concludes "What do all these interests want from McElroy?"

Okay.. seriously.. again...
Is the Hannon campaign on something??
Let's go over the $72,300 in cash Hannon reported back in July from PACS. And another $14,400 from other PACS?
In September he reported another $34,600 in PAC money.
Most all of that money came from medical and pharmacutical companies.
Hannon is Chairman of the Standing Committee on Health in the State Senate. Why is he talking almost ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS from health care companies?
What do they get from Kemp Hannon?

The ad:

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Anonymous said...

I just discovered this blog. I have to ask...the Republican machine? Speaking of machines, did I go into a time machine, and are we back in 1969? Democrats control every LI seat in Congress save one, the county executive, the county legislature, the District Attorney, the town of North Hempstead, the last GOP Presidential candidate to carry the county was Bush in '92...has any of this registered with you? Voter registration favors the Democrats. Maybe it's time to update your perspective on county politics. It is most definitely no longer 1969.