Friday, October 24, 2008

Hannon Joins Marcellino in Willingness to Cut School Aid

Yesterday we posted a video of Senator Carl Marcellino saying he is willing to cut school aid from Albany to fix the state budget. That sorta ruined the foundation of Dean Skelos' attack on Democratic Senator Malcolm Smith last week.
Today we have Sen. Kemp Hannon, another Skelos BFF, saying essentially the same thing Macellino did. When asked by News12 debate moderator Scott Feldman about the budget, Hannon said "Nothing could be off the table. What you're going to have to do is take an across the board approach. You're going to have to say 'What's absolutely essential. What do you need for public protection, what do you need for education, what do you need for health.' Nothing though can be sacred. You're going to have to have a general belt-tightening."

When pressed by Feldman on school aid, Hannon backtracked a little "That's not been on the table yet. That would be the last thing we want to do."
But his initial answer was that education aid was an area to find savings in.
Skelos really needs to get his people on the same page as him.

Video Below:

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