Friday, October 03, 2008

Desperate Donno Campaign Consultant Arrested for Stealing Johnson Signs

A PAID consultant for Babs Donno, Vincent Jeffrey was arrested for stealing signs for Craig Johnson.
This super genius was stealing the signs during the day. On a busy road.

Dan Janison over at Newsday reports "The Johnson campaign gives this account, calling it a "new low" for Donno: "A Johnson campaign volunteer caught a person matching Jeffrey's description attempting to take a sign from Port Washington Blvd., just north of Wakefield Avenue, during Thursday's morning rush hour. The campaign later discovered that 70 to 100 Senator Johnson signs, many along Port Washington Blvd. and Searingtown Road, turned up missing within that same time period. Nearly all of them were replaced by Donno signs."
"The campaign volunteer was able to get the license plate number from the silver convertible the person was driving and a complaint was filed with police... Jeffrey was found with some of the missing signs in his possession and placed under arrest, according to Port Washington Police. Records on file with the New York State Board of Elections show that Jeffery has been on the Donno campaign's payroll since at least June 19."

I think worse than the sign theft is the incredible twisting by Donno campaign spokesman Bryan Hurst who says "Previous to this incident, the Town of North Hempstead Republican Party filed a complaint with the Port Washington Police Dept. stating that our signs had been stolen."
So? What does this have to do with your guy stealing?

Hurst (bless his simple-minded soul) continues
"We feel this was just a political retaliation move on their part to cause a distraction... from Craig Johnson's record of increasing property taxes and not getting the 7th Senate District its fair share of education funding."

So the Machiavillian Johnson campaign convinced a PAID Donno worker to steal Johnson signs and then contacted the police to have him arrested in some sort of elaborate scheme to create a "distraction" from Johnson's record.
Next Hurst will tell us that Johnson has sharks with freak'n lasers.
Or better yet, to create a total distraction, Craig Johnson is secretly controlling the Donno campaign and running it into the ground.

Johnson Campaign Strategist Evan Stavisky said “Republican Barbara Donno is clearly desperate. As her campaign is failing, she and her Republican cronies seem unwilling to let the truth, or the law, stand in their way."

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