Monday, October 27, 2008

Donno Gets Huge Last-Minute Cash from State Republicans

Skelos is puling out all the stops for Donno to defeat Craig Johnson. According to the 11 Day Pre-General filing, Dean through the republican senate campaign committee paid for ads and such with $244,294.00 for Babs on October 20th. That's $882,821 total in cash from Albany.
But wait! There's more!
In October she got even more money in direct contributions to her campaign!
10/2/08 - $89,900
10/9/08 - $29,370
10/15/08 - $85,000
The GRAND TOTAL is $1,087,091

For a candidate who says she isn't a "typical politician" and promises to "
... work to be your voice in Albany", taking over a MILLION DOLLARS from Albany isn't the way to do that.
We're looking at over 90% of Donno's campaign money coming from Dean Skelos and the Albany republicans.
Donno is bought and paid for by Dean Skelos so don't expect her to do anything except be what Skelos wants her to be.

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