Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mondello Whistling Past the Graveyard

With Democratic enrollment surging in Nassau County and surpassing republican enrollment, GOP Boss Mondello continues his streak of outright denial.
Amazingly unavailbale to speak on-camera with News12's Scott Feldman, Mondello issued a statement from his bunker "The Democrats should wake up to the fact that party labels really don't matter any more and they haven't for a very long time. Victory at the polls is determined by the quality and qualifications of the candidates each party produces. The Nassau County Republican Committee has always produced outstanding candidates who have earned the trust of the people."
Right. Because all the signs I see for republican candidates in Nassau say "Vote Republican." If labels didn't matter, that line wouldn't be needed.
And if the Nassau GOP has "
always produced outstanding candidates who have earned the trust of the people" then why exactly is the county in the hands of the Democrats? Since 1999, Nassau republicans have been on a huge losing streak. Except for County Clerk, Democrats hold every county-wide office and control the legislature. On top of that, the Democrats took a State Senate seat formerly held by a republican and it looks like he will be re-elected.
Mondello also released a statement to Newsday that said "Politics is a cyclical business, so claiming victory based on anything other than election results is always a mistake."
Okay, Joe. We'll base victory on... well... the Democrats being in control of Nassau County even before the registration numbers caught up. How about that?

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