Monday, October 06, 2008

Highest Paid Donno Worker is Sign Thief

Dan Janison over at Newsday Spin Cycle posts that Vincent Jeffery who was arrested for stealing Johnson campaign signs was paid $7500 by Babs Donno "having collected at regular intervals $7,000 in wages, at least $500 in consulting fees, and $1,453.06 in other payments since late July."
So much for just another "overzealous supporter."
This guy was on the payroll.
If he didn't know that stealing signs was illegal then it seems that Donno pays stupid people alot of money to work for her.
You would think that Donno would have a talk with all her campaign people to keep it clean and avoid doing things that can reflect badly on the campaign.
Oh what am I saying, Donno never taught her kid that driving while drunk and holding pot is illegal.

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